Douluos Heavens Lottery System Chapter 1076

Chapter 1076: Prove That I Am Myself Demon's Revenge

"Nonsense, it's just nonsense! My brother fell into disrepair because of his cultivation hundreds of years ago. You are clearly a fake, what evidence can prove that you are my brother!"

Listening to Yao Lu's words, Yao Tianxiao's face was gloomy and couldn't help but yell.

On the side, hearing Yao Tianxiao's words, Bai Ge was very speechless, proving that I am myself, which is really outrageous!

But after hearing Yao Tianxiao's words, Yao Luo couldn't help laughing up to the sky, and then sneered.

"Well-hearted things, don't call my brother, you are not worthy! You let me prove that I am myself, that's good! Then I will prove it to you!"

As he said, Yao Liao smiled coldly and opened his mouth suddenly.

As a black awn shot from his mouth and fell into his hand, a black scepter more than one meter long suddenly appeared.

While holding the black scepter in his hand, the demon immediately raised the scepter and shouted coldly,

"Look! What is this, now, who is the patriarch!"

"this is"

Looking at the black scepter in Yaolu's hand, and feeling the aura exuding from the scepter, the great elders of the Nine Nether Land Python clan couldn't help but their faces were full of movement.

I saw this scepter is completely dark, and at the top there are two lifelike black poisonous snakes coiling around it, and the two poisonous snakes are looking at each other, the snake's mouth is open, and a fist black bead is held in the mouth by two poisonous snakes. in.

This... This turned out to be the patriarch's token of the Jiuyou Di Underworld Python clan who had been missing for many years-Jiuyou Scepter!

But hasn't this Jiuyou Scepter been missing for hundreds of years! how come

and many more!

Suddenly, as if realizing something, the elders of the Nine Nether Land Python clan couldn't help being shocked.

Could it be... Is it true that Patriarch Yaolu was murdered by Patriarch Tianxiao in collusion with the Great Elder!

"Jiuyou Scepter! I didn't expect Jiuyou Scepter to be swallowed into your stomach, no wonder I couldn't find it!"

On the side, seeing Yao Liao actually took out the patriarch's token of the Jiuyou Di Ming Python clan, Yao Tianxiao's face suddenly became extremely gloomy and ugly, and he couldn't help but cry.

If he could still quibble before, now after Yao Luo took out the Jiuyou Scepter, there was no quibble at all.

Because Jiuyou Scepter was still there when Yaolu was the patriarch, but he disappeared after he succeeded.

Regarding the disappearance of Jiuyou Scepter, his explanation at the beginning was that this Scepter was hidden by Yaolu, because Yaolu's cultivation was so sudden that he couldn't find it.

But now that Yao Luo took out the Jiuyou Scepter, there was a very sufficient evidence for what Yao Luo had said before, and he couldn't tolerate any more sophistry.


Just when Yao Tianxiao spoke.

Suddenly, as a black light flashed, the great elder of the Jiu Nether Di Ming Python clan instantly swept to Yao Luo's side, and slapped Yao Luo with a palm.

But this sneak attack was blocked by Yaoyu with Jiuyou Scepter in an instant!

"Do you think I will make the same mistake twice!"

Looking at the Great Elder of the Nether Python clan in front of him, Yao Liao showed a sneer smile.

"Give me all!"

Seeing that the great elder had already acted on Yao Luo, as a co-conspirator with the great elder, Yao Tianxiao suddenly screamed, and instantly rushed towards Yao Luo.

And hearing Demon Tianxiao's words, behind him, Demon Tianxiao and the confidants of the Great Elder family also drank loudly, and rushed towards Demon Luo.

"You counterfeit, dare to destroy the unity of our Nine Nether Land Python family and suffer death!!"

While slaying towards Yao Liao, a group of Yao Tianxiao and the confidants of the Great Elder couldn't help but yell, and forcibly buckled the **** basin on Yao Liao's head.

However, Yaolu took out the Jiuyou scepter to prove his identity. On one side, Yaoluos former cronies and some jealous elders of the Jiuyou Di Ning Python clan also took action, stopping Yao Tianxiao and Great Elder One. Department of confidants.

"You despicable group of villains, even now, they are still like the patriarch of the demons!"

Suddenly, amidst waves of mutual anger, many of the elders of the Nine Nether Divine Python clan couldn't help but immediately fought together.

Many fencers and absolute neutrals watched from the sidelines and did not participate.

"Monster, you have been trapped in Jiuyou Huangquan for hundreds of years, do you think you were still the same year! Call me the Jiuyou Scepter, and then go to the bottom of Jiuyou Huangquan and enjoy your life!"

Looking at the Jiuyou Scepter in his hand, Yao Tianxiao's face was full of grinning grinning, and instantly he blasted towards Yao Luo and fought against Yao Luo.

And when the Great Elder of the Netherworld Python clan was also ready to support the past.

Bai Ge suddenly flashed from the side, blocking the front of the great elder of the Nether Python clan.

"Want to go? I said, did you forget me?"

Looking at the black-robed old man in front of him, Bai Ge stepped on the sky, holding his hands on his back, and couldn't help but smile faintly.

"You! You **** guy, you let go of the demon, and let our hundreds of years of hard work be ruined. Today I want to make you look good!!!"

Hearing Bai Ge's words, the Great Elder's face suddenly became particularly gloomy, and he couldn't help but roar with bitterness.

But for the words of the great elder, Bai Ge didn't care at all. He just dug out his ears indifferently, then blew on the fingers that he didn't have and said gently.

"After talking, I'm ready to go on the road after talking!"

After speaking, Bai Ge immediately looked at the great elder of the Netherworld Python clan, and instantly activated the perfect symbiosis in his body, and activated the Bisnake Sanhua pupil copied from Qinglin.

Although the special snake fighting spirit derived from the absorption of power from the conquered snake monsters is not available to him, Bai Ge rarely uses the Bisnake Sanhua pupil.

But at this time, the great good fortune palm that had successfully cultivated before had already been tested.

For the great elder of the Nine Nether Land Python clan in front of him, there is no need to waste more hands and feet.

Suddenly, with the activation of the Bisnake Sanhua pupil, Bai Ge's purple jewel-like eyes suddenly turned into pale green with three small green buds around the pupils.

After the three small flower buds around the pupils suddenly bloomed, two green lights burst out of Bai Ge's eyes, instantly enveloping the great elder of the Jiuyou Di Ming Python clan who had not had time to react.

Because Bai Ge's mental power was strong enough, Bai Ge's Bi Snake Sanhua pupil almost instantly broke through the spiritual defense line of the Great Elder of the Nether Python tribe, and successfully subdued it.

And not long after Bai Ge subdued the Great Elder of the Nether Python Clan.

Yao Liao was also yelling, slinging Yao Tianxiao for a long time, and finally succeeded in beheading him!

Although the difference between the two of them was only one star, Yaolu endured hundreds of years of pain at the bottom of Jiuyou Huangquan.

The better the Demon Tianxiao was before, the deeper the resentment and hatred in my heart at this moment.

To some extent, Yaolu is now black!

As the saying goes: blackening is twice as strong, whitening is weak by three points!

The current demon's combat power has more than doubled under the hatred.

On the other hand, Yao Tianxiao, who has been greedy for pleasure for hundreds of years, is naturally not Yaoya's opponent.

Coupled with the previous battle with Bai Ge, Yao Tianxiao's grudge was also greatly consumed.

Facing a demon who had taken and refined the eighth-grade Qi-Returning Pill, he was in a full state and had a blackening buff bonus.

Demon Tianxiao was naturally a complete defeat, and in the end he could only be beheaded to death!

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