The Alchemist Of Harry Potter Chapter 628

Chapter 628: Ginny's Worries

"Harry, why didn't you go to the Defense Against the Dark Arts class this afternoon?"

Harry hurried to the hall, and when he found his friend who was dining, Hermione put down the knife and fork, raised her head and cast a stern look at him.

"Wait..." Harry took a deep breath, and after slowing down, he said in a low voice, "Don't talk about this, I have more important things to tell you."

"what's up?"

Ron's question was stopped by Hermione's eyes.

"follow me."

Harry motioned to Hermione and Ron to go with him to a place where no one was there. Some things were not suitable to be said here.

Ron and Hermione both noticed Harry's gestures. They obviously knew what Harry estimated to have found. They stopped talking nonsense, threw down half of the dinner and left the hall with Harry.

"Harry, tomorrow morning..."

When Wood saw Harry, he came over here, ready to explain to him about the early training, but Harry interrupted.

"Wood, I'll talk about it later!"

When Harry heard Wood calling himself, he casually said something, and hurriedly left the hall with Hermione and Ron.

"What's up with him?"

Wood scratched his head, looked at Harry's hurrying back, turned his head and asked Fred who was stuffing grilled sausages in his mouth.

"Probably in an emergency, what are you looking for?" Fred swallowed the food in his mouth and asked casually.

"Come and inform him that there will be a morning exercise tomorrow morning." Wood also said this to Fred and George.

"Why do you have to put Quidditch training in the morning?"

Both Fred and George couldn't help frowning. If they train in the morning, they need to get up from a comfortable bed early in the morning, it would be a pain.

Albert didn't care about the twins' complaints, anyway, the person who needed to go to morning exercise was not himself.

There is no doubt that his arrangement has taken effect.

His gaze was withdrawn from the back of the three of them, and he was in a good mood.

Harry Potter had apparently met Tom Riddle smoothly, and he learned from him the "truth" of the secret room opened fifty years ago.

His plan was really unexpectedly successful, and Albert could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. The next step was...

He inadvertently glanced at Ginny Weasley, who was slightly pale not far away, and he believed that Tom's diary would be back in her hands soon.

If things go well, I believe it will not be long before Tom and the Basilisk will be on the road together.

"You'll remember to help me tell Harry about this later." Wood ignored Fred and George's grimace, waved and turned and left.

"Or, let me talk to Harry!" Ginny stood up in a hurry, ignoring the food on the plate, found an excuse for herself, and left in a hurry.

Few people noticed the strangeness on Ginny Weasley's face, except for Albert, who had been secretly following her from the beginning.

At this moment, Harry, Ron, and Hermione had already passed through the hall and walked to a remote flowerbed outside the courtyard. Seeing that there was no one around, Harry told the two partners what he had remembered from Riddle's day.

When Hermione and Ron listened to Harry's recount of what he had seen and heard in Riddle's memory, both looked surprised.

Ron was surprised that Riddle's diary was hiding such a secret.

"Riddle may have caught the wrong person." Hermione reduced the expression on her face. "Albert told me that the student who was expelled back then was just a scapegoat. I dare say he must have found Hagrid for fifty years. The former student who was caught and expelled, so he didn't want to tell me the matter."

"You mean..." Harry opened up in surprise, "Albert knew about this a long time ago?"

"Yeah, he knew it a long time ago." Hermione admired Albert's ability.

"Why does he think Hagrid is innocent?" Ron noticed the sights of Harry and Hermione, and said quickly, "I mean he must have found some clue."

"He didn't say, he only said that Hagrid was framed." Hermione thought for a while, and continued, "However, I can probably guess why he said Hagrid was framed."


Ron and Harry turned their heads to look at Hermione. If Hagrid was only framed, it would make Harry's mood a lot better. Harry definitely didn't believe that Hagrid was the culprit in the attack.

"If Hagrid was not framed, do you think Dumbledore would let him stay in school?"

Although she was reluctant to admit it, Hermione actually didn't think Hagrid would be able to find the entrance to the secret room, and according to Albert, opening the secret room might require the use of Snakeman. Hagrid was obviously not a snake-like voice, and more importantly, Hagrid didn't look like Slytherin's heir.

If you want to find a reason, Hermione can find a bunch, and it's not difficult for her to understand why Albert would insist that Hagrid is slandered.

It's just that it's not appropriate to use these to convince Harry, so she borrowed Albert's original words.

With the wisdom of Professor Dumbledore, if Hagrid is really the culprit, would such a dangerous person remain in school?

Obviously not.

If Hagrid really opened the secret room, he would have been thrown into Azkaban prison long ago!

I have to say that there are still many benefits to occasionally communicating with Albert.

Hermione's thinking has been further developed, far more flexible than Harry and Ron.

"But... who is framed Hagrid, Riddle?" Harry frowned.

"do not know."

"Actually, I think the possibility of Tom Riddle is not small." Ron said jokingly. "That guy is very much like Percy-if sending the whole family to prison would make Percy the Minister of Magic, I dare Said he would definitely do that without hesitation."

"Ron, I think you are very biased against Percy." Hermione looked at Ron in surprise, as if she knew him for the first time.

"No, he would do that. What's more, I don't doubt that the reporter was a stranger like Hagrid. What's more, he won a gold medal, didn't he?" Ron continued, "If you open the secret room If the prisoner was me, Percy would definitely denounce me mercilessly and send me to Azkaban prison."

Ron's bad attitude towards Percy made Hermione frown.

"Actually, I probably understand why Riddle did this." Harry said suddenly: "If they close Hogwarts, Riddle will return to the Muggle orphanage. I can understand that he wants to stay here. "

After all, Harry also didn't want to go back to Dursley's, so he understood Riddle's thoughts well.

"Someone is here."

Hermione noticed that someone seemed to be coming here secretly, and quickly reminded her.

"Ginny, what are you doing there?" Ron looked at his sister in surprise.

"That..." Ginny said with a pale face, "Wood said...tomorrow morning...training, so I'll come..."

She ran away quickly.

"What is she talking about?" Harry looked at Ron in confusion.

"I'm probably here to tell you that the Quidditch team is going to practice in the morning." Hermione couldn't help raising her hand to support her head, thinking that Harry might be slow in some ways.

Of course, it may be because the age has not yet arrived.

"Should we ask Hagrid about these things?" Harry looked at the back of Ginny's hurried departure, UU reading www.uukanshu. com asks for the opinions of two friends.

He thought maybe Hagrid could give them some useful information.

No way, the clue is broken again.

"Perhaps, we should talk to Albert, I think he may have more clues." Hermione thought it was more reliable to go to Albert than to ask Hagrid.

"Forget it!" Harry said after thinking twice. "Perhaps, the attacker has never washed his hands."

After all, Harry never heard the snake language again, and it had been a long time since there had been an attack again. If the incident ended in this way, it would not be unacceptable.

Another thing is that Professor Sprout told everyone a while ago that the mandela grass is about to mature. When the mandela grass is matured and mixed with a powerful restorative, the hapless Colin in the ward can survive. Then everyone Knowing that there was an ugly basilisk hidden in the school, Harry believed that Dumbledore would definitely try his best to solve the basilisk problem, and he didn't need to worry about it.

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