I Have A Super Usb Drive Chapter 217

Chapter 217 Successful Vaccine

While Chen Chen was beginning his research of the T-virus inside the Spire Experimental Base, the outside world still had their attention fixed on the Eco Science City and awaiting the outcome of the clinical trial.

With the virus looming over them, every one of them was particularly concerned with the subject at hand.

To ensure each nation stayed up to date on the latest development, the World Health Organization specifically set up an official website. The status of the clinical trial was updated daily, with proper photos and video footages made available.

The website contained daily statistics and the subsequent blood antibodies statistics of the five thousand volunteers residing in Eco Science City.

These data included the primary index of adverse reactions within a week of receiving the vaccine as well as the secondary index of adverse reactions within the 0-28 days range. The data covered BE-006 specific antibodies, EBOV-520 antibodies, T-virus-specific reactions, laboratory safety index changes, and such.

At the end of the one month period, the final report of the five thousand volunteers was finally publicized

All demographics ranging from low dosage, medium dosage, and high dosage reported BE-006 specific antibodies and EBOV-520 antibodies contents inside their blood. Additionally, there were no adverse reactions detected.

In other words, the result of the clinical trials of the virus vaccines perfectly matched the conditions set by the World Health Organization. The vaccine was hereby recognized by a majority of countries and may be distributed and used in these countries.

The good news spread like wildfire with countless people celebrating joyously. Almost overnight, countless media outlets buzzed toward Eco Science City like a group of flies catching their favorite odor.

"Dear viewers, youre now watching a broadcast from Reuters. Im now inside Namibias Eco Science City So far, a hundred and twenty-four countries all across the world have shut down their harbors and airports and seventy-eight countries have taken measures to lock down the country entirely. Still, countless outbreaks are surging in India, Mexico, and the South China Sea region. All countries are sparing no effort to save"

"Currently, apart from Blackwatch, the governments of North America, the Mainland, and Europe as well as Pfizer, Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, and many companies all across the world are rapidly developing the vaccine. The kindle of hope for mankind is still burning!"

"Hello everyone and welcome to the Associated Press Report. When we bring up the name Blackwatch, many people may be unfamiliar with this term. However, surely many of you have at least heard of phrases such as age-reversal treatment, Eco Science City, and such. In truth, everything listed above is a product of the company Blackwatch. And now, the company has led the world for the second time, becoming the first organization in the Earth Federation to produce a vaccine for BE-006. Today, were here to"

"Viewers and friends, today is Wednesday, 25 July, and welcome to Forty-minutes News program. Im your host, Ye Zhiqiu. Im currently in Eco Science City, located on the Atlantic coast of Namibia. As of today, 13 African countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Gambia, and Swaziland, have fallen into a state of anarchy. The number of people infected in Africa has reached 150 million, of which more than 30 million have died from the epidemic. However, this epidemic is still spreading"

"In an interview with Qian Wenhuan, the person in charge of Blacklight Biotechnology, he claims that the vaccine has been prepared for safety, efficiency, and quality control procedures and it has been conducted according to international regulations and regulations. The groundwork for large-scale production has been completed and theyll soon officially enter the production stage"

Following the success of the vaccine, Qian Wenhuan was able to return to his post in Eco Science City, taking charge of operating the city once again.

The moment he got out of the private plane, his phone was blown up with calls. As the highest representative of Blacklight Biotechnologys African branch, he was immediately contacted by hundreds of nations and companies, all intending to purchase the technology for the vaccine.

Logically speaking, this was the perfect time for Blacklight Biotechnology to distribute the relevant technology. However, Qian Wenhuan felt reluctant to do so yet. Also, due to the sheer magnitude of the decision, he decided to call Chen Chen and ask for his input.

"Do you still need to think about it? We will not be selling the vaccine technology to any company."

"But doesnt this affect our companys image" Qian Wenhuan was slightly concerned.

After all, people were dying in Africa every day while countries from all continents were constantly donating resources to Africa. In the grand scheme of things, it was a bad look for Blacklight Biotechnology if they were too focused on turning a profit.

Furthermore, the virus was appearing all over the world. It was only with Africa acting as a buffer for the virus that the other countries were able to prepare ahead of that. This was the reason that over the last month, the situation in the other countries did not get out of hand.

However, there was no telling what could happen if the virus continued to terrorize them any longer

"Just because were not selling it doesnt mean we cant distribute it."

Chen Chen suddenly altered his tone. "The reason were not selling it to any company is that we want the world to understand the sheer value of this technology. This isnt like regular cabbages that anyone can get whenever they want to.

"If we give the technology to the governments of each country, we show that we prioritize the wellbeing of mankind and will never use the technology for personal gains."

"So, youre saying that were not going to charge a single cent for it?" Qian Wenhuan was startled.

"Of course."

Chen Chen answered, "Even though each government is willing to pay for it, if we were to charge any of them for it, our reputation as the first one to develop the vaccine will take a great hit. With just the slightest rumor, we might find ourselves labeled as doomsday profiteers

"If that happens, not only will our efforts so far be in vain, we may even have to suffer for it."

"I understand."

Qian Wenhuan let out a sigh of relief. "I misunderstood your intentions earlier. But now, it seems like you have a good overview of the big picture."

"Its just basic business decisions."

Chen Chen shook his head and expressed, "So theres no need to feel like were missing out. Im willing to wager that the reason Pfizer, Johnsons, and the other pharmaceutical giants stepped in is also for building their reputation, global standing, and influence. Nobody is in it for the money."


Qian Wenhuan answered, "In that case, Ill just tell them that if they want the technology for the vaccine, theyll have to contact their respective governments."

"Sure." Chen Chen chuckled and ended the call. He began looking at the data shown in the file.

The first section was the statistics of the refugees outside Eco Science City.

Over the past month, most of the refugees outside Eco Science City had died. To prevent the rotten corpses from causing a greater plague, the Namibian military had to bite the bullet and deal with the corpses. Altogether, several hundred trucks were used to transport the corpses.

With the crowd greatly cut down, Chen Chen no longer had to be concerned with the refugees starting a riot.

Although Chen Chens company had founded the vaccine, he had no interest in being involved in its production. He only prepared roughly ten thousand vaccines to be used by the employees of Eco Science City.

Chen Chen heaved a faint sigh of relief when he saw the sun rising through the window.

Although there would still be a period of outbreak raging in Africa before the vaccine became widespread, the critical period of the pandemic was behind them.

The cost of the pandemic was that Africa, which was already underdeveloped and poor, was hit hard again. The other countries also received a great scare from the viral spread and the severe fatality rate of the virus.

It could be said that this was the first time since the Cuban missile crisis that mankind nearly faced total civilization collapse

What was more surprising to Chen Chen was that despite the unbridled destruction the virus had caused in Africa, the other continents such as North America and the Mainland seemed to have anticipated it ahead of time. They effectively enacted the correct decisions to contain the virus in Africa.

Even if some of the viruses made their way out, they were promptly taken care of by the respective countrys government.

Could this be attributed to the lessons they had learned from the pandemic three years ago?

Chen Chen displayed a look full of proper intrigue.

For some reason, Chen Chen could not quite put his finger on it, feeling that something was off.

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