Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/destroyer Chapter 566

Chapter 566: Tower Defense-III

When the beasts caught up to the red team, they are already in a formation. Eight of them stood in a circle while the two of them stood in the center.

The two in the center are the earth element users of the team and they already constructed a barricade of the earthen wall around them.

The beasts surrounded and got ready to destroy the wall.

When a beast ran forward and jumped, not only an earthen spike came from the wall and pierced it, but an intense flame torched it all over until it almost turned into ashes.

Only after the fire cleared could one see a hole in the wall which was rapidly closing once again.

Sam really liked these soldiers, because they listen to the commands perfectly and he doesn't have to explain anything twice to them. As long as he said it once, they will get it and do everything precisely. How good would it be if all his subordinates are like this?

He can slack off a lot.

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