Matrilocal Marriage Chapter 127

Chapter 127: Vast World

Lin Buxian raised his eyebrows, then nodded.

There was a glimmer of excitement in Yun An's eyes, and he whispered in Lin Buxian's ear: "Do you have a map of the entire territory of Yan Kingdom? Do you?"

"Then how can it be something privately hidden by the people? Only? Only if there are government offices and military camps."


Lin Buxian thought about it? Thought, lowered it? The voice asked, "Okay? Okay? What do you want it for?"

"It has its own magical effect."

Hearing Yun'an's soft and waxy voice, and the kind of softness that she only has for herself, Lin Buxian's heart moved. She looked around for a week before whispering to Yun'an, "Shui Jing Zhu "There are some records in it. If you really want it, I... can draw a simple picture for you based on the records in the book, okay?"

Yun An's eyes lit up, looking at him as if he had found a treasure. Lin Buxian, the latter blushed, and pulled Yun An's sleeve under the table.

"Is this you?"

"Try your best, I can't guarantee it."

Yun An squinted? Eyes chuckled? She started to think that the woman in front of her was just a treasure girl. Not only did she design it herself, she got the Qibao Tower, which can still be used as a check-in attraction by Blue Star, and made Lin Mansion huge. The familys work is well organized, piano, chess, calligraphy and painting are all compatible, so you can even know geology!

Through the description of text or partial pictures, a vast country-level map can be drawn, even if Blue Star is not supported by any modern equipment, even if it is a person who specializes in geology. Things that may not be possible.

This requires a strong sense of space and excellent memory, neither of which is indispensable.

With Lin Buxian's humble character, he could say such words, and Yun An can understand that Lin Buxian has absolute control.



"you are awesome."

"You?, eat quickly..."

"it is good?!"

Yun'an smiled and curled his eyes, he poured himself a drink, but the light still clung to Lin Buxian's body.

This scene fell in the eyes of Lin Buxians three sisters. As for Yunans name, the three of them had heard of them. Lin Wei treated them well. As an aunt, Mrs. Lin never treated them harshly. In addition, Lin Buxian took over the housekeeper? After the career, he took many photos of his sisters.

Therefore, even though the three of them were not born from the same mother as Lin Buxian, the sisters still have a very good relationship? At least these three young ladies are only good for Lin Buxian.

There is respect and love, no jealousy or resentment.

A few months ago, they heard that their own sister welcomed them to a beggar, and they really caught fire.

Lamented that Lin did not envy his fate, and secretly thanked that his life was happy.

So this time, how much did they bring to Yun'an? Some thoughts to find out.

Who knows, only? See you? On the first side, it broke? Lin Buxian's three sisters' thoughts before, how is Yunan like a beggar?

In front of you? This?, the clothes? The luxurious, the polite, the face is like a fan, and the young man, how could he be a beggar?

They all say? The country is easy to change, the nature is hard to change, and the unbearable and sloppy look of beggars, they have seen them.

Looking at the dinner again, my husband talked loudly, intentionally or unconsciously exaggerating his own business, but I dont know that these businesses are placed in front of the Lin Mansion? But it is only a petty profit? How can they marry their husbands? Good? .

Look at the other person? Yun'an, the whole banquet was just around my own lady, pouring wine and vegetables, okay? Not considerate. Two? People don't know what they are whispering, one? With a shy face, the other with a starry look, especially Yun An smiled, revealing a sense of free and easy and hearty, there is really no smell of copper.

In contrast, there is a difference between superior and inferior.

Yunans eldest brother-in-law was still talking about the funny things about Fanbang, the housekeeper ran all the way to the banquet hall, and whispered in Lin Weis ear for a while, the latter frowned, frowned, put down his chopsticks and said, " There are some things to deal with for my father. How many sisters do you have? Okay? Okay? Get together. I was anxious to leave when I came back this time. Lets stay at home for some time."

Several daughters and sons-in-laws said yes. Lin Wei gave Mrs. Lin a wink, and the latter also stood up and said, "I'm old? Not comparable? You, young people, how are you? Good gathering. Okay, I'm going back? Have a rest?."

Everyone got up and bowed away? Lin Wei and his wife.

Two elders are missing, and the atmosphere instantly becomes lively. Lin Buxians elder brother-in-law hits a wine burp, pats the bulging stomach of the general, took something from his arms and handed it to the lady aside. Said: "Four sister, your wedding is just right? It's the busiest time in the port, and the brother-in-law has no time to do it again, although he sent someone to send him a gift. What's the point? This?...Yes The exotic products of Fanbang are all made of gold. It was my brother-in-law who used many rare things to exchange from a Fanbang with red hair and blue eyes, and give it to you."

Lin Bu

Xian's eldest sister got up and handed the things in her hands to Lin Buxian.

Lin Buxian got up, took it with both hands, okay? A salute, softly said: "Thank you for your kindness, my younger sister?"

Lin Buxian's eldest brother-in-law laughed "haha" and said, "Although? I have dealt with those Fanbang people since I was a child, but I also listen to their brother-in-law? I don't understand, do you remember the self-ringing bell?"

