God Level Selection System Chapter 992

Chapter 992: Zen Silver Yarn

The 950th chapter Zen silver yarn

What is this concept?

You know, the girl in the yellow shirt is a ghost...

Although the background is not superb, it is enough to survive a thunder tribulation, and the mana is accumulated over the years, and it is extremely vigorous.

The power of the soul contained in the other's thought surpassed all her thoughts.

It is conceivable that the owner of that thought is such a terrible existence!

"who are you?"

The girl in the yellow shirt stopped her hand, staring at Hong Yi while focusing on the giant clam on the sea.

Hong Yi had time to think about the identity of the girl in the yellow shirt at this time. Thinking of the thunder technique that the other party had just displayed, a person suddenly flashed across his heart, and he exclaimed.

"Are you the Silver Shark King Zen Silver Shark, one of the Eight Demon Fairies?"

"Huh? Do you know me?"

The girl in the yellow shirt, the Zen silver yarn, smelled Hong Yi's words, raised her eyebrows, and asked strangely: "But you haven't answered me yet, who are you? Where did the thunderous thought in your hand come from? ?"

Of course Hong Yi knew Zen silver yarn.

Because he once met Bai Ziyue, the king of the White Ape, who was also one of the Eight Great Demon Fairies in the Xishan Valley outside Yujing City.

At that time, Bai Ziyue had pointed out Hong Yi, the names of the eight great monsters in the world, and the general types of Taoism practiced by the eight monsters.

So even if he hasn't seen it, he can recognize his identity by virtue of Taoism.

Fang Cai Chan Yinsha's thunder dao technique is quite similar to the long-lost Shenxiao Dao... and Bai Ziyue also said that the silver shark king Zen silver yarn may inherit the Taoism of the Shenxiao Dao.

After a lot of deliberation, Hong Yi could guess the identity of the other party.

"Under Hongyi."

First reported his name, Hong Yi immediately smiled and said, "As for this thunder tribulation idea, it was my master who gave me a bodyguard for practicing the law."

"Your master?"

Zen Yinsha asked with some curiosity: "I wonder who your master is?"

"Being able to come up with such a powerful Thunder Tribulation idea, he must not be the one who waits for a while!"


Hong Yi smiled and said, "Teacher Ye Chen, I want to come to Zen Yinsha girl, should I have heard of it?"

"Ye Chen?"

Although the name sounds very ordinary, Zen Yinsha changed her complexion in an instant, and she was surprised.

"Your master... is actually Ye Chen?"

"The one who defeated Hong Xuanji, Emperor Qian Yang Pan, and Ye Chen, who was the supreme Taoist Master Meng Shenji?"

"It is rumored that he has survived nine thunder tribulations and is respected as the number one master in the world..."

"The Zen silver yarn girl is really well informed, but that is not a rumor. My Master, he has indeed survived nine thunder tribulations."

Upon hearing these words, Zen Yinsha felt even more jealous, and did not want to offend Hong Yi.

With Ye Chen, the world's number one master, backing his back, Zen Yinsha didn't dare to kill...

You know, that is already extremely close to the existence of the Yang God realm!

Maybe I just killed this boy in the last moment, and I will be caught by Ye Chen in the next second, and there is no way to escape.

not to mention.

Not to mention Hong Yi's own cultivation, nor under the Zen silver gauze.

Moreover, he still holds a Nine Tribulations Thought in his hand. Although it is only a thought, it is more powerful than Zen Silver Shades lifelong cultivation base...

If you really want to fight, she may not be able to win.

Just as the Zen silver yarn hesitated, the giant clam not far away suddenly let out an earth-shattering roar.

Immediately, there were waves on the sea.

Looking around, I saw a golden light flying out of the clam body and turning into a huge golden tiger, with fangs and fierce aura shaking the world, and it snapped out with his mouth open.

"you wanna die!"

With a move of Zen silver yarn, a ball of sea water soared up, forming a crystal water curtain, which surrounded the golden tiger, wrapped around it like a big crystal ball.

Wrapped in it is a golden tiger with teeth and claws.

"Your soul is hidden in your body. With the protection of powerful qi and blood, I can't kill you with my hands. Are you coming out to phantom? Isn't it looking for death?"

At this moment, a sudden shout came.



A shout came, and it was Hong Yi who spoke. The moment he was about to kill the Zen silver yarn, he stopped the opponent and discouraged him.

"Heaven's heart is compassionate, and all things have anims. This giant clam has psyched up a spirit, and the cultivation level has reached the realm of manifestation. The old clam is not easy to cultivate. Isn't it a pity to kill him like this?"

"I want to take its Yuanyan Dzi and cultivate it into a martial sage."

