Douluo Dalu: Opening Sign To The Flame Princess Chapter 507

Chapter 507: Crisis

Soon after Bibi Dong left, the pink energy shell on A Rou's body slowly shattered, revealing the white jade body inside.

Zhao Ming glanced slightly at A Rou, not daring to make any blasphemy, and with a wave of his palm, he directly put a long skirt on A Rou.

At the same time, seeing Bibi Dong coming out, Xiao Wu broke into the secret room directly.

"Mom." Xiao Wu looked at the long-lost woman in surprise, tears pouring out of her eyes. In her mind, she recalled the scene ten years ago. In order to cover her and Da Ming Erming and the others, his mother fought against the Title Douluo of the Spirit Hall alone, and finally fell. For more than ten years, whenever she thinks of that scene, her heart hurts.

But now my mother is back, she is alive again.

"Xiao Wu." A Rou calmed down, holding Xiao Wu's hand with a hint of excitement on her face. What's wrong with her? Isn't she dead already?

"Mom, Zhao Ming saved you." Xiao Wu pulled Zhao Ming from the side and introduced.

"A Rou thanked Zhao Ming for her life-saving grace, so she had to be a cow or a horse for the son in the next life to repay him." A Rou got up from the bed and leaned slightly towards Zhao Ming, with the courtesy in place.

"Mom, you don't have to be so respectful to Zhao Ming, these are what this **** should do." Xiao Wu said, pouting, a little happy. She couldn't wait to tell her mother about the relationship between her and Zhao Ming.

And soon, my mother will be grandma.

Although Wulin and Wu Tong still don't know when they will be born, for the soul beast, even hundreds of years and thousands of years are very short.

"Xiao Wu, what do you mean, don't you and Young Master Zhao Ming?" A Rou's expression was stagnant, she looked at Xiao Wu, and saw that her hand had been touching her stomach, she suddenly understood something.

"Mom, that's it. I have found the one who can comb my hair." Xiao Wu was a little shy. But she still looked at Zhao Ming firmly.

Zhao Ming is the person she identified in this life, and she will only be with Zhao Ming in this life.

She is Zhao Ming's wife, and she will abide by the principles of being a wife for the rest of her life.

"Okay, this is a good thing. Young Master Zhao Ming's methods are monstrous, and he can even master the methods of life and death. I feel at ease if you follow him." Arou said, with a touch of even Zhao Mingdu on her pretty face The undetected dimness disappeared in a flash.

She took Xiao Wu's hand, and Zhao Ming's hand.

"I will ask you to take care of Xiao Wu from now on. Xiao Wu's temper has not been very good since she was young, and she is a bit naughty. Son Zhao Ming has to take care of Xiao Wu a lot." Arou said, Meisou looked at Zhao Ming.

"I will definitely, Xiao Wu is my beloved, and I will protect her in front of her no matter what. She will not be wronged at all." Zhao Ming said directly, looking at A Rou's delicate cheeks, could not help but think of it I saw Arou when I was in the Star Dou Great Forest. Her enthusiasm is already buried in her heart.

If he didn't go to the Star Dou Great Forest to see Ah Rou at that time. Maybe she will never show one side in her life. That side is only exposed in front of him.

"That's fine, that's fine." A Rou asked with a beautiful smile, looking at Xiao Wu next to her.

"Are you pregnant with a boy or a girl?" She couldn't help touching Xiao Wu's belly. She couldn't help but began to sigh, time flies so fast, Xiao Wu is about to give birth. And she is going to be a grandmother too, what else will she pray for in the future? As long as Xiao Wu is happy, the rest is not important.

"Mom, I'm pregnant with a baby of a dragon and a phoenix." Xiao Wu smiled, looked at Zhao Ming, and sternly said: "Zhao Ming, go out first. My mother and I want to be alone for a while."

"Okay." Zhao Ming stayed there, feeling a little embarrassed. Hearing Xiao Wu's words, he turned and left.

There was some doubt in his heart, he felt that there was something wrong with Arou?

He always felt that Arou looked at him a little wrong.

But there seems to be no problem, he can't see it himself. No matter how strong he is, he can't see through a woman's eyes. Women's hearts are needled in the bottom of the sea, ghosts know what they are thinking?

"System, there's nothing wrong with Arou, right?" Zhao Ming asked worriedly. The resurrection of A Rou is done solely by the system, and he doesn't know that.

"Of course there is no problem. Do you have to worry if the system is released? You have to know that the system does everything for the good of the host. No matter what the system does, it is only with such a wish. And you don't have to doubt the capabilities of the system. If the system has an entity, it can directly destroy the sky and the air. No one in the whole world is my opponent." The system said directly. The host actually doubted his ability? This makes it feel a little hurt.

"It's fine if there is no problem. I'm just afraid that you will come out with a moth, and it will not end well." Zhao Ming said, he did not doubt the ability of the system. He was just afraid that the unscrupulous system would pit him.

"The host should think about the future. The host needs to develop quickly. I feel that there is not much time left for you." The system reminded him with a serious tone. As a system, it is naturally capable of keenly perceiving something, and there may be major events in the near future.

"What do you mean?" Zhao Ming asked in astonishment, is it possible that the God Realm wants to attack him?

"The Douluo Continent already has people from the God Realm. The **** of Shura, the **** of UU reading www.uukanshu.com, the **** of sea, the **** of angels, and many unknown divine residences will all cast their eyes on here. You are on the mainland How could such a big movement not be noticed by the divine residence?"

"So, you should hurry up and improve your strength. The spirit ring space on your body can be filled. After that, you have to conquer Seagod Island and the Slaughter City." The system said.

"Okay, I will set off tomorrow. There are still three vacancies in my Ancient Immortal Martial Spirit. If there is a real danger, I must quickly improve my strength and remind Bibi Dong and the others to prepare earlier." The bright eyes lifted, with a trace of killing intent. If he can break through to Soul Douluo, even if it is an ordinary divine residence, he can still deal with it.

And there is also the Little Dragon Girl. The countless resources of the Destiny Empire and the Star Dou Great Forest have been used to train her. She has been in retreat these days, from her infancy to her growth. Once the breakthrough is completed, her strength is enough to rival that of ordinary divine residence. And this is not her limit, her limit is God King level.

However, he couldn't pin his hopes on Xiaolongnv. His strength must quickly break through.

Gu Yuena is slowly regaining her strength now, if a strong person of the level of God Shura comes to the lower realm, she may be aware of her through her divine power, and it will be even more dangerous.

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