Valkyrie Sovereign Chapter 4751

Chapter 4751: Siege

Originally, there were only seven Chaos Gods in the Tianfeng World Sea, and one Chaos God created a great power. A total of seven super powers ruled this space sea.

Once two Chaos Gods appeared in Mingjian Villa, this balance would be broken instantly.

I am afraid that from now on, in the entire sea of space, the famous sword villa is the most powerful and the only super power! This situation is certainly not a good thing for the other six superpowers.

As a result, the other six superpowers started to contact in private, conducted secret discussions, and finally formed an alliance to jointly deal with Mingjian Villa.

So, one day, a sensational event happened in the world of Tianfeng.

The six super powers suddenly joined forces to besiege the famous sword villa! The six chaos gods personally lead the team! A large army, full of murderous aura, surrounded the famous sword villa group and group, surrounded by water.

"Heavenly news, Mingjian Villa is under siege by six other super extreme forces!"

"This is a significant battle. Don't miss it. Check it out!"

... After the news came out, countless creatures in Tianfeng World rushed towards the location of Famous Sword Villa, depending on the excitement.

"Famous Sword Ancestor, today is the end of your Famous Sword Villa!"

Outside the Famous Sword Villa, six Chaos Gods stood in the air, each exuding a terrifying aura of divine power, one of them sneered.

"Why do you do this! I have always had no grudges with you, and I have helped you many times.

Why should you join forces to deal with my famous sword villa! "

A white-haired old man with a straight waist and violent sword aura exuding all over his body, full of anger, stood above the famous sword villa and shouted angrily.

This white-haired old man is exactly the famous sword ancestor in the world of Tianfeng! "Haha...Famous sword ancestor, to blame your disciple Xiao Fei, it's too enchanting! Originally, there were only seven Chaos Gods in our Tianfeng World Sea, and everyone had their own power and was in peace.

However, your disciple Xiao Fei suddenly showed such a terrifying aptitude, seeing that he was about to become a chaos god.

Then, at that time, our Tianfeng World Sea will become the world of your two masters and apprentices! We will never allow such a situation.

So, today, we will contact and destroy your famous sword villa.

Of course, it is more important to destroy your two masters and disciples. "

A tall, red-faced old man stood up and said with a big smile.

"That's it! You despicable people who don't look down on others' goodness!"

The famous sword ancestor knew so well, why the other six Chaos Gods suddenly joined forces to deal with him, it turned out to be afraid of Xiao Fei's talent! "In this way, you old guys are here for me."

Beside the famous sword ancestor, a young man sneered.

This young man is the proud disciple of the famous sword ancestor, Xiao Fei! If those creatures who knew Lin Fei were here, they would be shocked to see Xiao Fei.

Because this Xiao Fei is very similar to Lin Fei, regardless of his appearance and temperament.

Not only is the shape similar, but it is also alike! "Yes! Xiao Fei, we are here for you today, your aptitude is too enchanting, but this kind of enchanting qualification will bring you a disaster!"

A Chaos God said triumphantly.

"You want to kill me, it's not that easy.

Moreover, I swear by Xiao Fei that from now on, I will find a way to eliminate your six super powers! "

Xiao Fei said.



"Don't be ashamed!"

"When it's all like this, I dare to say such big things!"

After hearing Xiao Fei's words, the six chaotic gods were furious and shouted.

"Stop talking nonsense, do it now, and kill this arrogant guy!"

A Chaos God said coldly.

"Good! I agree, do it now!"

Another Chaos God nodded and said.

"Everyone, our people at Sword Villa are hard-bone men. No matter how strong the enemy is, we will not succumb! Get ready for battle! Remember, even if our Sword Villa is the last one, we will never Will bow!"

The famous sword ancestor turned his head, glanced slowly at the members of the famous sword villa, and said loudly.


In the famous sword villa, all the members roared loudly.

Boom...the sword aura, like a flood of dragons rising into the sky, dazzling.

The creatures of Famous Sword Villa are all sword repairers! Jian Xiu's bones are the hardest, unrelenting! "Master, in fact, we don't have to fight them hard.

I have a way to take everyone away. "

Xiao Fei looked at the famous sword ancestor and said.

"Do you have a way to take everyone away?"

The famous sword ancestor was taken aback.

"Yes, in this environment, it is not suitable to fight with them.

Let's leave first.

Stay with the green hills, don't be afraid that there is no firewood, and then slowly find ways to find them revenge! "

Xiao Fei nodded and said.


They have six Chaos Gods, and they will completely block this space and time.

Even if it was me, it was difficult to leave calmly under their siege, and it was even more impossible for other people to leave under the blockade of the six chaos gods.

Xiao Fei, I know you want to save everyone, but your idea is a bit unrealistic. "

The famous sword ancestor thought for a while, shook his head and said.

"Xiao Fei, don't worry, I will do my best to protect you from leaving.

You are the most talented person in our famous sword villa, and also the hope for our famous sword villa to rise again in the future.

So, I won't let you have an accident.

Wait a minute, you follow my instructions.

Remember, you are not allowed to love war, you must leave in time.

Your safety is the most important to our famous sword villa! "

The famous sword ancestor said to Xiao Fei.

"Haha...Famous sword ancestor, Xiao Fei, I said, don't think too much about you two masters and apprentices, you two cannot escape!"

A Chaos God laughed and said.

"Okay, do it, get in!"

Another Chaos God waved his hand and roared.


The army brought by the six chaos gods all roared in unison and began to charge.

"Ancestral sword formation!"

The famous sword ancestor shouted.

Boom boom boom...In the famous sword villa, one long sword after another appeared one after another, densely packed, rising into the sky, and in a moment, this space was filled.

Looking around, I saw that the sky above Famous Sword Villa was densely covered with long swords, forming a huge sword formation, and it began to move and burst out with terrible killing power.

Ahhhhh... those who were rushing in were caught off guard and killed a large number of them instantly.

"Humph! In the famous sword villa, there is indeed an ancestral sword formation.

However, a mere sword formation could not stop the joint attack of the six of us! "

The six Chaos Gods stepped forward at the same time and attacked at the same time.

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