Grandson Of The Holy Emperor Is A Necromancer Chapter 239

Chapter 239 127. Queen Rox 1 Part One


Somewhere in the northern region of the Theocratic Empire. More specifically, within the Land of the Dead Spirits located past the Sacrificial Castle, Ronia.

A group of convicts were currently walking on a snow-covered hill. The icy atmosphere and frozen trees were blocking their paths.

Even though these convicts were tasked with scouting duties, they were still filled to the brim with dissatisfaction at the terrible condition of the mountain paths and icy winds rubbing against their skins.

"Blooming hell, were still in the middle of Autumn, so why is it snowing so much already?"

"What are you complaining about when you can see piles of snow even in Summer in this place?"

"Im just saying, you know."

The convicts were tutting loudly among themselves. While complaining, though, they silently shifted their gazes to their front.

These people were proud of the physical stamina acquired through performing military service in this place, but even they had to admit their shortcomings when comparing themselves to the young man leading them.

"In any case, why isnt that dude getting tired by now?"

"I hear that hes a gravekeeper, but blimey, his stamina is top-notch, innit?"

"A gravekeeper? Dont make me laugh, fella. Have you ever seen a gravekeeper using divinity before? Well, have you?"

"Uh? Doesnt Lord Saint fit that category?"

"Ah. Youre right."

The convicts continued to stare at the individual named Shuppel.

The story was, this young man had been dispatched to this northern region about four months ago. The other rumour the convicts heard recently was that he hailed from a ruined noble house, but no one seemed to be able to verify that claim.

Shuppel scanned his front as white breaths left his lips. The fog and the heavy snowfall were nearly blinding him.

Although his eyes couldnt see, his senses still picked up on the presences of some beings, alongside the demonic energy coming from them.

This feeling he was getting? They had to be undead for sure.

Shuppel then unsheathed the sword from his hips.

Damn it, Im getting all tense here.

His real combat experiences so far came from that time back in Aslan when he was forced to participate in the martial art tournament, plus the battles against the undead here in the northern region.

Even though he had been fighting the walking dead for a while now, he just couldnt get used to it.

"Everyone, be on guard," said Shuppel.

The convicts flinched in surprise and quickly pulled out their weapons as well. Soon, several dozen silhouettes began staggering out from the snowy fog.

They were at least two metres tall, had green skin, and rather muscular bodies.


However, all those ripped-out bite wounds found all over their bodies and their sunken, lifeless eyes looked quite wrong, for a lack of a better description. All those things served as proof that these ones were no longer with the living, but merely shuffling zombies now.

"Gimme a break. How many times has it already been today?!"

"Still, theyre just zombies, arent they? Weve got nothing to fear since they arent living Orcs. Especially when theyre so slow and lumbering, too."

The convicts took aim with their weapons as confidence filled up their expressions.

Their previous selves from a while ago wouldve been shaking in their boots as soon as these walking dead showed up.

After all, these monsters still moved even after you cut them down with swords and stabbed them with spears.

However, the story went rather differently these days.

They had all personally received a miracle under the grace of Lord Saint. And now, they all firmly believed that even Goddess Gaia would look after them and protect them in times of need.

Thats why there was only one thing they needed to do in this place. And that was to exterminate the lost undead and purify their tainted souls in order to save them. And they would be atoning for their crimes by saving as many souls as possible.

This was the duty given to them. Their sacred calling.

Shuppel suddenly raised his head. He seemed to be staring at a spot in the skies for some reason, but then, began frowning quite deeply.

He froze up instantly before beginning to stumble back. "E-everyone escape from here, now!"


Shuppel turned around and broke into an urgent sprint.

"What are you talking about?! Mister gravekeeper, our opponents are some Orc zombies. Sure, their physical strength is monstrous, but we can still fight these slow and"

"Theres another monster here!"

Shuppel quickly grabbed the arm of one of the dazed convicts and forcibly dragged him away. The other convicts became a bit lost at that, but they still followed after him in the end.

They all felt puzzled by Shuppels actions, as he was obviously in a great hurry to flee from this place while cold sweat caked his face.

Wondering whats gotten into him, they turned their heads and looked behind them. Only then did they notice something with a slender and lengthy torso quickly dashing out from the snowy fog.

"A Ghoul?"

