Omega Summoner Book 3 Chapter 285

Volume 3: The Undead War Chapter 285 Prophets

"So what is the information about the Church of Death that you are talking about?" Adrian asked as it would help the Undead King's side if they were to find and revive the Church of Death in record time.

"Apparently, there is a hint in this notebook that the Church of Life has a Prophet. I also heard we have a prophet when the elders had a meeting but I have not met this prophet during my stay at the church.

"If you have not met the prophet then how would you expect that we would be able to find this person? All the elders of the Church of Life are either dead or disabled. It should be impossible to find an elder of the Church of Life that is able to speak right now.

Some are even at hiding so I am pretty sure that we will not have clues on where they are hiding this prophet." Adrian replied in frustration as he knows missions to find someone is very stressful and has higher chance of failing without clues.

"You did not let me finish yet. What do you think makes a prophet of the Church of Life special?" Levin Cloud asked Adrian while smiling.

"Let us just get to the part where you tell me because I am too lazy right now to guess." Adrian replied.

"Someone is sassy today. Let me give you a clue. The Goddess of Life Gaea is one of the twin gods right?"

"So your hint means that the prophet of the Church of Life also has a twin." Adrian replied.

"That is right and it seems that a prophet is the pillar of the Church of Life or ay church to be exact." Levin Cloud added.

"I mean they could just get the prophet and get rid of the other twin if necessary. I mean it is dark if you think about that way but even the light casts shadows." Adrian stated in a realistic tone as he is not ignorant at the ways of the world.

"They cannot kill the other twin because the twins are connected to each other. They are kindred souls. When one dies then the other dies with it. The twins can also not be too far apart from each other for too long or else they will grow weak." Levin Cloud stated.

"So the twins are connected to each other but how do we find the twin responsible to be the prophet of the God of Death? I mean they should be in the care of their guardians and should be together. Do you have a way to track them?" Adrian stated while crossing his arms.

"Elder Willow has a badge that can locate the elders of the Church of Life. We will use that to track the whereabouts of the location of the prophets. The only problem is actually facing the elder in-charge of them." Levin Cloud stated.

"So you are saying that we will fight that elder that is assigned to the protection of the prophet? Well that is not going to be easy. There should be paladins that are guarding them and if the prophet is the most important then they would be the most powerful ones of the Church of Life." Adrian added.

"YeahMaybe we will need some back up because your make sense." Levin Cloud stated.

"Do not tell me that you were super excited to finish your mission that you did not think much through the end part of the actual mission. We might be able to find them but I am quite sure that the elder protecting the prophet will not just easily hand them over." Adrian stated as he went back and forth across the room thinking what he could do.

"Don't you just need to like see them then teleport them away before the elder guarding them could even protect them?" Levin Cloud asked.

"You really think that I am like an omnipotent being that could do everything with a snap of my finger, don't you? All people I teleport should be in acceptance or want to be teleported away else I would be suffering the consequence of doing that because it is one thing to move the body but the spirit is mightier than you think." Adrian stated as he remembered teleporting someone much more powerful than him forcefully.

"You could do something like make a plant eater to abduct them when we see them then I will cover for your escape." Adrian suggested as he remembers that plant eater that can eat anyone and transport them.

"I do have that skill but I have not mastered it yet. If you want to get wrongly bitten and your head separated from your body then be my guest." Levin Cloud stated.

"No to that. Being covered in plant slime is worse enough." Adrian said while shivering in thought.

"Let us find the prophets first and think of a plan. Creepysoo might need our help later on as the war between the undead has already started. The forums are already buzzing about it.


The forums have been blazing because of the enormous cheers due to the Undead going to war. The experience boost that the undead are getting are a big help for new players. About 80% of the incoming new players are now Undead because it has been rewarding for them as they can easily catch up to older players.

This is not the only thing that blazing the forums because strange buildings are suddenly popping out from the ground. The buildings are basically the Necropolis of the Arch Lich fully risen from the ground. The soil became rotten and every dead living thing in that land became an undead.

The Undead King's Citadel is also now at the main world at the southwest of the central continent while the Arch Lich's Necropolis is at the southeast of the central continent. The other kingdoms near this structures are fortifying their defenses while the empire sent reinforcements to bolster those kingdoms.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/omega-summoner_16507643905192405/prophets_50791851967441796 for visiting.

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