Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Chapter 1185

Volume 1 Chapter 1185 Celebration Before Going To Another World

Muse's first concert was a huge success. Just looking at the enthusiastic smiling faces of all of the students, Haru knew that Muse had made all of the students within this school become their supporters.

As long as Muse organized any activities in the future, these students would definitely become their vanguard!

Because there was only one song, the concert didn't last too long.

School ended at 3:30 in the afternoon, and the concert ended at four o'clock.

After the end of the concert, the Muse girls went back to the equipment room to change their clothes, and Haru directed the staff of the school to clean up the stage together.

After a while, all the members of Muse came back after changing their clothes. Although it had been a while since the end of the concert, their faces were still flushed with excitement.

Their first concert was a great success and the enthusiasm of the students of Otonogizaka made them very happy. At the same time, it made them realize what they were doing wasn't in vain and their eyes became even more firm to continue to work hard as a school idol.

"To celebrate the success of the concert, let's go to the restaurant and have a big meal!!!"

Haru didn't need to guess whose voice this was, and knew that it was only Honoka who could initiate everyone to have a feast.

"I know there is a new store that is doing a promotion and they also offer Akira rice all you can eat!"

The foodie Hanayo became excited immediately.

*Boom!* *Boom!*

Umi knocked the two foodies' foreheads, and said angrily, "Eat! Eat! Eat! The two of you only know how to eat! Keep this up and you'll become a pig in the future!"

"What? This is a special case! Our first concert was a great success!" Honoka covered her forehead with tears and said in dissatisfaction, "Umi-chan, you're too bully!"

"I understand Honoka's feeling..."


"But although the concert is over, we still have a lot of work to do."

Haru raised the memory card in his hand and said, "I'll edit the video as soon as possible and when the editing is complete, all of you should go to my cafe to re-record the singing part so I can upload it as an MV."

The production of MV wasn't a simple matter. Although Haru had shot the complete video of their concert, it was impossible to upload the video directly to the internet.

The first problem was the voice of the video, because the surrounding environment was too noisy, applause and cheers, causing the original voice of the video of the Muse to be a little out of tune, so of course, they needed to sing the song again, this time in a quiet environment.

As for the video editing, it was quite easy for him. In the past, he had made the trailer for Fate/Stay Night, even though he wasn't the one who drew it, he was the one who edited the video. In the future, he also wanted to make his own movie so it was a good chance for him to train his editing skill.

For video editing, he should be able to do it in one day since, creating an MV is quite simple.

"But well, it is a rare event, we should celebrate it, do you want to eat somewhere?" Haru asked.

"Yay!!!" Honoka and Hanayo raised their hands happily.

"Haru... do you have to spoil them so much?" Umi asked with a sigh.

"Why not? I mean, tomorrow, you can give them hell-like training, right?" Haru said with a smile.

"Oh! That's true!" Umi nodded with a smile.

"DEMON!!!" Honoka and Hanayo hugged at each other in fear and looked at Umi and Haru as if they were devils.

"Wait, Haru, do you have a cafe?" Rin asked curiously.

"Oh? You don't know?" Haru asked.

Nico, Rin, and Hanayo shook their heads.

"Haru's cafe has the best bread! You should visit it!" Honoka seemed quite proud at that moment.

"But why should we go to your cafe?" Nico asked.

"He has a music studio in his cafe," Maki said.


Everyone nodded at the same time.

"Maki, how did you know?" Eli asked.

"I've worked with him as a band before," Maki said. It wasn't something to be hidden after all.


"You can search for the video of "Girls Dead Monster" on NicoNico. Haru is also a producer of that band, right?" Maki said.


Everyone was surprised when they heard it. They didn't expect that this guy was also a producer of another band group.

"Let's discuss this matter later. It's almost late, do you still want to visit that new restaurant?" Haru looked at Hanayo and Honoka.


Hanayo and Honoka answered without hesitation.


Eating the Akita rice, Haru had to admit that it tasted a bit different from the rice which he usually ate. His food was a bit special after all since he had money he didn't mind to splurge on his food since health was very important.

As usual, Eli and Maki sat beside him and also ate rice from Akita prefecture.

Everyone's portion was quite normal, but Hanayo's portion was really too much.

Haru thought that this girl really could eat.

"So when are we going to do the re-record?" Eli asked.

"I have business to do in two days so I'm only free on Saturday or Sunday," Haru said.

"Huh? Where are you going?" Maki asked.

Nozomi was also curious, but then her eyes stared at Maki and could tell that there was a change in their relationship.

"Shanghai," Haru said. He was going to another world, but of course, he couldn't tell them the truth.


They were dumbfounded when they heard his answer.

"I'll buy you souvenirs later," Haru said.

Hanayo and Honoka became excited when they heard it.

Haru thought to send them back to their home, but they rejected it and were afraid to trouble him. He didn't force them and decided to go back with Maki since he had something to talk about with her.

Walking next to each other, when everyone had gone back, Maki couldn't control it anymore, and kept glancing at him.

Haru felt that this girl was very funny and held her hand.

Maki's body tightened and her face blushed, but she didn't let go of his hand. She looked at him and asked, "Why did you go to Shanghai?"

"Right, can I talk with your father or mother? I have an acquaintance and she's a very skilled doctor," Haru said.

Maki nodded and said, "I'll talk to my mother or papa later."

"Thank you."

"So why do you need a doctor? There are a lot of skilled doctors at our hospital," Maki said.

"Well, there is this girl.."

"Your girlfriend?" Maki raised her eyebrow, she had prepared herself, but she was jealous when she heard it.

"Yes." Haru nodded and said, "She has this disease and only this doctor can cure her...."

"I see...." Maki nodded, and knew from his words that this girl might have serious diseases or something. "Why is it our hospital? Why don't you send her to Shanghai?"

"Because your hospital is very close. If I bring her to Shanghai then I might spend my time at Shanghai, do you want that?" Haru asked.


Maki quickly grabbed Haru's arm. It might be because yesterday they had just confirmed their relationship so she wanted to be together with him all the time.

Haru patted Maki's head and had to admit that this girl was very cute.

"Alright, let's go back."

"Umm..." Maki nodded with a blush.

They might able to go back faster by car, but it was a rare chance so they decided to walk together.

However, it was at this moment that someone saw both of them together.


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