Divine System Of The Strongest Card Supplier In The End Times Chapter 2279

Chapter 2279: Arch Fire

Fang Fan squinted his eyes, smiled, and then flashes of light in his eyes, and various thoughts exploded in his mind.

Then she silently called Caitlin to her side...

"Give a shot to those examiners in the Celestial Temple..."


Caitlin did not hesitate, and shot it over, the space gradually tore, and the scene suddenly felt very strange!

Everything in front of you has changed smoothly!

A one-star sanctuary cultivator standing in the front row of the first-class Celestial Sanctuary Zhengyi-Rank Power Tianshen Temple was instantly killed!

When shooting just now, Caitlin specially installed a silencer, so she seemed unconscious...

"Young Hallmaster! Yinglang was killed!"

"Young Hallmaster! Yinglang is dead!"

"It must be these damned Soul Race people who are playing black hands behind their backs!"

"Young Master, you must avenge Yinglang!"

"Vengeance! Revenge!"

The Temple of Heaven suddenly became a mess! It even seems a bit passionate!

The scene broke out!

"Asshole! Asshole! Actually dare to attack the cultivator of my Heavenly Temple! Zhao Xie! You are a son of a soul race, you really don't want to live!"

"Listen to this Young Master's order! Give birth to this family...no...the slave killed me!"


The Young Master Ying of the Tianshen Temple gave an order, and everyone's eyes gathered and the posture was extremely bold!

The 20,000 cultivators in the Tianshen Temple instantly turned their gun heads and directly attacked the 30,000 soul race cultivators.

At this moment, the Soul Race leader Zhao Xie looked confused. He really didn't know what happened. He was in a state of ignorance throughout the whole process. He wanted to say something but couldn't say it. His eyes turned and his posture was confused...

"Yingyue! Your **** temple cultivator is dead, what is it to me?"

"This is not my hand! Don't buckle this **** bowl on my head!"

"Ha ha!"

"Don't admit it yet?"

"It's not you, who can there be?"

"So far still want to shirk responsibility?"

"A domestic slave is a domestic slave! Dare to be or not!"

"Here, just our two forces, is it possible that I can still kill my brother?"

The Young Master Ying of the Tianshen Temple held her head up high, and while speaking, the unremitting expression on her face grew more and more.

In fact, to put it bluntly, the Young Hall Master Ying Yue of the Tianshen Temple hadn't put the soul race leader Zhao Xian in his eyes at all.

This is true even if there are 10,000 fewer cultivators on your side than the opponent!

He considers himself a noble blood!


"Move your mind to think about it, if I kill the cultivator under your command now, it will only make you angry into anger. What good is it for me?"

"Besides, our surroundings are not just our two forces..."

The soul race leader Zhao Xie glanced at Fang Fan's position, suggesting that it was already very strong...

Fang Fan smiled silently, then nodded and said: "If the team leader Zhao Xie thinks I did it, then I did it..."

"Anyway, the end result is the same..."

"Hey... I am the third-class sanctuary of the Qingtian Sanctuary! I actually fell here!"

"Sad and sigh!"

"I was thinking of skyrocketing Sanctuary..."

"I just hope that if I am carrying the scapegoat for Team Leader Zhao Xie this time, and I hope Team Leader Zhao Xie can let go of my cultivators like Qingtian Sanctuary, these things have nothing to do with them..."

Fang Fan sighed with deep emotion, while talking, his eyes flickered in waves...

To make a play, you have to make a full set!

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