"It's in my study."

"This thing is the same as that? It's the same thing. It depends on the time. They are all the codes of Fanbang. The fourth sister is busy with trivial matters. Give it to you? The most suitable."

"What's this? What is it called?" Lin Buxian's eldest sister-in-law turned around and asked Lin Buxian's eldest sister. The latter thought about it, and she also shook his head.

Yunan is very happy. With this pocket watch, it will be more convenient for him to make an appointment with Lin Buxian in the future.

"Xin, it doesn't matter, the four sisters will give it a name?"

"Thank you, big sister, big brother-in-law."

Yunan poured a glass of wine, got up and respected Lin's brother-in-law, who was not envied by Lin, and said, "Thank you, brother-in-law for your kind gift. I have always liked to hear some strange things. Brother-in-law Shicai said about me. I am very interested. I wonder if I can ask the older brother-in-law some questions?"

"Brother-in-law, you are welcome, just ask."

"I want to ask my eldest brother-in-law, what does Fanbang change every time he comes over, and what is left behind?"

"This? Ah... also say? No. They are not like people from the same place. Some merchant ships came over and exchanged some daily necessities, fine salt, tea, silk, fur and various seeds. Embroidery and the like. Most of the things used in exchange are these things, what spices, and some food that they only have. These are small businesses? Their food tastes weird. After changing it a few times? There are fewer people?. There are also a group of ships that are big business, and their ships are also bigger, several feet high... They mainly exchange our refined iron and fine salt, and sometimes they also receive some well-forged weapons. , Silverware, leather, saddles. Stirrups, iron kilns, etc., and even use gold to recruit a group of craftsmen... Anyway, all weird things are needed. "See everyone listening? Seriously, before Lin Buxian's older brother-in-law? Qing, pretending to be mysterious, said, "Moreover, those Panbang people who came in small boats are good? They seem to be afraid of these big boats. Panbang's boats never stop at the pier where these people are."

"Then... what do these people who drive the big boat use for these things?"

Hear? When Yun'an's question, Lin Buxian's older brother-in-law "hehe"

A smile, after a while? He replied after a while: "Employing people! Sometimes they encounter good things, they will also take the initiative to exchange for gold."

"People?" Except Yun An and Lin Buxian, everyone exclaimed.

Lin Buxians eldest brother-in-law showed a trace of pride on his face, and said, "Is it rare? Its just about employing people, but they are all Fanbang people who look similar to them and cant speak a word in Mandarin, man. There are women. Every time they come, they will install at least hundreds of them. There are also hundreds of them. These people are **** with twine and strung together, and they are dragged to the dock to choose at will, and change what they need. Yes, you can exchange it with gold and silver, the price is not cheap!"

Lin Buxian's second brother-in-law asked in surprise, "It's not hard to understand a woman. What's the use of a man? You can't even buy it in Mandarin. You can buy it back? Be a house? No slave? No way."

Lin Buxian's eldest brother-in-law laughed a little secretively, and said, "Brother-in-law, sometimes it is a good thing to listen or not understand."

"Brother-in-law, what kind of gold did they give?"

The latter shouted: "Come here, Qier!"

One? Sitting at the side table, a seven or eight-year-old boy put down his chopsticks and ran quickly when he heard the sound. He came over and shouted, "Father."

Lin Buxians eldest brother-in-law took a handful of it on the childs neck, pulled out a chain, took it off, and handed it to Yunan: "You? Look, how many years have I gotten? But this thing I didnt send it and used it directly. I took the rest to the government and made it into a currency. Only this one is left. I punched a hole and put it on my eldest son."

Yun'an took a look. The pendant of the necklace was a gold coin. The fineness of the gold was not as good as the ones on the market in Yan State. It was probably a smelting technology problem. There was a villain in the middle of the coin, holding a coin in his right hand. The scepter, holding a handful of things like a cross in the left hand, there are some letters on the edge of the gold coin, which are not common, or it is not the ones that Yunan is familiar with...

Looking at the words on the coins, Yun'an was lost in thought...

This is really different from Blue Star. If you say? Take the current social situation of Yan State to Blue Star as an analogy, this unprecedented? Prosperous market economy is more like the Ming Dynasty in history...

If the two are similar in space, the West at this time is probably at the end of the Middle Ages or just ended the Middle Ages, this time period.

The Western Continent is moving from darkness to dawn, waiting to be revived. It is also a stage in which various forces establish a new order through war.

Isnt this time the sun never sets the empire yet? Has it ranked among the popular ranks, and hasnt English yet? Has it become as popular as later generations, the European continents linguistic circles? Latin and French...

Listening to what the eldest brother-in-law just said, the West should have already born a hegemon, or formed a situation where a group of heroes in a certain area is separated.

A certain? In wartime, a powerful empire, traveled all the way to the east to buy military supplies, and used prisoners of war from other countries as payment...

Looking at the gold coin in his hand, Yun'an felt a sense of vastness. Here, it might be a planet that is larger than the blue planet. There are too many things that he can't understand and don't know.

Yun'an is also a little discouraged. Is it possible to realize his dream of making a fortune in foreign trade?

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