Divine System Of The Strongest Card Supplier In The End Times Chapter 2281

Chapter 2281: Let's Start

The elder of the soul clan, Soul Dan, was talking, the uncomfortable color on his face accumulated more and more, and the sound of inhalation seemed particularly sincere.

This time their soul clan has suffered such a big loss, naturally they want a full-scale explosion!


"Who made your soul clan not explain it clearly!"

"If your soul clan explained clearly, our Heavenly God Temple won't be able to reinforce the swordsman!"

"Speaking of which, our Heavenly Temple is also badly damaged!"

"Who will compensate for this loss?"

The Tianshen Temple enshrines Yingzhao while talking, then raises her head and chest...

Anyway, I don't have any reason, then continue to play a little bit helplessly, so as not to be caught by someone!




"I have never seen such a brazen person!"

"Yingzhao! This will only make my soul race more opposed to your heavenly temple!"

"My Soul Race will never let go of your Heavenly God Temple!"

"Today's things are not over yet!"

The elder of the soul clan, Soul Dan, took a deep breath, and while talking, the blue veins on his forehead violently violently followed, and the inhalation sound appeared particularly strong.

Too frustrated!

At this moment, there was an inexplicable urge to vomit blood, and the sound of breathing seemed particularly strong, and the whole person was trembling with him, and he was completely speechless.

How can there be such shameless people in this world?

Is this face really worthless?

"Is it?"

"What? What can your soul race do even if it is unhappy? Could it be that you still want to attack my Heavenly God Temple?"

"You soul race, do you have the courage?"

"Otherwise, we will write the battle book now?"

Yingzhao smiled indifferently and seemed confident.

When it's time to make a high profile, then you can't keep a low profile!

Especially at this time, the eyes must be deep!

After the Tianshen Temple enshrined Yingzhao and finished speaking, the elder of the soul race, Soul Dan, was completely confused...

This...how can this be good?

Slap...Don't hit your face too fast!

This made him quite caught off guard!

I even feel like my head is buzzing...

Really speaking, their soul race really doesn't have the guts to fight against the heavenly temple...

The people in the Celestial Temple are just a bunch of lunatics...all lunatics!

Talking to these lunatics is too frustrated!

In the first-class celestial sanctuary, in addition to the three top first-grade positive forces of Fanhai Palace, Tianlang Sword Sect, and Heaven and Earth Hall, there is also a big gap between the remaining seven ordinary positive first-rank forces.

The Heavenly God Temple belongs to the existence that is second only to the top-ranking First-Rank forces. Although it is not comparable to the three top-ranking First-Rank forces, it is more than enough to oppress their soul race.

Who doesn't know that the people in the Temple of Heaven are a group of militants, and they have a natural desire for war!


"My soul race never entangles more with brazen people!"

The elder of the soul clan, the soul clenched his teeth, and then turned to the side, the twitching amplitude of the corners of his mouth increased.

At this moment, although I felt helpless in my heart, I still lingered for a while.

Looking at the battle between the Soul Clan Heavenly God Temple, Murong Yu not far away smiled.

Compared to their anger, Murong Yu felt inexplicably happy at this moment.

"This guy is as shameless as before!"

"How to sow discord like this!"

"That's also good... When the assessors of the Soul Race and the Heavens Temple are both defeated, they can completely reap the benefits of the fisherman..."

Murong Yu muttered to himself, with a little comfort in his heart.

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