Apocalyptic God And Demon Record Chapter 2791

Chapter 2791: Spirituality And Transformation two More

After all, Huang Chang is only a half-dominated practitioner. Although he has been supplementing all kinds of spiritual knowledge since the end of the world, he still hasn't explored the extremely partial information about the elementary and infant method and the communication.

"The Dharma of Nascent Soul is the result of the cultivator's own cultivation, spirituality, and all fundamental fusions. It can be continuously improved with the improvement of the cultivation of the cultivator. It is one of the most important means of combat for the cultivator, and it is also a kind of cultivation One of the biggest advantages compared to

The system also knows that this involves Huang Shangs knowledge blind zone, and immediately explained: "Its just that in most cases, the Nascent Soul has only the most basic spiritual sense. Although it can execute various instructions issued by the practitioner, After all, it is inherently lacking and there is no independent spirituality. However, there are exceptions to all. Some practitioners will eventually give birth to their own spiritual consciousness due to some special opportunities. ."

"There are three benefits of Dhamma and psychic. The first is that the Dhamma after the psychic has a complete spiritual sense and can complete more complex tasks. There is no need to be distracted and give instructions in battle. In addition, the Nasal Infant Dhamma and the master's mind are connected. , It is tantamount to having a very tacit assistant to help each other in the battle, which can further increase the power of the practitioner."

"Secondly, since ordinary practitioners have no self-awareness and spirituality, their spiritual powers are derived from the practitioners themselves, and they can only awaken some new magical abilities as practitioners grow. After the spirit, the Yuan Ying Faxiang with independent consciousness can practice various magical powers and secrets alone, so as to actively improve his strength, and even feed back to his master to further increase the master's cultivation speed."

"Third, and the most important point, the Nascent Soul and the practitioner are one body, and after they have their own independent consciousness and spirit, they can independently manipulate various magic weapons, even the practitioners natural magic weapons. Manipulation, in this way, whether it is direct combat or manipulation of various magic weapons arrays, the practitioner will be equal to adding an assistant, which can greatly enhance the practitioner's comprehensive combat effectiveness."

Having said this, the system paused for a while, and then continued: "Its just that since ancient times, there have been few cases where the Yuan Ying Faxiang can produce independent consciousness. Even in the system of Taoism, only There are more than ten cases, and the specific cause is ominous. I only know that it may be related to some treasures, chances or magical powers, but even if it is copied according to the template, it is difficult to replicate the same situation. According to system analysis, Faji can have an independent Spirituality may have something to do with human or earth books, but no matter what the reason is, this is good news for the host."

"You are right, this is indeed good news!"

Hearing the system's words, Huang Chang's eyes flashed with a sharp light, and he moved his gaze to Fa Ji's body.

If Faxiang and psychic are so mysterious as the system says, then there will be more places Fa Ji can help him in the future.

"When did you become self-aware?"

Later, Huang Chang couldn't help but asked a little curiously.

"I don't know, I was a little ignorant at first, and then my consciousness gradually became clear, and then it took a while before I really woke up..."

Although she has only just gained independent consciousness, it may be because Fa Jis consciousness and memory originate from Huang Shang, and not like Xiaoqi and others who need to grow slowly, so at this moment, her conversation is very mature, and her voice is empty and beautiful. With a hint of coldness in it, he said to Huang Chang: "After I got used to it for a while, I finally got used to this state. It's just that the master didn't call me, so I can only stay in the master's sea of consciousness. Among them, I didnt take the initiative to show up until I just felt the masters intention to hide my identity..."

Speaking of this, Faji paused slightly, and for the first time something called "emotion" appeared on her extremely delicate and fair face: "Master, let me be by your side, I can help you of!"

If Faji used to be able to stay in the sea of knowledge without wisdom, then now that she has emotions, she naturally yearns for a certain degree of freedom, plus she is Huang Shangs original infant Dharma, she was born to be mainly Huang Shang, even if she was born with consciousness, she was very close to and even admired Huang Shang, so at this moment she also made her request to Huang Shang for the first time-she wanted to stay in Huang Shang By his side, not in Huang Chang's sea of knowledge.

"Okay, if that's the case, then you stay by my side."

Seeing the faint pleading color in Faji's bright pupils, Huang Chang's heart softened slightly, and he nodded in agreement.

Firstly, Faji was right, he could hide himself better with her by his side. Secondly, now that Faji was born with spiritual consciousness, it would be a bit cruel for Faji to continue to incorporate it into the body.

"Thank you, Master!"

Seeing Huang Chang agreed to his request, Fa Ji's cold and delicate face finally showed a dazzling smile.

The smile was so beautiful that Huang Chang was taken aback for a while.

You must know that although Faji's face was almost perfect in the past, she was not even under the rain, but due to lack of spirituality, she was more like a puppet. But now that Faji has spirituality, the smile on display turns into a thrilling beauty.

"That's right. Smile more. Now that you have the consciousness, don't be so stern as before."

Later, Huang Chang smiled, but then joked: "But remember not to laugh in front of the fall in the future..."

The depraved little Teddy-like guy, if he sees Fa Ji's such beautiful beauty and smile, he might be making a moth.

"Faji's smile will only be shown to the master!"

Hearing Huang Chang's words, Fa Ji gently shook her head, her black hair intertwined into a veil, blocking her delicate and perfect face: "Besides, from now on, no one will see it again. Faji's face."

"There is no need to be so exaggerated... But hiding your appearance here can save you some trouble. By the way, there is one more thing..."

Seeing Fa Jis veil woven with black hair, Huang Chang was taken aback for a moment, then a flash of light in his mind, and then he took out all the treasures previously captured from Qibao Linglong Tower and handed it to Fa Ji , Said: "I just asked the system, and the system said that magic weapons can be used now. In this case, let you use all these magic weapons."

Although these magic weapons are powerful, most of them are functional treasures. Although they have been greatly improved, they are likely to have no space to use these magic weapons in a fierce battle with a strong enemy. In this case, it is better to use them. These magic weapons are handed over to Fa Ji, so that they can better help him in battle.

"Yes, master!"

As the master of Yuan Ying, Fa Ji will not refuse Huang Chang's order, nodded, and accepted the magic weapon that Huang Chang handed over. At the same time, a little surprise flashed in the depths of her eyes. , And extremely cherished those magic weapons.

This is a "present" from her master!

She must cherish it!

Later, she took out the Luo umbrella that day, opened it, and covered her and Huang Chang with the umbrella cover: "I am holding an umbrella for the master."

In the next moment, the sky umbrella with a navy blue exterior and a variety of precious beads inlaid with various complex runes also bloomed with a little soft white light, dispelling the surrounding blood fog, which also made the yellow The anxiety in Shang's heart due to the influence of these blood mists was slightly reduced.

This is also one of the abilities of Tianluo Umbrella. Tianluo Umbrella can protect the owner from all evils. Although it can't completely shield the influence of this blood mist, it can also make Huang Chang feel better.

In addition, this white light has a protective effect, and if someone sneaks into it, it can resist one or two.

It's just that Huang Chang was not affected by the blood fog too much before, and he was too lazy to bother, so he didn't use this treasure, but now there is a hair girl holding an umbrella, and he doesn't need to do it himself, he is happy and free.

"Then trouble you, the movement over there is getting bigger and bigger, let's go over and take a look."

Looking at the hair girl standing with an umbrella next to her, with her long hair like a waterfall, Huang Chang also has a pleasing feeling. Although he has no evil intentions, it feels good to have such a big beauty next to the umbrella, so she smiled Later, he set off with Fa Ji, and continued to rush towards the place where the roar grew stronger in the distance.

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