"I see! Even we cant possibly take on a Ghoul, after all!"

The convicts hurriedly began sprinting away as well.

But Shuppel, while still breathlessly running away up ahead, cried out to them, "No, I didnt mean those things when I said theres a dangerous monster here!"

Shuppel turned his head slightly and looked up again. He was staring at the sky.

"What the bloody hell is that thing?!"

Shuppels complexion became paler than the falling snow.

The other convicts also turned their heads to look, and almost simultaneously, their eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

Because, inside the dense fog and the heavy snowfall There was a humongous silhouette approaching them.

It boasted an expansive face, equally broad shoulders, and thick arms and legs.

The terrain rumbled noisily with a loud Thud, boom! every time this creature took a step forward.

Shuppels mind subconsciously recalled the tomes he read back in the imperial palace all those years ago. One of them contained mythical fables from the bygone eras.

The spirit realm where fairies were supposed to live, the purgatory where the souls of the dead were sent to, and finally

The titan realm, apparently sealed away by the fearful gods.



A giant creature only seen in a mythical tale was standing tall on this snow-covered northern region.


(TL: In 1st person POV.)

Warm rays of the sun entered through the windows of the Aihrance royal palace and illuminated my room.

I was currently reading a letter while sitting up on a bed.

[Dear Imperial Prince.]

The sender was Charlotte.

She was currently carrying out her duties in Ronia.

Only about a month remained until the twenty-fifth of December. She and the others should be incredibly busy trying to prepare for the upcoming Tide of Death.

Normally, the majority of the undead showing up there should be no more than some low-tier creatures, but it still warranted some caution since there was the precedence of a count-class Vampire attacking the fiefdom without any warning whatsoever.

Charlotte was inquiring about how well I was. With questions like, was I healthy? Was I straining myself or not, or even whether I was eating on time or not

Her questions did put a smile on my face. It seemed like her personality hadnt changed, considering how she was worrying about other peoples wellbeing here.


While reading the letter, my head began tilting to the side more and more.

The main topic of the letter could be found after those short but sweet opening paragraphs.

[The soldiers and the convicts of the northern region most of them can now use divinity, your highness.]

How could I not make a somewhat flustered expression at that?

However, it was just as I thought.

I already had some suspicions while observing Yuria, who was still living in the orphanage. What surprised me, though, was the number of people up in the northern region who went through the cleric awakening. The number alone was much higher than I anticipated, at least according to Charlottes reports.

The rough estimate put the number of divinity wielders at around eight hundred. Five hundred of them were convicts while the remaining three hundred were the regular troops stationed in Ronia.

Still, its a bit weird, isnt it?


Never mind trainee Priests, every single one of the awakened was still on the level of mere hatchlings. However, a force of this size was far too big for anyone to simply brush aside as a minor matter.

Just what could be the reason for the Theocratic Empire to not notice the phenomenon of a mass cleric awakening?

"Was someone trying to hide it?"

Only one person could potentially command all the convicts and soldiers stationed up in Ronia.

"Huh. The dude commanding the northern region Who was it again?"

While rubbing my chin, I dug deep into my memory banks until I finally recalled the feudal lord of the Ronia fiefdom.

Wasnt it Count Jenald Ripang? Yeah, its definitely him.

Since this feudal lord and I defended the fiefdom together, it wasnt all that difficult to eventually recall his name.

I put the letter down and stared outside the window.

We were at the tail-end of October already. To match the Autumnal weather, the wind was cold and leaves were falling on the outside.

Why did Count Jenald, the feudal lord of Ronia, choose to hide this fact?

I couldnt figure it out. I didnt think he was the type to entertain any unwise ambitions just because he was granted the peerage of count. Besides, Charlotte and Harman visited the northern region fairly often, so it should be pretty difficult to evade the eyes of the Theocratic Empire.

I just couldnt understand why.

Its fine, though. Id get to find out once I reach there, anyway.

I took another glance at the last part of the letter.

[Also, we need your assistance, your highness.]

My eyes narrowed to slits. Charlotte wouldnt normally ask for my help like this. Meaning, there was something happening up there that mustve been pretty serious in nature.

[According to the reports, a Progenitor Vampire seems to be residing somewhere in the Land of the Dead Spirits. And a mysterious gigantic lifeform was also]

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