Douluos Heavens Lottery System Chapter 1077

Chapter 1077: Bai Ge's Buying Of People's Hearts News From Huangquan Demon Saint

After three fighting sage powerhouses and Bai Ge, a powerhouse comparable to fighting sages, as well as numerous fighting sage powerhouses of the Nine Nether Land Python clan.

The entire residence of the Netherworld Python clan couldn't help becoming a mess.

Although it is not said to be completely in ruins, it is not much better.

In the resident, countless peaks have been destroyed and razed to the ground, and there are large and small rubble everywhere.

On the ground, a large area of land was also lifted up to several tens of meters, the river was cut off by palm prints and fist prints, and countless deep pits that seemed to be hit by meteorites were densely scattered under and around the battlefield.

The entire Jiuyoudi Nether Python clan residence seemed to have just experienced a natural disaster.

After finally beheading Demon Tianxiao.

Looking at the Demon Tianxiao corpse that fell to the ground, Yao Liao's eyes only passed a trace of complexity, and there was nostalgia in it, but it was more of the comfort and relief of successful revenge!

You know, when he was the patriarch of the Nine Nether Python clan, he was not stingy towards Yao Tian Xiao, and he even planned to hand over the position of the Nine Nether Nether Python clan to this younger brother in the future.

But who knows, this jealousy with the younger brother is so strong!

Just because he was the patriarch first, he was jealous and wanted to harm him.

And after successfully assassinating him, he was imprisoned at the bottom of Jiuyou Huangquan, allowing him to endure the torture that life is better than death for hundreds of years.

This made Yaolu how good he was to this younger brother before, but now he has so much resentment in his heart!

Although there is still some memory of family affection, Yao Liao is not a fool, and has been betrayed in this way. Naturally, he will not play a scene to clear up his suspicions, and directly kill Yao Tianxiao, which is regarded as a brotherhood of their brothers.

After collecting the magic core from Yao Tianxiao's body, Yao Luo took a deep breath and turned to look at Bai Ge.

When he saw the great elder standing motionless beside Bai Ge, with a very stiff expression, Yao Liao couldn't help but stunned slightly.

What's the situation with this...?

"Master Bai Ge, what is going on?"

Looking at the Great Elder again, Yao Luo couldn't help but ask Bai Ge.

Although the soul imprint has been branded on his soul, Yao Luo is now regarded as Baige's slave in a sense. Before, in Jiuyou Huangquan, in order to show his heart of surrender, Yao Luo also called Baige Master.

But now in front of so many clansmen, as the patriarch, if he wants to stand firm as the patriarch, Yaoya can't put his posture so low and call Baige Master.

For this, Yao Liao believed that Bai Ge would not mind either.

Because for Bai Ge, compared to his single identity as a fighting saint, his identity as the patriarch of the Netherworld Underworld Python clan is definitely more important!

"He has been subdued by me, look at his forehead."

Bai Ge naturally did not mind, but smiled and pointed to the forehead of the great elder.

"this is"

After carefully looking at the forehead of the elder, and seeing the three-flower pupil mark of the green snake on it, the demon couldn't help but screamed.

"This is Bisnake Sanhua pupil, Bai Ge-sama, you actually have Bisnake Sanhua pupil!"

In shock, Yao Luo couldn't help but look at Bai Ge carefully, but found that Bai Ge was a standard human, not a hybrid of humans and snakes.

This made Yao Liao a little confused for a while.

Its recorded in ancient books that only the mixed blood of humans and snake-human races has an extremely small chance of obtaining the magical powers of the green snake three-flower pupil?

"Okay, don't think about it. I am a pure human being. The reason why I can use Bisnake Sanhua pupil is only because one of my disciples is a girl of snake blood. She has Bisnake Sanhua pupil. I used a little trick. , I borrowed some Bisnake Sanhua pupil's power from her."

Because the soul imprint was imprinted on Yaolu's soul, the thoughts in Yaolu's heart were immediately felt by Bai Ge, so Bai Ge couldn't help speaking directly.

But this is actually Bai Ge lying.

Although Bishe Sanhua pupil was indeed obtained from Qinglin by Baige, it was not a borrowed power, but a copy, which belonged to Baige himself.

But because of this Bi Snake Sanhua pupil, it is not very useful for Bai Ge now.

This time it was just right, so Baige won't use it much in the future.

After all, this supernatural power does not fit the current development direction of Bai Ge's body.

Therefore, the main meaning of Baige is not wrong.

That is his Bi-Snake Sanhua pupil, which will no longer be used against Jiu Nether Di Ming Python.

Hearing Bai Ge's words, Yao Liao couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Just now I found out that Bai Ge actually has Bishen Sanhua pupils, but Yao Luo's whole heart can't help but mention it.

Because the ability of Bisnake Sanhua pupil is too terrible for their snake monster.

And his greatest value to Bai Ge is to be able to command the Netherworld Python clan, but if Bai Ge has the Bisnake Sanhua pupil, his value will be greatly weakened.

"Okay, Yao Liao, this great elder is also your enemy. Maybe he was the initiator of the plan to inflict you on you back then. You can take it for a good interrogation, retaliate against him, and return the damage you suffered in the past."

Seeing Yaolu, Bai Ge waved her hand, then controlled the great elder, and ran to Yaolu's side.

"He... won't you take it away?"

Hearing Bai Ge's words, Yao Liao couldn't help being stunned, and his heart was full of incredible for a while.

Just now, after knowing that the Great Elder had been taken over by Bai Ge's Bi Snake Sanhua pupil, Yao Luo had already made plans to hand over the Great Elder to Bai Ge.

You know, this is a strong fighting sage, Bai Ge would give up for no reason, but he did not expect that Bai Ge would give him the Great Elder.

"Take it away? Why do you take it away? He is a member of your Nine Nether Underworld Python clan, and even your enemy. A fighting saint is certainly precious, but I am more optimistic about you than him!"

Bai Ge smiled faintly at Yaolu's question, and then took a deep look at Yaolu.

Hearing Bai Ge's words, suddenly, a rush of blood rushed to Yaoya's head, making Yaoya's entire face flush, and his heart was moved for a while.

"My lord, don't worry! I will never deny what I said before. From now on, I will definitely go through fire and water as an adult, and I will not hesitate!"

Looking at Bai Ge, Yao Liao suddenly arched his hands, bowed deeply at Bai Ge, and said solemnly.

Regardless of whether Bai Ge is true or false, being able to show such goodness to a person like him who has been regarded as a "slave" is enough to show that Bai Ge has fancy and care for him!

"Haha! Alright, alright, it's fine if you have this heart!"

Bai Ge waved his hand and smiled slightly at Yao Liao's words.

"My lord, although you are a ninth-rank alchemist, as far as I am concerned, there is really nothing that can help you, but our Nine Nether Underworld Python clan is after all an ancient beast family that has been passed down from the era of Emperor Dou."

"Even though it has fallen a bit now, there are still some things in our clan. Even a Ninth-Rank Alchemist like an adult must face it!"

As if he had made a decision in his heart, Yao Luo couldn't help but solemnly said seriously to Bai Ge.

"So sir, have you heard of... Huangquan Demon Saint?"

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