Marvel: I Can Control Metal Chapter 841

Chapter 841: Nidawi's Infinite Gloves

Leo shook his head.

"Even if there is no jump point around, it can't stop the peeping of Nidawi by those who are interested."

"Even me, with the help of Asgard's power, came to Nidawi. If others are allowed to get news from Nidawi again..."

"You know, Nidawi's reputation resounds throughout the universe, and even a raccoon knows the magic weapon that Nidawi forged, and it is invincible."

"Although Nidavi has become a legend in the universe, too many people are yearning for this legend."

Leo looked at Ai Cui, but his face was slightly heavy and said.

But Aitri heard Leo's words, but there was somehow a hint of joy on his face.

Although I don't know what a raccoon is, listening to Leo's tone, Nidawi's legendary name seems to have resounded throughout the universe.

Although Ai Tri had always known this, when he heard the outsider's admission, he couldn't help but stunned.

"Besides, the ghost knows if there is a new jump point nearby, at least I know there is a jump point near the earth."

Leo whispered.

"Is there a transition point next to the earth? I remember it was tested a thousand years ago?"

After hearing Leo's words, Aitri scratched his head with some doubts.

"However, it takes a month to drive a spaceship from the earth. After all, even among the nine realms, only the Rainbow Bridge can reach the destination so quickly and conveniently."

Leo couldn't help but touch his forehead slightly when he heard Aitri's words.

"Well, maybe for these extremely long-lived guys, the units are calculated in thousands of years."

"But don't think it's a good thing. When there are enemies that you can't resist, it will be a disaster for Nidawi."

Leo said to Ai Trey seriously.

"Asgard promised that they will protect us."

Aitri also understands that the combat effectiveness of the dwarves is indeed not high, and there are only so few people, it is really not enough to really fight, but still said.

Leo heard this, but shook his head slightly, muttering to himself, "I'm afraid that Asgard will also have an accident."

However, Leo quickly recovered and officially turned his eyes to Ai Tri.

"So Aitri, can you help me build the right weapon, right?"

Ai Cui also came back seriously, looking at the handsome young man in front of him, there was a little entanglement in his eyes, and he didn't know if he was doing it right or wrong.

But look at Saul, Asgard's next successor, the holder of Mirnir, the son of Odin, has such a good relationship with Leo.

He even directly admitted that Leo was Asgard's forever friend.

Listening to Leo himself, he knew Odin, and Friega, and even Nidawi here was what Friega said.

Furthermore, he already had the rough stone in his hand, but Asgard knew it but didn't stop it, did he admit that Leo was also one of the guardians of the infinite rough stone?

Perhaps it is not impossible to help him create a weapon that can use infinite rough stones.

But Aitri still did not immediately promise Leo, but solemnly said, "I want to ask God King Odin's opinion about the infinite rough stone. This is too important."

"Please feel free."

Leo looked at Ai Cui, who had a firm look in his eyes, and didn't say much. He didn't need to conceal what he wanted to do.

After listening to Leo's reply, Aitri let out a sigh of relief.

"Well, I will contact Odin later, Leo, I still want to remind you that every infinite rough stone possesses extremely powerful power."

"If you can't control it, then you may be hurt. Although your physical fitness is extremely strong, it is still unknown whether you can withstand the power of the rough stone."

Ai Cui shook his head lightly and said, "After all, even we have not done a real rough inlay test, even if the data has a 100% success rate, but in reality I don't know what will happen."

"I understand... Aitri, don't know if I can take a look at the Infinite Gloves?"

Leo looked extremely rough in front of him, but he was slightly innocent Aitri in his heart, so he asked directly.

Ai Cui looked at the virtual gold on the side, the virtual plan on the workbench and the forging solution that had already been made on the side.

"That pair of gloves was made 1,500 years ago, and has been sealed in the collection room for a long time."

"Let Ivey take you there. I want to get acquainted with the nature of virtual gold. It's been a long time since I saw such a high-quality new metal."

Ai Cui said in relief, knocking on the side.

However, an equally tall figure walked in, "Wang, I am here."

"Ivy, you take Leo to the collection room to see the Infinite Gloves."

"Yes, Wang."

Ivey, who looks a little like Aitri, glanced at Leo strangely, but nodded in response.

Leo turned around and threw a lot of virgin gold ore on the ground, and gave it to Ai Cui to study it.

Leo also wants to know what the role of virtual gold is ~ wuxiaworld.online~ Presumably before the most powerful casting craftsman in this universe, it should be stripped clean.

Then Leo followed Ivey out.

And Aitri just watched the two leave, and then began to contact Asgard.

This is the special connection between him and the Eternal Gun, but it will cost a lot of energy to get in touch.

Although they are all in the Nine Realms, apart from the Rainbow Bridge, other contact methods are relatively difficult.

The powerful flow of information caused resonance through a huge device, directly feeding it back to Odin's Eternal Gun.

This is the opinion that Odin had mentioned when casting, and without affecting its power, such a function was added.

On Asgard's throne, the Eternal Spear began to tremble slightly.

Such a slight shaking will not affect any movement of the holder, and even if it is not a sensitive person, it will not be able to perceive this weak vibration.

But it is a pity that Loki was only slightly puzzled, and then he did not move or reply.

Ai Cui waited for a while, but didn't get a response. Apart from being slightly disappointed, there was no doubt.

Odin doesn't always have a gun. If necessary, Aitri can also directly contact Rainbow Bridgehead.

Although it didn't take long, Leo was enough to convince Atri, because he came from Asgard with Sol.

This alone was enough to reassure Ai Cui.

This is Aitri's trust in Asgard and his trust in Odin.

Afterwards, Ai Cui still squeezed the virtual gold in his hand and began to operate on the workbench.


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