The Days Of Being In A Fake Marriage With The Ceo Chapter 772

Chapter 772 The Best Female Genius 5


Meng Yueman felt that Mu Huan could not be blamed for this.

Putting herself in Mu Huan’s shoes, if she were to see her husband and his ex-fiance eating and living together in the company every day, she would feel uncomfortable. Even if she knew that nothing would happen, she would be jealous and lose control.

“Thank you, Mom.” Mu Huan hugged her mother-in-law, touched.

Ever since the incident, her mother-in-law’s support and encouragement had been too heartwarming.

She really wanted to live a good life with them.

For this, she could give up any chance, even relating to her future!

As long as Bo Junyan did not abandon her, she would never leave him no matter what happened!

But if he didn’t want her anymore, she would leave.

Mu Huan was the kind of person who, once she fell in love, would wholeheartedly love and would be willing to give up everything, even her life, for the other party.

However, if the other party did not love her and did not want her anymore, she would definitely not pester him.

No matter how much she loved him, no matter how much it hurt, she would still let go and leave her love.

Even if she had to spend the rest of her life and never remember it, even if it would be painful, she would never pester him.

“Good child”

Meng Yueman knew that the best way to divert her attention was to get busy. Furthermore, Mu Huan insisted on staying at the school, so she did not stop her.

After sending Mu Huan back

She glared at Bo Dingjing.

Bo Dingjing was baffled by her glare.

“Why didn’t you tell me that it was such an important project?! You told me to get Xiao Huan to look for Junyan at the company, causing this to happen!”

Bo Dingjing: “”

He had clearly told her that his son was busy with a very important project. He did not go home because he was really busy. He wanted her to comfort her daughter-in-law like this so that she would not worry too much and feel uncomfortable thinking too much. Who knew that she would think that her son could not be so busy and that her daughter-in-law should go to him!

However, he definitely could not say that.

“Yes, it’s all my fault. It’s all my fault” It was all his fault. It was all his fault. She could just blame him.

Meng Yueman knew that she was to blame for this matter. She’d said this because she wanted to find an excuse to throw a tantrum at him. Who knew that he would admit his mistake so directly that she was left too embarrassed to throw a tantrum at him. “The employees of the Ling Group should be dealt with! How much profit can we give them after this project is completed? They actually went on a strike at such a critical moment. That’s too much!”

Although the Bo Group had a huge responsibility this time, the Ling Group still had the nerve to go on a strike when they could receive so many benefits!

She really did not know how they had the nerve to escalate matters to a strike!

“If anything good happens in the future, don’t think about the Ling family anymore!” Meng Yueman said angrily.

This kind of partner who would go on a strike at such a critical moment, there was no need to cooperate with them anymore in the future!

“Junyan will definitely not work with the Ling family in the future,” Bo Dingjing said.

Because of his daughter-in-law, his son could not avoid collaborating with the Ling Group for this current project. Now, at the critical moment, they were going on a strike. Although what happened before was a little overboard, this kind of business threat behavior was not acceptable. His son must be very unhappy.

Right now, he would not discontinue the project.

But in the future, he would definitely not collaborate with someone who would threaten him into cooperation for important projects.

“However, you can’t blame Ling Wei. She has always been very persistent in her work. You know that ever since Old Ling gave birth to a son, the people in the company no longer obey her. They even want her to make mistakes so that they can suppress her and make her half-brother’s path easier.”

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