The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 1612

Chapter 1612 Praising Him In A Roundabout Way

Shi Nancang came in and passed the bags to Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya took a look. There were thick winter hats, which even had flaps by the sides that could protect the ears.

There were also ear muffs, winter masks, and gloves.

"You guys usually wont take your hands off your phones. This pair of gloves can be worn without affecting the sensory touch on the phone. This way, you wont need to remove your gloves when you use your phone, so you wont need to be afraid of freezing your fingers.

"There are also sleep socks here. Its cold over there, so it might not be warm enough even if there is an air conditioner there. Anyway, your production team likes to go to all those remote, unheard of places. You can wear this to sleep if the conditions happen to be bad. I even bought an electric blanket for you. Turn it on before you sleep and off once it is warmed up, because it wont be safe to leave the power on when you sleep.

"Remember that! You better not be ditzy," Shi Nancang reminded her. "Why are you such a klutz sometimes that it makes me so worried?"

Although he was chiding Shi Xiaoya for being too ditzy and making people worry, the concerned tone in his words could be honestly felt.

Even that little bit of chiding could not be counted as chiding. It was simply his worry about Shi Xiaoyas personality.

Shi Xiaoya felt touched deep down. She hugged the things that Shi Nancang had just bought for her and said to him, "Brother, do you know what the phrase that Yujie always tells me is?"

Shi Nancang paused for a moment, not quite able to catch up with Shi Xiaoyas jump in thoughts.

They were just talking about her going to Man City, why did she suddenly switch to talking about Guo Yujie?

He then heard Shi Xiaoya say as she smiled cheerfully, "She always tells me that the country owes her a good elder brother."

Shi Nancang laughed.

This little girl was praising him in a roundabout way.

"You!" Shi Nancang did not know what to do with her.

He was talking about serious matters with her, yet her thoughts had to jump to that.

And yet, it was even used to praise him.

She praised him til Shi Nancangs heart melted along with it.

With this little girl being like that and going to such a faraway place, how was he supposed to not worry!

"Have you packed all your stuff?" Shi Nancang asked.

"Not yet, Im just getting ready to pack," Shi Xiaoya said.

"Why havent you packed yet?" Shi Nancang glanced at the time and said, "Its almost 8 pm."

"Didnt I go to the studio to work in the day? I wont be in B City for the next few days after this, so I needed to clear some of the work that I can clear first, lest they pile up when I come back," Shi Xiaoya explained. "I packed all the things I need for work, so Im just left with my own stuff. It just so happened that you sent these over, so I can pack them together.

"Oh, right, Brother, have you had dinner?" If he came at this time and bought things on the way, he probably rushed over straight after work and probably did not have time for dinner.

"Not yet. I was thinking of sending these to you first," Shi Nancang said. He wanted to wait until he got here and see whether shed had dinner yet so that he could eat with Shi Xiaoya.

Alas, he still came a little late.

And the moment he entered the house, he smelled a strong spicy fragrance in the air, but the dinner table was cleared clean, so Shi Xiaoya had probably eaten already.

Shi Nancang did not feel disappointed even so. He just felt that it was a good thing that Shi Xiaoya could eat her meals on time and live her life with discipline. That was a good thing.

"Then Ill make something for you to eat." Shi Xiaoya immediately stood up.

"Ill order takeout, dont busy yourself. Quick, go and pack your luggage," Shi Nancang said.

"Ill cook some noodles for you. Itll take at most ten minutes. Why would you order takeout?" Shi Xiaoya said. "You usually tell me to order less takeout since its not good for our health. Now you cant order takeout either. Anyway, since I have time, my luggage can be packed in one or two hours. Itll be very fast."

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