Marvel: I Can Control Metal Chapter 843

Chapter 843: Bracers Of'strength'

"If I can separate this piece of virtual gold."

Ai Trey said without turning his head.

At the same time, all the small mechanical arms in his hand retracted into the wrist buckle, and at the same time another small device appeared in Ai Cui's hand.

"Such a weird metal, I didn't realize that virtual gold would still be like this before!!"

Aitri's words were full of excitement. It was so happy for Aitri to be able to see an unfamiliar raw ore.

. With that said, he placed the little device he had just completed under the virtual gold that was slowly separating.

With the activation of Ai Cui, a faint strange shock rushed out of it, rushing towards the laser device above.

However, the speed of the virtual gold nugget, which was slowly separating, was suddenly accelerated several times.

It seems that in only half a minute, the pure tri-color metals can be completely separated.

And Aitri could not wait to say to Leo, "The energy of virtual gold is extremely conductive, and it is not as good as our Ulujin in enchanting."

"However, the hardness and stability of virtual gold surpasses Ulu gold, even the orange light alloy and Leili titanium can't be compared."

Excitement flashed in Aitri's eyes.

"We can put in the shaft part of the Elgin with intake power, and the handle part can be increased by Akao Steel to increase..."

Ai Cui looked at the virtual gold floating in the air, and looked forward to it.

"But what is even more strange is that only pure-color virtual gold has such properties. Among the three-color virtual gold, in addition to a certain increase in spatial stability, other characteristics have been weakened."

"This is what I'm using..."

Looking at Xu Jin who was about to leave, Ai Cui still kept talking.

Leo looked at Aitri in front of him, and smiled helplessly, although he didn't understand why Aitri was able to make so many tests in such a short time.

But it might surprise him even more next.

In the next second, the three-color virtual gold finally separated completely in the instrument on the workbench, and one gold and one silver fell directly from the air.

And in the center of the instrument, there is nothing but a black metal block steadily floating.

Variety Arts Literature kanzaongyi.cc. Aitri's hands were instantly covered by a layer of light gray metal, and Aitri directly grabbed the two falling pieces of metal.

A metal of this size is in Aitri's hand, but it is only the size of a mouse in an ordinary person, and it can even be wrapped directly in the palm of his hand.

Afterwards, I saw Ai Cui's hands as if they had taken off a layer of skin, turning the light gray metal layer on his hands into a cloth, and firmly wrapping the two pieces of metal in his hands.

Afterwards, Ai Cui directly threw the two pieces of metal in his hand into the solution that had been prepared long ago.

After this, I looked back at Leo and said, "The gray spar I used will not affect the nature and quality of the metal. It is our most commonly used stabilizing medium."

But when he turned his head to look at the pure black virtual gold that was originally suspended in the air, what he saw was a three-color virtual gold of the same size.

There was no slight change in the appearance of the metal. At this point, Aitri was enough to confirm.

But the pure black virtual gold, which was originally extremely calm, was now dangling in the air again.

The original device locked the virtual gold in the air and continued to manipulate it.

As a result, there was only one-third of the original virtual gold nugget in the air, and the three colors slowly merged and separated again.

Ai Cui looked dumbfounded at the piece of virtual gold in the sky, and his eyes became a little confused.

'what happened?

However, Ai Cui didn't froze. He stretched out his hand to float above the solution, and the gray spar that was originally wrapped in golden virtual gold was adsorbed.

The remaining solution quickly disappeared in his hands.

Kanzon variety show literature Kanzon . When the gray spar in his hand opened again, what appeared in front of Ai Cui for the first time was an extremely bright pure gold virtual gold.

But as Ai Cui looked at it, the original shining virtual gold began to dim.

A few seconds later, black and silver light appeared mottled, as if pure gold was infested by a nightmare, which made people panic.

"This situation is really rare."

Ai Cui looked at the metal block that gradually returned to the three-color virtual gold in his hand, but murmured in his mouth, and picked up the three-color virtual gold in his hand again.

"It seems that my previous testing was a bit one-sided, but it doesn't matter. As long as it is metal, there must be a solution."

Even if Ai Tui encountered this situation, he did not panic at all, but continued to look at the virtual gold in his hand.

Leo just stepped forward at this time and stretched out his hand and grabbed it lightly. The virtual gold originally in Aitri's hands flew into Leo's hands instantly.

Directly stretched out his hand for a point, and just re-turned into three-color virtual gold, but in just two seconds, it was again divided into three pure-color pieces.

Before Aitri was shocked, Leo followed suit.

A piece of lavender shock gold appeared on the left hand, which was divided evenly into three pieces, and then the virtual gold and the shock gold were blended away.

This is slightly difficult for Leo, after all, this is completely different from the way of forging alloys, it is completely hard.

However, under Leo's operation, the two metals were still quickly and forcefully merged together.

It was like two pieces of dried plasticine, kneaded and mixed together by a pair of giant hands.

In this way, three metal **** with abnormal colors appeared on the spot.

Of course, the main color is pure virtual gold, while Zhenjin is purely an auxiliary additive.

However, because of this, the original pure gold and silver colors are much dimmed, and the original pure black virtual gold also has a matte texture.

"Actually, I have already found out that a piece of virtual gold will take about ten seconds to turn into a three-color state again, but as long as it is fused with another metal within three seconds, it will lose this weird nature. . UU Reading www.uukanshu.com"

"Or, without looking at the virtual gold, it can be completely integrated quickly."

Aitri looked at the three small pieces of solid-colored metal in Leo's hand, and the shock in his eyes was no additional.

"Your ability control is the strongest person I have seen since I have lived so long."

"I can do what you said, but I need more virtual gold to test. Give me some time, I can definitely study the virtual gold thoroughly."

Leo listened to Aitri's words and stretched out his hand and waved his hand. The materials on the side were already full of virtual gold ore, about the same size as the huge Aitri.

"I also need to learn more about the virtual gold, so that I can better understand the virtual gold."

Aitri was already completely excited, and the huge and flexible fingers were trembling unconsciously, seeming to be excited for the next experiment.

"No problem, but I don't just want a horizontal knife."

Leo looked at Ai Cui solemnly and said, "I also need a metal bracer that can carry the rough stone and can turn into a glove."

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