Apocalyptic God And Demon Record Chapter 2789

Chapter 2789: Bone Withered Forest one More


Accompanied by bursts of energy buzzing sound, and a flash of blood light, a figure staggered and fell out of the blood light.

The person here is Huang Chang!

"Where is this just a little spatial instability, it's almost like a space storm..."

Shaking his dizzy head, Huang Chang couldn't help but vomit.

The process of entering the Blood Prison Spring from the Evil Stone Gate is simply indescribable. The space in it is extremely unstable, and a space storm has even formed, and this space storm is also mixed with an extremely evil and obscure power. As for Huang Shang, who possessed fragments of the world tree and space gems, he couldn't completely stabilize this space, making him a little dizzy.

This is also to blame for him, if it is replaced by someone else, I am afraid it is not just as simple as dizziness, and even the epic realm will be injured in this space storm.

After expelling the dizziness in his mind, Huang Chang's eyes narrowed slightly, and he looked around.

At this moment, he was in a densely-vegetated "forest", but the trees in this forest were extremely weird, with white bones all over, and their branches and trunks were like human arm bones and phalanges, even with joints. It looks very weird and has no leaves or bark. It looks even more like a "craft" made of human bones.

And this forest is made up of this kind of dead wood, it is like a large cemetery, there is no half life, only endless weirdness and death!

In addition, there is a light red mist that can be seen by the naked eye in this withered forest. This mist seems to have some ability to evoke evil thoughts in people's hearts, even if Huang Chang has used the sun to really The cremation turned into a prison garment of the rising sun to protect his whole body, and even the flames filled the surrounding area, but he still couldn't completely isolate the influence of this **** mist. Inexplicably, a trace of tyranny and mania rose in his heart, giving him the urge to let go and destroy everything.

But fortunately, Huang Changs spirit is extremely powerful, and he has cultivated the Proword Mantra, which is almost unaffected by external forces. Therefore, this kind of manic and tyrannical feeling will not have a big impact on him. It just makes his look slightly changed. Be more and more jealous.

According to the information he collected before, this **** **** spring is a companion to the "evil spring". It is said that the evil spring is the source of all evil in the world. All evil thoughts originate here, although it has been sealed, But even just a part of its leaked power has formed the current Blood Prison Youquan, which also gives the Blood Prison Youquan the ability to permeate evil thoughts and infect people's hearts similar to the evil spring.

Although he hasn't been greatly affected here, there are very few people in the same rank that can have his cultivation level and spiritual strength. It is conceivable that other people who enter the **** spring and look for opportunities How much influence people will be affected, and they are even more likely to be manipulated by evil thoughts.

In other words, anyone encountered here is most likely an enemy!

Thinking of this, Huang Chang squinted his eyes slightly, a flash of fire flashed in his eyes, and his pupils moved with all their strength to see through the heavy blood fog, looking for the blood fog and the treasures or dangers that might exist in the dead forest.

Whether its the Master Tongtian or King Qin Guang, they only said that this trip to the **** prison was related to the sealing of the Yuanshi Tianma, but they didnt tell him exactly what to do, just let him go with the flow, so He can only go one step at a time now.

"The taste of human..."

"I smell the fragrance of evil thoughts!"

"And the smell of Shannian..."

"There are outsiders invading, there are outsiders invading!"


Just as Huang Chang urged Po Fa Yantong to observe the surrounding situation further, the bones and dead trees beside him suddenly became agitated, and even bursts of small conversations and murmurs were heard.

Huang Chang's eyes condensed, and when he heard his reputation, he saw that there was no aura of life before, and the faces of human-like faces appeared in the center of the trunks that looked like real bones. The faces are different, men and women, old and young, ugly and beautiful, and there are various expressions on their faces, including surprises, greed, disgust, and hatred...

For a while, Huang Chang seemed to be surrounded and watched by countless people, and at the same time, those white-bone faces were still making bursts of magical whispers, which made Huang Chang's anxiety and boredom feel a bit changed. Becoming stronger.

Obviously, the sounds made by these bones and dead trees are the same as the **** fog, and they all have the ability to evoke evil thoughts in people's hearts!

In addition, as Huang Chang's feeling of boredom, anxiety and tyranny intensified, a little bit of strange black light permeated from Huang Chang's body and merged into the dead wood around him.

Then, an incredible scene happened!

Under the fusion of the black light, some blood color gradually appeared on the bones and dead wood, and even some meridians and flesh and blood grew, as if they were about to become flesh and blood!

"Is this absorbing the evil thoughts in my heart into my own strength?"

Seeing this scene, Huang Chang immediately reacted: "These things are like the demons? Can I use my evil thoughts to strengthen myself?"

It should be known that he was affected by this murmur and **** fog is actually very small, it is not enough to really interfere with his emotions and judgments, but even so, this bit of evil thoughts still seems to be magnified countless times, let these few bones The dead wood quickly grows flesh and blood, and the original torso that did not have the slightest breath also begins to emit a more and more powerful aura. It is conceivable that if you replace it with a person with a strong evil in your heart here, I am afraid that these dead wood will instantly Full of flesh and blood, it turned into a terrifying monster to attack him.

This **** **** spring is really not ordinary weird!

Among other things, just this dense, endless forest of bones and dead trees is enough to kill many unknown epic powers.

Unfortunately, this is useless to him!

Taking a look at the bones and dead wood with a little flesh and meridian growing, Huang Chang shook his head, then waved his right hand, blazing golden flames burst out with him as the center, sweeping in all directions, instantly counting the squares. The bones and dead wood within ten meters were burned to ashes.

And after burning the surrounding white bones and dead wood to ashes, Huang Chang did not leave immediately, but stayed in place. With a light wave of his right hand, black light shot out from his cuff, turning into a strip. The fat black carps then swung their tails one after another, as if they were swimming in the water, swimming directly in the air, and finally gradually disappeared and spread quickly in all directions.

In this place where there is almost no reliable intelligence, any reckless action may bring fatal consequences, so he first sent the Yinyu out to investigate the intelligence, and after the investigation became clear about the surrounding situation, he decided to decide what to do next. How to act.

However, as a large number of yin fish spread in all directions, and passed back scenes from the perspective of yin fish, Huang Chang's expression gradually became serious!

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