The Days Of Being In A Fake Marriage With The Ceo Chapter 770

Chapter 770 The Best Female Genius 3


It had to be known that she had made a meteoric rise in NST!

Wu Xingye felt that Liu Changfeng was looking at him strangely. Hence, he said, “Idol, what’s wrong with me?”

He was looking at him like that!

Liu Changfeng regained his senses. “Nothing.”

Then, he took the pen and signed his name on Wu Xingye’s clothes.

“Can we take a photo together?” Wu Xingye asked expectantly.

Liu Changfeng thought that if Mu Huan passed the test, he would have to convince the other party to let Mu Huan study overseas and enter NST. Hence, he cooperated with Wu Xingye’s request.

Wu Xingye had a good time chasing after a celebrity!

When she saw a taxi stopping at the entrance of the hotel and the girl’s mother alighting from it, Mu Huan yawned.

“We can leave now. Best Actor, you should go back too!”

Seeing that it was getting late, Liu Changfeng didn’t say anything else and left after saying goodbye to the two.

After he left, Wu Xingye was still very excited. “Student Xiao Huan, you’re amazing!”

She had only met him once, and yet, her relationship with the great Best Actor was so good that the high and mighty Best Actor treated her so kindly.

“Sis, it’s not like this is the first time I’ve been so awesome.” Mu Huan’s face was full of disbelief.I’ve always been so awesome!

Wu Xingye looked at the pride on her face and heaved a sigh of relief. “You’re finally normal!”

Mu Huan’s lips twitched. “When was I ever abnormal?”

“Do you think you’ve been behaving normally these past few days?” Wu Xingye asked.

Mu Huan: “”

“Are you done with Bo Junyan now?” Wu Xingye felt that she should be fine since she was in the mood to meddle in this matter and even had supper with the Best Actor.

“No, it might have gotten worse. I did something stupid today.” When Mu Huan thought about how she had almost delayed a major event today, her mood instantly sank again.

“How is it worse? Also, why would you do such a stupid thing?!” Their Xiao Huan had always been so smart!

Mu Huan sighed and said, “The circle we used to live in was too small. The world we could see was also small. There were many things that we couldn’t think of.”

All these years, she had been working hard for the most basic survival. The only people she could come into contact with were those who were small-minded. Everything was within her control. Even if something happened, she just had to stand up and bear the consequences.

Hence, she thought that she could take responsibility for everything.

She felt that she could deal with Ling Wei.

Without thinking too much, she almost made a huge mistake.

“Then why are you still in the mood to meddle in such matters? You even ate with the Best Actor and ate so much?”

“My grandfather once told me that being happy takes up a day, but being sad and upset also takes up a day. Being sad and upset is the most useless thing. Hence, from today onwards, I want to return to normal. I don’t want to think about those useless things anymore. I don’t want to be afraid. I want to work harder and make myself stand higher. I want to broaden my horizons and think about things more thoroughly!”

As for what would happen between her and Bo Junyan, she had already tried her best to do everything she could. What he needed now was for her not to disturb him, so she would not disturb him anymore.

Let’s wait until he’s done with his work!

“That’s our Xiao Huan!” Wu Xingye reached out and patted her shoulder.

This was the reason why Xiao Huan was so likable. No matter how depressed she was or how heavy a blow she suffered, she could quickly adjust her mentality and continue to be optimistic and positive.

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