Soul Land Iv Douluo Dalu : Ultimate Fighting Chapter 1615

Chapter 1613: Guardian Power

The Crimson Mother said with stern eyes: "Are you delaying time with me? You are the power of creation, I have long coveted it. Moreover, it is impossible for the Dragon and Tianma people to come back for more than two days. If you consume it in this way, you will eventually be destroyed as well. As the core of life, you cant detonate yourself. What you consume is only the existing energy, but as long as I grab your core of life, there will be a brand new The energy of creation is born. One day, I can still afford to wait. And one day later, it will be enough for me to take you away. As long as I take you away, my harvest will be enough. One day, you will support it. ."

Long Tianyang didn't speak any more, but stared at the Crimson Mother with scorching eyes.

They are all powers that have existed in the universe for many years, and they are both the masters of the planes, but Long Tianyang, the master of the planes, is still a prisoner in a sense, and she is subject to too many restrictions. This is why the Crimson Mother is confident.

Long Tianyangs main life core has long been banned by the Dragon and Tianma tribes. Although she is able to mobilize the power of creation at this time, she cannot self-destruct. In other words, as long as her creation energy defense is not there, it becomes possible for the Scarlet Mother to want to capture her. As long as the core of her life is stripped off, then the purpose of the Scarlet Mother has been achieved. Use her life core to squeeze the life energy to help the Crimson Realm evolve. Once the evolution is complete, return to Pegasus and create the God Realm based on Pegasus. At that time, there is no possibility of blocking. At that time, the Scarlet Mother had also become a true king of gods.

All the time was accurately calculated in the Crimson Mother, otherwise she would not choose to appear in the sky and stars.

There is no long-distance space teleportation ability, even if it is the first seat of Tianlong and the first seat of Tianma, it will take two days to rush back, and she is not in a hurry.

The crimson domain slowly spread out behind her, like a large net, half-enclosed outside the atmosphere of Pegasus. Exudes a faint light.

The horrible breath lingers in the air, bringing a strong pressure.

Long Tianyang can stop her for one day, which is already within the calculations of the Crimson Mother, and she also happens to use the time of this day to swallow the energy in the universe to supplement herself. Although the cost of the previous teleportation mainly came from the life energy swallowed by the sky and the stars, this ultra-long-distance interstellar teleportation was also a load for the Crimson Region.

Furthermore, although the Creation Shield did not dare to rush into the Crimson Realm to avoid being offset, the life energy emitted by the Creation Shield could be absorbed from the outside. Although Long Tianyang has tried his best to control and not let his life energy be released, it is impossible to really control everything. Therefore, the Crimson Realm is still subtly absorbing the breath of life that comes out to supplement itself.

Tianma Star, Tianma Square.

A huge pegasus has already gathered here, and all kinds of weapons on the planet are fully opened.

No one thought that the Crimson Domain would suddenly be teleported here in this situation.

News has come from the fleet, announcing the rebellion of the Yukong clan. But when they started searching, they discovered that the original Dragon Star and the Yukong Clan on the planet Pegasus had already escaped, and there were no traces left.

The halo within the huge portal of teleportation fluctuated, and a group of figures appeared one after another. From this portal of portal, the first to walk out was the **** and fire dragon knight Zhang Chujia.

She still has a young face, with a restrained aura, and behind her are the three old dragons that Lan Xuanyu knows. Then there are hundreds of dragon powerhouses.

Its just that, among these dragon clan powerhouses, there is no dragon knight.

On the side of the Tianma tribe, an old man headed hurriedly greeted him and said respectfully: "Heavenly Fire Dragon Knight, you are here."

Zhang Chujia nodded and said, "It's not the time to be polite. We rushed over as soon as we received the news. Unexpectedly, at this time, it was Long Tianyang who blocked the opponent. There are at least two Our people can return only within a few days. Therefore, during these two days, we must hold on at all costs."

The old man of the Tianma tribe frowned, and said: "From the situation of their conversation just now, Long Tianyang can support at most one day, and this is based on the premise of consuming the energy of planet creation. Now our entire planet is in an extreme state. In crisis."

Zhang Chujia's eyes flickered, "Brother Ziwu, we have no possibility of retreating now. For the continuation of the race, we can only do our last bit of effort at any cost."

The old man she called Zi Wu laughed and said, "Although I can't compare with my predecessors, I have lived for more than three thousand years. I have lived long enough. I thought I could enjoy the happiness of family for a few days, but I didn't expect it. There will be a bright day."

Zhang Chujia said in a deep voice: "In addition to hard work, can you untie Long Tianyangs seal? Now this is a critical moment for Xian Yi to externalize. If she can release stronger power, maybe..."

"No, you can't unlock the seal." Ziwu said without hesitation: "In order to seal Long Tian Yang, our two tribes spent a huge price, and this laid the foundation for the later control of the entire Long Horse galaxy. This Long Tian Yang It is the true goal of the Crimson Mother and the core of our planets life. There are only two possibilities to unlock her seal. One is that we have survived, but if we want to seal the unlocked seal, Im afraid its a thousand Difficulty, the cost of losing control of the planets life core, we cant afford it. Once Long Tianyang is also close to the level of a half-step **** king, but not good at fighting. There is another possibility that we are still being crimson. Territory is defeated, then Long Tianyang will never allow herself to be swallowed by the Crimson Territory. At that time, she will probably choose to destroy herself. That is the destruction of the entire Pegasus star! This is something we cannot bear, will Let everything go extinct here."

Zhang Chujia was silent. Of course she thought of such a possibility. Thinking from the perspective of the Tianma tribe, the possibility of doing so is indeed not great.

"Let's say it till the last moment, if in the end we can't prevent this disaster from coming..." Zhang Chujia looked up at the sky, and looked at Long Tianyang floating high in the sky.

Ziwu's heart trembled, he naturally understood the meaning of Zhang Chujia's words. If it cannot be stopped in the end, then it is better to be broken.

"How many other pegasus knights of the old generation are there besides you?" Zhang Chujia asked.

Behind Zi Wu, two elders from the Tianma clan walked out. These two looked even older, both of them had lost a lot of vitality.

"Li Yuyizhuo, the pegasus knight, has seen the fire dragon knight." The old man on the left saluted respectfully.

"Chen Keyi, the pegasus knight, has seen the fire dragon knight." The old man on the right saluted.

"You two. It seems that there are only seven old guys left now."

The three youngest standing behind the Shenhuo Dragon Knight reported their names.

"Hou Dingzhong."

"Cao Yibo."

"Guo Ziyan."

These older generation of strong men have not appeared for at least hundreds of years. It's really not easy to recognize the appearance of the old man.

Li Yuyizhuo smiled and said, "Lao Hou turns out that you are still alive. I thought you were already dead."

Hou Dingzhong snorted coldly, "You are not dead, how can I be willing to die."

Li Yuyizhuo sighed and said, "Ye Ye has already left."

Hou Dingzhong's expression changed when she heard the name Ye Ye, "That's not because you didn't take care of her."

"Come on, come on, how many years have passed, and why are you still jealous." Cao Yibo said hurriedly.

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