One Punch Star Annihilation Book 4 Chapter 1067

Vol 4 Chapter 1067: Super Tech Catch Up Plan

Niu Dazhi: I regret it, I shouldn't have the ability to "polymerize nuclear materials".

In the military research group, there were several consecutive complaints from Niu Dazhi.

Eve: What are you doing? Why don't you want to say it earlier? I told it to me from the beginning, but the staff insisted that your abilities are linked. What's the use of power linkage alone? The mind is not linked.

Ye Zheyu: What's the matter? Is there a feature rejection?

Niu Dazhi: That's impossible. My talent is so good, how could there be rejection? It is the horrible old men of the Academy of Military Sciences who treat me as a strong nuclear material production machine. The 996 work system is a squeeze. I want to protest!

Eve: Deserve it!

Niu Dazhi: Fang Yuan can also make powerful nuclear materials, why just squeeze me? I protest, it's not fair.

Fang Yuan was about to go to the curvature laboratory to see the professor. When he was approaching the entrance of the laboratory, he saw the crowd in the group and @, so he replied: I dont want it, I can help you contact the Academy of Military Sciences and get the Can be extracted.

Eve: Yes, take it out. I heard that if the power is taken out, there is a 56% chance of causing hemiplegia, crooked nose and eyes, or cerebral palsy.

Niu Dazhi: I was joking, hahaha... the team leader told me to go back to work.

System prompt: Niu Dazhi is offline.


Fang Yuan put down his phone and went to Yang Yuping's personal laboratory.

Yang Yuping's personal laboratory has a very high security level.

The outer entrance is guarded by the space army, and the inner door has a variety of security procedures.

The last layer of security check is pupil iris detection. The iris data of only a few people is stored in the security check system.

In addition to these few people, everyone else needs to apply to enter.

Fang Yuan is one of the few people who can enter and leave the laboratory at will. After looking up at the inner door to detect the iris, he walked in.

In the laboratory.

A robot shrank its neck, folded its arms and stood in the charging slot, with the helmet on its head closed, looking like it was sleeping.

However, Fang Yuan knew that this was an old professor at work.

The coffee cup on the table is warm, but the cup is empty.

The coffee in the cup should have been poured out.

Fang Yuan knocked on the table and said, "Professor, I'm coming to see you."

The robot's helmet was separated to the two sides and put into the shoulders, revealing a glass cabin, showing the appearance of Yang Yuping.

"Come to disturb my work again, and you are late, it's past my coffee time." Yang Yuping said irritably, but he still walked out of the card slot.

He came to the table, raised his left arm, opened the mechanical arm, exposed the coffee machine inside, and started to make coffee.

"Actually, I don't like coffee very much." Fang Yuan said.

"I don't like it very much, but it's refreshing." Yang Yuping used to drink a dozen cups of coffee a day to refresh himself when he was busy at work, as if coffee had become part of his work.

About ten minutes, the coffee is ready.

Yang Yuping pushed the coffee in front of Fang Yuan and said, "I only have coffee here."

Fang Yuan picked it up and tasted it. The taste was very strong and a bit bitter. There was no sugar, so there was no sweetness.

"Let's talk about it. What are you looking for? I can allocate one percent of the computing power and talk to you for a while." Yang Yuping urged.

"I'm worth one percent?" Fang Yuan joked.

"It's not worth it, but I still think it's better to divide one percent." Yang Yuping replied.

"Last time it didn't seem to be that few." Fang Yuan remembered that the old professor said that 10% of the computing power was allocated in the last issue.

"Because of the successful development of quantum computers, my computing power has increased by 100,000 times." Yang Yuping gave a very general data.

Fang Yuan was a little surprised, but not surprised.

Because last time I knew that Yang Yuping and the Academy of Military Sciences were trying to conquer quantum computers.

The reason is also very simple.

The original silicon-based chip computer has come to an end, and it is difficult to make a qualitative leap.

Although the carbon-based chip computer has improved, the basic theory is the same, and it is still computer technology at the level of planetary civilization.

After humans acquired quantum communication technology, they have made breakthroughs in quantum basic theories.

Therefore, when the Academy of Military Sciences determined that computing power is of great help to Yang Yuping's work efficiency, it listed the research on quantum computers as an important scientific research project.

Finally, more than two months ago, a laboratory-level quantum computer was developed.

"If you have conquered a quantum computer, isn't your computing power..." Fang Yuan blinked his eyes, not sure for a while what the earth-shaking effect would be.

"Don't tell me? The computing power has increased by 100,000 times. I have simulated all the human technology in the next two hundred years. The only difference is that the technology is realized step by step." Yang Yuping replied.

Fang Yuan knew the weight of this sentence.

This means that Yang Yuping has advanced theoretical technology for two hundred years.

Of course, there is a difference between theoretical technology and real technology.

It takes time for a theory to go from scientific argumentation to practical application.

Sometimes, this process takes years or even decades.

"Then is it possible for us to catch up with advanced civilization in technology?" Fang Yuan asked in a low voice.

Lowering the voice is just a subconscious reaction. In fact, this laboratory has a high level of confidentiality and there is no need to do so.

Yang Yuping shook his head and said, "It is still very difficult. Although I have simulated the theoretical technology of the next two hundred years, this is based on the scientific and technological information obtained from higher civilization.

"Moreover, we lack the basic scientific theories to advance to higher civilizations, that is, dimensional technology. Higher civilizations blockade the scientific theories in this area to death."

Fang Yuan thoughtfully nodded and said, "Indeed, Dimension Technology is the iconic technology of the 4.0-level super galaxy civilization, and it cannot be easily obtained."

Mankind has mastered the curvature engine, and at the laboratory level, it has actually reached the level of a 3.0-level stellar civilization.

Of course, this is only the laboratory level, not the comprehensive level of civilization.

"So, I'm thinking, it's time to find a testing ground to verify the science and technology of the next two hundred years and realize the application. If it succeeds, it should be possible to master the technological strength in the universe before the higher civilization reacts. "Yang Yuping said.

"What kind of testing field is needed?" Fang Yuan asked.

"It only needs a quiet earth-like planet, far away from hyperspace routes, where nuclear explosions and anti-matter explosions will not arouse the attention of higher civilizations. After the experimental program begins, the material connection with the earth will be completely cut off." Yang Yuping Replied.

"In that case, the human base needs to be developed. It may be difficult to develop in less than ten years." Fang Yuan said ten years are conservative.

"There is no need for a human base. I have already researched a stronger nuclear-powered material robot that is more suitable than nano-robots. This kind of strong nuclear-powered material robot can modify the mechanical structure, upgrade its own hardware, and complete what can only be done by human Work, so this plan only needs a transport ship to complete..."

Yang Yuping spoke out his own thoughts in a very ordinary tone: "At that time, I will use 30% of the computing power to be responsible for this plan. If everything goes well, I may be able to catch up without the discovery of the advanced civilization. Up to their technological level."

Fang Yuan was a little emotional after hearing this.

Although mankind has received a lot of help from the photosynthetic civilization, in fact, in the eyes of the carbon-based alliance, mankind is still a weak primary civilization.

If you want to gain the right to have equal dialogue with higher civilizations, you must have the same strength as them.

Yang Yupings plan is the most effective way to gain equal strength in the field of science and technology.

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