Soul Land Iv Douluo Dalu : Ultimate Fighting Chapter 1616

Chapter 1614: Communication

Dragons are closely related to Tianma tribes, among which Tianlong tribe is transformed from Tianma tribe. Intermarriage between each other is not uncommon. When Hou Dingzhong was young, he was practicing in Tianma Xing. He once liked a Tianma girl, but in the end he lost to Li Yuyizhuo, and they tied the knot. So these two were still rivals in love.

Li Yuyizhuo smiled bitterly: "What he said is right. Ye Ye is dead, but I am still alive. Didn't I take care of her? But she said at the time that she left earlier than me and she was happier than me. .Thinking about it now, its also true. I thought I would wait until death like this and didnt have the courage to pursue her. But now it seems that Crimson Realm is going to give me this courage. Lao Hou! Fight again to see who kills more enemies."

Hou Dingzhong said faintly: "I won't let you down. My keel is still tough."

Zhang Chujia said: "Now the seven old guys of us are the last strength. We are all tens of thousands of years old. There is no need to say anything to boost morale. Just die hard."

Ziwu nodded, and said: "Desperately."

Zhang Chujia's eyes were very calm, "Dragon belongs to the Tianma tribe. All the vital forces are mobilized. Once the protection is broken, fight to the end!"

The shadow, enveloped the entire planet Pegasus.

In terms of volume, Pegasus is almost the same as the sky and stars, but at the level of life energy, it is the two most powerful stars in the dragon and horse galaxy. Therefore, powerful existences such as Dragon and Tianma were born.

Tens of billions of people of all races live on the planet Pegasus, most of whom are vassal races with no combat capabilities. In terms of planetary defense, there are also planetary orbital guns similar to the Tianhe tribe, but the number is not as large as the Tianhe tribe. Because of the strength of the Tianma tribe itself, coupled with the presence of a powerful ally of the Dragon tribe, the Tianma Knights of the Tianma tribe is even the top legion. In terms of technology, their investment over the years is not too much, more Develop one's own potential and hope that more powerful people will be born.

There are 36 pegasus knights in the Pegasus Knights, and 108 reserve knights. The preparatory knights are all strong above the **** level. In addition, there are one hundred thousand pegasus cavalry. This is the most powerful force at the core of the entire Tianma tribe, all armed to the teeth.

To fight against the Crimson Realm, the first Pegasus took away all the Pegasus knights, as well as 30,000 Pegasus cavalry. One hundred and eight pegasus reserve knights all stayed behind. The foundation still cannot be shaken. After all, Pegasus is so big, no one is sure whether there will be emergencies, especially those races that oppose the establishment of the Longma Federation, will take the opportunity to make trouble. What's more, there are three retired old knights sitting in town. From the perspective of the first seat of Pegasus, Pegasus is naturally solid.

On the side of Tianlongxing, there are four Zhang Chujia staying behind, and the city lord of the Twelve Dragon Cities are also god-level or above-true gods. The first Tianlong took away only three hundred dragons. There are hundreds of dragons left behind. At this time, Zhang Chujia brought the brave men of the five hundred dragons.

The two sides are combined, there are still more than two hundred strong people above the **** level, and there are seven super **** level powerhouses, and the lineup is not too weak. But this is already the vast majority of fighting power that has been retained outside the Longma Federation army.

If it werent for facing a whole powerful plane like the Crimson Realm. It is actually sufficient to deal with general special situations.

Long Tianyang suspended in the air, his eyes closed, silently releasing his life energy.

Lan Xuanyu is far away, and she can't get in touch at the moment, and the dragon and Tianma armies will not be able to come back for a while.

The conversation between Zhang Chujia and the others was not concealed by divine consciousness, so she could actually hear it.

For the Dragon Race and the Tianma Race, she has more hatred in her heart. The two races that she cultivated have sealed herself, and at this moment of crisis, she had to stand up and buy time for them.

The crimson domain spreads out, exuding a deep chill, the overwhelming dark red, trying to swallow the life energy emitted by the life shield from all directions.

From the previous conversation with the Scarlet Mother, she could clearly feel the power of the Scarlet Realm at this time.

She is different from the super-god-level powerhouses of the dragon race. She is the clearest and the most understanding of the perception of the plane. The Crimson Realm is really already very strong, and has opened the ascending channel, what is lacking is enough energy. This sufficient energy is not quantitative, but more important, it is hierarchical. Therefore, its goal may never have been Heaven and Star, nor will it go to the Douluo Federation on the human side. Because the life energy in these places cannot meet its needs. Only the life energy of the Dragon Star and Pegasus can make the Crimson Domain truly complete its evolution.

What the Scarlet Mother said, she did not believe a word. As the core of life on the physical plane, she is very clear. Once the Crimson Realm uses its own planet to achieve the God Realm, the first person to be killed must be itself, because if they want to become the core, they need to replace themselves.

"Lan Xuanyu. After all, I still can't wait? Is it too late for our cooperation? When can you come back." Long Tianyang called silently in his heart.

In his mind, the reinforcements of the Dragon and the Tianma were not the real expectations in her heart. What she looked forward to most was Lan Xuanyu, who could grow rapidly, because only he could truly help herself solve the problem. .

Even if she really wants to achieve a **** realm, she is more willing to help Lan Xuanyu achieve all this. She understands humans better than Lan Xuanyu imagined, and understands the operating system of humans. At the same time, she was also more aware of the deep blood contained in Lan Xuanyu's body.

The emergence of the God Realm is not the ultimate goal. A God Realm that is strong enough, can protect itself, and truly becomes the overlord of one party, can last for a long time. So she chose Lan Xuanyu. As the master of the plane and the core of life on the plane. She herself has high intelligence and is a powerful life body. But for her, whoever rules is not what she yearns for. What she yearns for is to pursue the mystery of high-dimensional space after becoming stronger. Knowing everything does not mean that she has truly witnessed everything. She didn't really find this possibility until she saw Lan Xuanyu.

The battleship was shuttled in space, and had just completed a wormhole jump, the battleship gradually stabilized.

Lan Xuanyu's consciousness moved slightly while sitting in the resting cabin, and there was a slight fluctuation between his divine consciousness. The dragon core in the body exudes a faint halo, and a crystal core suddenly floated out of his storage soul guide, and it was a heavenly spar.

With a "bang", the Tianyang spar shattered, and a spirit of consciousness appeared in Lan Xuanyu's heart.

"Long Tian Yang?" Lan Xuanyu called out the other party's name in surprise.

"It's me. Xuan Yu, I can finally contact you." Long Tianyang's voice was full of anxiety.

"You can actually contact me?" Lan Xuanyu asked in surprise.

Long Tianyang said: "Living for too long, there are always some means. Every piece of the Tianyang spar contains some of my ideas, which can be used as a coordinate positioning to communicate. When a spar is consumed, we can contact briefly The situation is urgent, so Im going to make a long story short. Crimson Realm descends on Pegasus, do you know?"

Lan Xuanyu said: "I already know, I am rushing back at full speed. But it will take at least two days to feel it. The first seat of Tianlong and the first seat of Tianma have already brought a group of the strongest Super God level back with the fastest speed. , We will be slower."

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