I Have A Super Usb Drive Chapter 216

Chapter 216 New Project Commences

"Boss, the summary report of the T-virus zombification process of its host is ready."

Two days later, Chen Chen stood in front of the french windows separating him from the isolation room and looked at the five experiment subjects bound to stretchers. Behind him, Hannibal was reading from a sheet of report.

"When the T-virus enters the cells inside the human circulatory system, it first releases RNA, posturing at the hosts RNA. Once the parasitism process is complete, the polymerase begins to cycle through the RNA strands which are covered with beaded protein until it reaches the end of the correct RNA strand.

"After that, the polymerase begins reading the coding of the RNA which allows it to synthesize a corresponding RNA agent. When one of the polymerases starts to read the genetic information of the RNA, itll collide with the other cycling polymerases, prompting them to begin moving inside the cells until they also find the proper RNA ends so they can begin to replicate

"In the end, the T-virus spreads its infection over every single cell in the hosts body, killing a vast number of immune cells in the process. As these immune cells begin to die off, the body of the host starts to corrode."

Chen Chen listened silently.

"From what we can observe now, the T-virus relies on fluid transmission which includes blood, saliva, sweat, tears, sputum, and such. However, when the virus exceeds a certain level of concentration, it can also become airborne through volatilization. Of course, to achieve that level of concentration, the volume of concentration has to exceed the measurement of one billion units of T-virus container. Also, the virus can only survive for barely an hour before its proteins deactivate, causing the virus to die off.

"In the end, the immune system will crumble due to the fervent assault of the T-virus. The host is proclaimed dead but the zombification process doesnt begin until this point onward"

Hannibal continued explaining, "According to our observations, the hosts body functions will be suspended for three to five minutes. After that, the T-virus reactivates the brain cells of the host, essentially bringing the dead host back to life.

"At this point, the host is by all definition already deceased. The only thing living on is his or her cells. Based on current observation, the micro brainwave electric current emitted by the T-virus persists for more than several months.

"Still, you cant call that being resurrected as the host is only turned into a walking corpse driven by basic instincts. Although there might be a bit of lingering memories, they dont exactly qualify as intelligent beings. Also, since the virus requires a great amount of energy to continue to reproduce, the zombies are largely driven by impulse and basic needs.

"Simply put, its instincts are to Eat!"

Hannibal put the report down and let out an exasperated sigh. "Boss, are you satisfied with the report?"

"Sure, its already very detailed."

Chen Chen wrapped his arms around his body and nodded. "This means that after being reanimated into a zombie, they should theoretically be able to function for several more months?"

"Yes, theyll expire after approximately three to five months. But these are all simply in theory."

Hannibal answered, "Without proper nutrition for a prolonged period, the zombie will starve to death in ten days. Also, if the zombie is wounded, the wound will become inflamed which may lead to necrosis. The only difference is that this process may take longer compared to regular humans."


Chen Chen suddenly turned around. "What are the findings on your and Neumanns end?"

Neumann was one of the three researcher prospects selected by Chen Chen. Back then, Hannibal, Li Lei, and Neumann were all put in charge of researching clone hormone regulation technology. As the research projects gradually increased, the three of them began to split up and were assigned to different tasks.

"I believe youre referring to the hormone regulation technology."

Hannibal answered, "Currently, the developed hormone regulation technology can shorten the growth period of clones from one year to just half a year, which is probably the limit. After all, it takes a considerable amount of time for a zygote to fully develop into a functioning adult."

"I know, half a year should be enough."

Chen Chen considered for a moment. "Why dont the three of you work on the next project together."

"Next project?"

The two of them became curious. Li Lei glanced at the five zombies bound in the isolation room and glowed up. "I get it, the biological organic weapon?"

With Li Leis pointer, Hannibal finally caught on as well.

The first project the trio touched on was the clone research project. After the successful commencement of the project, Chen Chen had the trio begin researching hormone regulation technology. The second project could be said to be a derivative subject of human cloning so naturally, the third project assigned to them would also be a sub-project of human cloning.

"Thats right, Im sure you guys can already tell what the next project entails."

Chen Chen nodded with approval. "By now we already know that the T-virus is incompatible with humans. Forcibly trying to fuse with the T-virus will only have the person end up a walking corpse, but what if we can fuse the T-virus with a zygote?

"If the T-virus infects a fertilized ovum, then the virus should naturally become an integral part of the zygote. Only a living being born using this method can become the perfect biological weapon thats completely compatible with the T-virus!"

At this point, there was an eager look on Chen Chens face. "Try imagining this, what sort of power will a Black Knight born using this method possess?"

The T-virus research shall carry on but the primary focus had now shifted to researching biological organic weapons.

The trio of Hannibal, Li Lei, and Neumann had also embarked on their third project Biological Organic Weaponry Research Project.

However, according to the settings of Resident Evil, the T-virus was not the definite peak. For example, there was the G-virus, C-virus, Veronica virus, and a series of other viruses that stemmed from the Progenitor virus which were more powerful.

For instance, the G-virus was one which mutation abilities far exceeded that of the T-virus.

The G-virus shined in that unlike the T-virus which had to cultivate zygotes to produce biological organic weapons. It could instead cultivate already mature organisms directly.

This meant that whether in terms of cost efficiency and time efficiency of cultivating biological organic weapons, the G-virus was vastly superior to the T-virus. Small wonder that inside the Resident Evil game, the researchers claimed that "The T-virus is a worthless substance only good for creating zombies."

Sadly, the G-virus only existed in-game, there was no such thing as the G-virus in the Resident Evil movies.

There were no mentions of G-virus in the information Chen Chen had extracted either. This implied that only the T-virus existed inside the cinematic world. There was no such setting at the G-virus.

Although it was a great shame, it did make sense as well.

Simply because the G-virus was far too overpowered. It could even enlarge a human to the size of a cruise in one minute. This completely violated the laws of conservation of mass and energy.

If at all possible, Chen Chen was ready to launch another research project to begin modifying the T-virus and develop a customized version of his own.

What was a customized version?

Simply put, a customized version was a specially manufactured virus that was only compatible with a specific genetic structure. This meant that this variant of T-virus would be able to perfectly fuse with the genes of the targeted host, allowing it to successfully cultivate the zygote.

Just like how the T-virus was able to perfectly fuse with the protagonist Alice in the movies.

It was merely a stroke of impressive luck that allowed the virus to fuse perfectly with Alice. The odds of this happening were less than one in a million.

Chen Chen planned to utilize genetic engineering techniques to brute force a variant of T-virus which perfectly complemented his genetic structure.

If Chen Chens plans came to fruition, he would be able to obtain physical prowess far exceeding that of an average person, bordering on realms of superpower. This which encompassed strength, speed, physique, and even lifespan several folds over that of an average person!

Of course, there was a substantial amount of difficulty involved in this process with countless obstacles along the way

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