"And if it loses the Yuanyan Dzi, it will suffer a great loss in its merits and deeds. It will be a huge blow to its cultivation and will never advance in the future! This life and death struggle is inevitable, and it will not give up. It is impossible for me to miss this opportunity!"

Zen silver yarn said in a deep voice, still holding onto the manifested spirit of the giant clam between words.

Although she was afraid of Hong Yi, she could not give up the chance of enlightenment.

Hong Yi looked down at the giant clam.

I saw this giant clam, with tiger-like markings all over the body, circled layer by layer, two clam shells opened, revealing the golden flesh and blood inside.

After a moment of indulgence, he said: "Why don't I give it to me with the elixir given by the master. The Zen girl only takes half of the Yuan Su Dzi. After you become a martial sage, you will return the remaining Yuan Su Dzi. It, I preached Taoism as a remedy, how do you like it?"

"As long as I can become a martial sage, I don't care about the others!"

Zen silver yarn feels strange, and Hong Yi feels a bit bad-hearted, but she has no opinion on it.

Hong Yi told these words to the spirit of the tiger clam again.

This tiger clam has practiced for thousands of years, although it is only a manifestation state, but it can also understand human language.

Although most of the Yuanyan Dzi Beads were lost, Hong Yi would teach Taoism to it, which can be regarded as a make up for it.

It would be even better if he could cultivate into a ghost and be able to dissolve and get rid of the body of this giant clam.

of course

This is also because Hong Yi's heart is sincere, and Hu Clam is willing to believe Hong Yi's words.

After talking with the tiger clam, Zen Yinsha let go of the tiger clam's spirit, and the tiger clam's spirit was put into the shell.

I saw the golden pearl floating up and down in the moonlight suddenly flying towards Hong Yi.

Hong Yi subconsciously grasped it, and this fist-sized golden pearl was grasped in his hand, and he felt warm and melted, as if he was holding a bunch of pure flesh and blood babies.

Hong Yi grabbed the Yuanyan Dzi and sent an invitation to Zen silver yarn: "How about the Zen girl walking with me and going to my beach camp?"

"it is good!"

Hong Yi bowed his head and said to the tiger mussel, "Brother mussel, can you go with me?"

The tiger clam let out a dull tiger roar, floating on the surface of the sea and swimming towards Hong Yi.


The Zen silver yarn stopped one person and one clam, "My body is not here, I'll go get it back!"

After all, she flew away by herself.

It took enough time for a cup of tea to come back with a silver shark.

Upon seeing this, Hong Yi smiled knowingly and returned to the beach camp with Zen silver yarn and tiger clam.

He deliberately solicited Zen silver yarn, took out a lot of old books, plus a spirit pill given by Ye Chen, boiled it into a pot of potion.

For martial arts practice, he has an indescribable huge support.

Not only allows Zen Yinsha to break through the realm of Martial Saint in one fell swoop.

Even Hong Yi's Shen Tianyang, Shen Tiezhu, Xiao Mu, and even the newly gathered subordinates are all cultivated!

After getting along for more than ten days, Hong Yi and Zen Yinsha talked about martial arts, and they had a crush on each other.

However, Zen Yinsha had something to do, and he left after all, which made Hong Yi very surprised.

Fortunately, this sorrow did not last long.

However, in just a few days, Hong Yi finally passed the metamorphosis period...

The power of the ghost and immortal can not only be used again, but also break through the level in one fell swoop, almost comparable to the ghost and immortal who has survived the second thunder tribulation.

If this time, let Hong Yi face the Zen silver yarn.

There is no need to use the Nine Tribulations Thought given by Ye Chen at all, he can also rely on his own cultivation base to defeat the Zen silver yarn!

At the same time, Hong Yi's martial arts cultivation level has also been completely broken through under the effect of the potion, reaching the peak of the martial sage realm in one fell swoop.

One step further is to condense the acupuncture points of the whole body and become immortal!

After gaining strength, Hong Yi began to plan to make contributions.

At exactly this time, he received the order from above to go to the Whale Islands to encircle and suppress the pirates hiding on the island.

It was really dozing off, and someone gave pillows.

Hong Yi immediately relied on the greatly increased cultivation base and he was not stingy. He took out the clam bead potion to dissolve it with water and let the soldiers take it.

In the past ten days, these soldiers have made great progress in martial arts.

With these brave and brave soldiers, Hong Yi also easily wiped out all the pirates on the whale island.

Fighting life and death is the most important thing to grow.

This time Hong Yi not only got enough experience to encircle the pirates of the Whale Island, but also made a fortune of war.

Broken Blade, Thunder Prison Sword, Merit robes, transcripts of fighting Buddha, and a wooden Buddha, they are all extraordinary!

