National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1650

Chapter 1651 Untitled

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"Isnt that better?" Bo Jiu thought.

Just as she was about to stand up her wrists were held down.

"Youre not going to see the things I prepared for you?" Qin Mo asked carelessly.

Bo Jiu asked. "What things?"

Games? She had already played Super Mario.

But she realised, cultured people confessed differently from others. The only methods she could learn from her novels were gifting flowers or cars.

The Almighty was of a much higher class. However, as an overbearing CEO, she didnt have to think too much. One of them could be in charge of being romantic and the other would focus on splurging.

It was suitable, he liked everything she gave anyway.

Qin Mo didnt answer her, and just made her wait.

The night deepened. The entire church seemed like a palace that was lit up, as a golden glow streamed out.

Some people say that the hell in the West is not as bloody as people think.

In the West, Lucifer is the ruler of hell. After falling from Heaven, the beautiful archangel in the underground of the holy city of Jerusalem created the most beautiful palace in hell, just like a church on earth. But there was no more holy light.

The scene at this moment was very like the Wests description of Hell. The wind blew lightly and they could barely hear it other than when the occasional black feather or flower fell.

The lake over there seemed to be the legendary other side, it was very quiet. The moonlight was cold and stars filled the skies, outlining the entire Milky Way.

Bo Jiu stood up, her eyes gleaming.

Is this it? The thing the Almighty wanted her to wait for.

Bo Jiu turned around and wanted to ask.

Just then Qin Mo turned and lit something. It was a Kongming lantern. There were two words written on it, Mo and Jiu.

After the Kongming lantern lifted, it seemed to issue an order. Hundreds of Kongming lanterns rose in the wind and filled the night sky.

It was not lit by an open flame, it seemed more like wind generated by electricity.

Using the most ancient Chinese method to confess. That was probably what Qin Mo wanted to do.

He stood tall, his clothes fluttering, the corners of his robe shuffling when the wind blew. He was still holding a Kongming lantern in his hand, just like an ancient young master dressed in white.

The thousands of church lights behind him couldnt seem to resist the depth of his gaze. All the light from the stars landed in his eyes.

It seemed like a scene that would only appear in comics, but now, it was appearing in real life.

This place wasnt like China. In the business street of Fifth Avenue, people caught sight of the lights from afar, looking on with curious eyes.

"Whats that? Its pretty."

One of them was helping his friend catch up. "Thats Kongming lanterns, something from the East."


"Theres so many of it, how did it appear there, shall we take a look?"

"Its beautiful. Someone must be making a wish."

A large stretch of Kongming lanterns covered the skies above the church.

Almost everyone could see the words Mo Jiu on the lanterns. Those that couldnt read chinese words thought that they were symbols with special meaning.

Below the mountain, inside a pure black coupe, You Sixin leaned back to look at the Kongming lanterns. He didnt forget to turn to the person beside him. "Now you can rest assured, Qin Mos showy character, he wouldnt do something like this unless he really loves the person a lot. So, you dont have to worry about Zs safety. Qin Mo came all the way to Fifth Avenue just for Z, naturally, he would not arrest her again, and would take care of her. When these two people join forces, it will only be others with a headache"

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