Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 341

Chapter 341 Warrior Prince

In front of the essence soul, there was a gigantic Glorious Sky White Tiger. It was lying on the ground lazily, its eyes shut, moving from time to time.

Qin Yi finally understood why that Glorious Sky White Tiger outside wasnt afraid. It was because there was still another one inside!

At the back of the Glorious Sky White Tiger were four lush, green plants, all with four different colors of flowers on top. There was a stream of light, and the closer they got to it, the more excited they became. Just smelling this fragrance was enough to feel refreshed.

Qin Yi narrowed her eyes, the excitement in her eyes disappearing. She wanted to fight quickly and get it done as soon as possible, before the Glorious Sky White Tiger outside was done dealing with those people. She wanted to quickly get the fire essence soul and ice essence soul and then leave.

Qin Yi mouthed to Feng Qingge, Ill go distract it while you take the essence souls.

Feng Qingge gave an "OK" signal.

Qin Yi nodded, her eyes filled with vigor. She had just reached grade seven and needed to fight in order to strengthen her power. This Glorious Sky White Tiger was very strong, which meant it was perfect for her.

The sun shone down and reflected on the youths face. Her perfect chin lifted slightly as her clear phoenix eyes burned with the desire to fight. It was as if she was a warrior that had fallen from the sky, valiant and formidable.

Qin Yi quickly stepped out and directly waved her fist towards the Glorious Sky White Tiger without hesitation. Qin Yi used all her might and landed a punch on the Glorious Sky White Tigers head. It was painful even for a Glorious Sky White Tiger, with its coarse skin and thick flesh.

It howled loudly then covetously eyed the human being who was smaller than its claw. Its huge yellow eyes were filled with intense hatred and an intention to fight.

The Glorious Sky White Tiger, which was a mythological beast, already had its own way of thinking. This youth before him was very strong and that punch just now was really painful, but this had ignited a desire to fight within him. As a white tiger, the burning desire to fight kept surging in his blood.

Qin Yi furrowed her brows. The howls of the Glorious Sky White Tiger were unbearable for her ears. She looked at the murderous intent in its eyes and smirked, daunting it, "Come on, lets see how strong you are."

The Glorious Sky White Tiger roared loudly and pounced towards Qin Yi excitedly. It opened its mouth wide, wanting to swallow this arrogant youth whole.

Qin Yi laughed coldly as her body moved to the side in a flash, dodging its attack. Qin Yi took the chance before it reacted and leaped to punch its head.

Qin Yi was very strong, and the head of the Glorious Sky White Tiger was its weakest part. Every punch was packed with power, causing the tiger to see stars. It kept howling in agony as its gigantic eyes filled with fury.

As warriors, they had never been treated this way before. It shook its head violently and tried to get Qin Yi off.

Qin Yi grabbed the tigers fur tightly, clenched her teeth, and threw another punch.

Outside the cave, the Glorious Sky White Tiger heard the howling of the tiger inside. Its yellow pupils constricted but it didnt move, believing that its younger brother would be able to deal with those two tiny scraps easily.

However, when those people heard the roar of the tiger inside, their eyes became filled with terror.

Whats happening? Why is there another Glorious Sky White Tiger inside?

Usually, there would only be one guard beast when a rare treasure emerged, so why would there be two this time?

The elder who stood forward earlier became very excited, thinking, There must be some good stuff inside, there must be!

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