As the saying goes, good and evil depend on each other.

As Hong Yi's military exploits became more prominent, the troubles that followed naturally began to increase.

And... also attracted the attention of Hong Xuanji.

On this day, Hong Yi was studying at the beach.

Suddenly, his mind moved.

Immediately, I heard a soft cough from behind: "Master Yi, the old slave has been waiting for you here for a long time."


Hong Yi retracted his mind and looked forward.

Twenty steps away, behind a small sand nest, stood a bowed old man in black.

"It's you... Butler Wu?"

Looking at the incoming person, Hong Yi took a long sigh, his mind was raised instantly, and his thoughts flew out.

With his current eyesight, with every thought moved, it is naturally not difficult to see that the other party is a master of the martial arts realm.

"Young Master Yi, you are good at Taoism, but you don't use the spirit to get out of the shell and shoot the surroundings directly with the spirit. As you can see with your own eyes, this kind of Taoism is the ability that the spirit can only cultivate to the state of possessing."

"Master Yi, it seems that your soul cultivation is no less than that of ghosts..."

The old voice of Wu Da Butler reached Hong Yi's ears.

"I thought that Master Yi just practiced a little martial arts."

"Because for so many years, old slave I have watched you grow up, whether you have the strength, not only the old slave me, but also the Lord Hou, I can see it clearly... I didn't expect that Yi Shao actually practiced Dao Shu Master!"

"If Lord Hou knew, what would he think?"

"Housekeeper Wu, why did you suddenly trespass into the forbidden area of the Jing Naval Camp today?"

"You know, this is a country's coastal defense. Nobody is allowed to trespass. If you rush in and spread it out like this, you will not only damage the reputation of the Marquis Wuwen Mansion, but also violate the military law yourself!"

Hearing Wu Da Butler seems to be nagging about himself, of course Hong Yi understood.

The most mysterious old housekeeper in the Wuwenhou's Mansion was definitely not for him to talk about, but for trouble.

"I am the order of Master Zun Hou, to take Master Yi back to the mansion, so that Master Yi will no longer mess around."

"These days, Master Yi, should you play enough?"

"Master Hou said, Master Cheng, you haven't had a big trouble playing, and when your life is not guaranteed, take you back soon!"

Butler Wu listened to Hong Yi's official tone, put on the air of general, and didn't care at all, smiled like a walnut skin.

Looking at Hong Yi's eyes is like looking at a naughty child.

"Take me back, have you played enough?"

After all, Hong Yi was well-educated. After his heart was overwhelmed, he calmed down in an instant, his eyelids lifted slightly.

Suddenly, he looked up to the sky and laughed, his voice shook so that there were ripples on the sea.

"What if I don't go back?"

After Hong Yi laughed, the laughter stopped, and a deep chill came out between the teeth.

"After all, Master Yi is a member of the Hou Mansion, so I can't help but respect Master Hou's family law."

Butler Wu said quietly: "I am a servant of the Hong family, and I only listen to Lord Hou. Although there is national law, he must have his reason to do so. In terms of national law, he will also handle it properly. This young master Yi no need to worry."

"So, Mr. Wu, butler, do you insist on taking me away?"

Hong Yi smiled coldly, biting the roots of his teeth, his heart gradually boiling.

"of course."

Butler Wu felt the killing intent in Hong Yi's heart and shook his head.

"Master Yi, don't be naughty anymore..."

"The old slave also knows that you have made a lot of progress recently, and you have also become a master of Taoism. You have also accepted a few masters and some methods, but these forces are trifling in the eyes of Lord Hou. You come back with me, Admit your mistakes to Master Hou, stay in the Hou Mansion honestly, don't be naughty, Master Hou will not treat you like anything.

"Admit it, what am I wrong? Need to admit it?"

Hong Yi condensed the increasingly intense killing intent into one ball.

"This old slave is not clear, but Master Hou is the father of the young master. If the father said that his son was wrong, he must be wrong."

Butler Wu shook his head, appearing extremely patient: "Originally, Master Hou came this time and told the old slave to abolish your martial arts, young master, to prevent you from being naughty, making troubles and causing serious disasters."

"But the old slave thought that it is not easy for the young master to practice martial arts, and it is a pity that it was abolished, so he persuaded the young master to admit his mistake and apologize to Lord Hou. Lord Hou will definitely forgive you.

"is it?"

Hong Yi asked coldly, "What if I insist on not going back with you?"

"The old slave had to be offended."

The voice fell for a moment, and the butler Wu made a swift move.

For a short distance of twenty steps, for a martial sage, there is almost no difference from face to face.

"In that case, then I have no choice but to offend!"

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