National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1651

Chapter 1652 Wedding Night

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Hoshino did not speak, he looked at the Kongming lanterns that were rising slowly outside the car window, his eyes deep.

You Sixin smirked once. "You havent gotten over her? Shes already married."

Hoshino finally looked over. "If you continue to stop, the police car behind is going to come over."

"You think Im afraid of a police car?" You Sixin didnt have to be afraid with his background.

Hoshino spoke with a jade-like voice. "I meant that we have to leave, you still have things on your end."

You Sixin paused before turning the steering wheel, the lips that were hidden in the darkness lifting up slightly.

If there was a wedding night, today was the real wedding night.

The marital room was near the church, and inside the bathtub, black muslin swayed along with the water waves, wrapping around Qin Mos white clothes.

The starry sky reflected above their heads and everything was beautiful. Their breaths heated up together with the temperature of the room.

The phone on the floor was ringing, but no one bothered.

Bo Jiu said one word. "Clothes"

He kissed her neck, his breath hot and a little heavy. "I will help you wear it in a while."

A tingling sensation spread all over her where his fingers touched. When the black muslin was pushed aside, the sensation that came from her tailbone intensified. Bo Jiu could feel the scorching heat from him, it seemed to burn away her sanity.

He pressed her wrists at the edge of the bathtub.

The black muslin was piled on her waist messily and the bathroom was filled with water from her actions.

The distinct black and white clothes could be seen. It covered Bo Jius body.

The porcelain jade like skin was imprinted, and even the corners of her eyes were blushing. There were water droplets everywhere, which made him want to destroy her.

A demoness was exceptionally beautiful when she was in love. Every inch of her was alluring, but she wasnt aware. Its a pity that there werent many people who could have the demoness, because most men like pure and white women. Moreover, the demoness wouldnt be controlled by anyone. She wouldnt show such an expression easily, unless it was to a special person.

Like Qin Mo to Bo Jiu. Seeing Qin Mo made her heart itch, it couldnt be dispelled regardless of when it was. Because when they did such things, there werent many people who could be like him.

When his abstinence was broken, that handsome face overflowed with a fatal sexiness. It was like a deity in white who had fallen into the demon world, even though his body is cold and precious, his eyes were tainted with other things because of her. How could her heart not itch.

Bo Jiu laughed lightly, pulling them closer.

He didnt stop at all, and this was the only time she didnt beg for mercy.

"Eno-enough" Bo Jiu breathing was unstable. The water flowed faster, and the sound of it falling to the ground was very clear as it echoed through the bathroom.

Bo Jius eyes started to glaze from the joy. Water droplets ran from her black hair onto her collarbones, turning his mind blank.

"Not enough, how can it be enough?" Qin Mo lifted himself, his gaze heavy as his breath splashed onto her neck. "Jiu, you have too much trust in my self control."

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