Interstellar Demon Legend Chapter 186

Chapter 186: Small Six Extra

Five elder brothers got married, and got married. In the end, the most stressful one was Xiao Liu, Yan Erbin.

As the youngest child in the family, Xiaoliu has been naughty and mischievous since he was a child. After he grew up, he converged a bit, but his habit of like pranks has not changed, but he is deeply hidden. To say that orcs are generally very dedicated, just like the big egg and the second egg, their first love and marriage partner are the same person from beginning to end. Even if it is Sandan, Xiaosi and Xiaowu are the same. Their partner is also their first love.

Not to mention their father and Mufu. Their father said that they waited for thirty years just to wait for their Mufu. Sticking to their father every day, every day he has to show his affection, sprinkle a handful of dog food, and declare his possessiveness. I'm tired of seeing them all.

Logically speaking, born in such a dedicated family, Xiaoliu should be like his father, Mufu, or his five older brothers, who are dedicated to feelings. But it is a pity that sometimes, among a group of normal people, there is still such an alternative.

All stars know that the six little prince of the Abram Empire is a mutant orc. Although he is a mutant orc, his combat effectiveness is very high and very smart, so no one will look down on Xiao Liu.

Speaking of which, Xiao Liu is most famous not because of his mutant orc identity and the identity of the little prince, but because of his love history, he will change to a female in almost half a year. This is something that all stars know.

The Gaelic family.

Yan Ziye frowned as he watched the news displayed on the light screen on the communicator in his hand. The above is the interstellar news report website, hung on the top, Xiao Liu's name and love history have been enlarged and bolded, even in scarlet letters. The following comments have exceeded 10,000 in less than an hour.

"Oh my God, six princes are changing female again? This is faster than I can change clothes."

"What's this? This female has been around for a long time. It's been more than eight months. At that time, I thought the Sixth Prince had found true love. I didn't expect it to be divided."

"This is the eleventh, right? When is the head? If this continues, all the unmarried females of the interstellar will change him again."

"I wonder, you said, how dedicated the other princes of the Abram Empire are. Prince Ans and Prince Yan Ziye are even more familiar with the stars. Why are these six princes so carefree? Is it really true? Gene mutation?"

"Which time and space you came out upstairs, the Six Princes gene mutation, all StarCraft has long known about it."

"With so many orcs, I will serve the Six Princes and look at them. At the age of 30, I have become an s-level senior powerhouse. He looks good, has interstellar coins and is powerful. Which female does not like. People. The Sixth Prince is still young, so slowly choose what's wrong."

"I'm really envious, if one day, I can choose a female partner at will like the Six Princes, it feels cool."

"Don't daydream downstairs. Look, the six princes are going to be scolded by the female again."


There are two factions about Xiaoliu's views in All Stars. The first faction is the envy of Xiaoliu, and the other is that it hates it. Most of those who admire Xiaoliu are orcs, and those who hate Xiaoliu, females also account for 80%. After all, what Xiaoliu did was really annoying to the female.

Although now because of the relationship between the two half-orcs, it seems that the status of the female is no longer as important as before, but the status of the female is still not to be underestimated. Which orc dared to change females blatantly before? People are cautious about breaking up, for fear of being passed on by other females, and no suitable female will be found.

But Xiaoliu is not afraid. Not only does he announce his love affair generously, he also shares it with all stars. Not to mention, what he did, really made his StarNet account attract a lot of fans.

Although many females say they hate little orcs like Xiaoliu, but they just finished talking here, and they are rushing back and forth, wishing to immediately replace the female next to Xiaoliu and become Xiaoliu. Partner.

The females on this interstellar actually have some similarities with those on earth. Although the females here are arrogant, it is also based on the fact that they are fertile and useful. In fact, even if the status of females has improved for thousands of years, some of their nature has not changed, as if they will habitually depend on orcs no matter how strong they are.

It is not easy to find a strong, powerful, and interstellar orc. There will also be contrasts between females. In addition to fertility, what they compare is their partner. Whoever can find a good partner will become the envy of other females.

The conditions of the small six meet the requirements of females who want to compare. Strong combat power, strong family background, good appearance conditions, and most importantly, know how to make females happy so much. If you marry him, you can have countless wealth and rights, and suddenly become the prince and concubine that all females envy and hate.

With such good conditions, it's no wonder that those females would desperately, even knowing that Xiaoliu had a flower heart, even rushed on Xiaoliu. They all imagined that maybe they were the most special one, the prince and concubine who could make Xiao Liu willing to marry home, and really loved him.

"Ans, take a look at your son, this is the eleventh one, and you still dont change it. I dont care, you have to take care of it yourself." After a while, I saw the lace news of my son Yan Ziye Now I don't bother to bother about Xiao Liu. As expected, this blue dragon was not a safe master, even if he was reincarnated, his nature remained unchanged.

"Okay, I'll take care of this." Looking at Yan Ziye's appearance that he didn't want to be a director, Ans couldn't help but smile. In fact, born in Liuyi, Yan Ziye, who has always been lazy and troublesome, has never taken care of the things of Xiaoliu. Anls has always been in charge of the small six matters, but even Ans didn't expect that the son he had educated would turn out to be like this when he grew up.

Looking at the news on the light screen, Ans flashed a dim light in his eyes. This brat, it's time to take care of him.

So when Xiaoliu came back that night, he was caught by Ains and taught him all night. Then the next day, he was thrown onto a low-level civilization planet, in the name of it, let the primary six learn how to manage family affairs and learn how to develop the resources of a planet.

That planet belongs to a relatively poor and backward planet. Compared with other high-tech planets, the technology of that planet is still in the early stage of development. It is because that planet is just in the stage of development, so many people from advanced planets want to occupy a place in this ball first, and when the planet develops, they can make a fortune.

Originally, this task should be sent to some experienced people in the family, but in order to test Xiaoliu, and by the way change the bad things of Xiaoliu, so I directly let Xiaoliu lead the team. Before going, Ans also gave a task. If Xiao Liu didn't complete the task, don't think about coming back.

At first, Xiaoliu didnt take it seriously, but when I saw that there were no interstellar beasts on the planet, and almost all of them were drinking nutrient solutions, Xiaoliu couldnt stand it after going there for a week. I knew that there were only ten in total on this planet. A few females, and they were all black and ugly. When the fertility rate was extremely low, Xiao Liu collapsed.

He, who had wanted to live by himself, suddenly changed his attention. In order to be able to go home to eat meat and vegetables as soon as possible, in order to be able to go back to see his confidantes as soon as possible, and the females he had never thought of before, Xiao Liupin Up.

It's just that although Xiaoliu is smart, he is young and inexperienced, and everything is difficult at the beginning. Xiaoliu has only been on the planet for more than a year before he slowly grasped the essentials of developing the planet.

In order to return home as soon as possible, Xiaoliu, who had originally a Huaxinlong, put all his thoughts on the development of the planet and the business of his family, and he did not pay attention to other females at all. Not having that energy is one of the reasons. The most important thing is that the females of that planet are really not good, and the orcs are better than them. In fact, the last one is the main reason.

I have to say that Xiaoliu's clever brain is still very useful. He actually exceeded the task in just three years. It hasn't been home for three years, and Yan Ziye, Ans and others actually miss him a bit. When he knew that he had completed the task, he immediately called him home.

But what Yan Ziye and Ans did not expect was that Xiao Liu did not come back alone, but brought another person back. That person is the female of one of the heirs of the second family of StarCraft.

The female's personality is very similar to that of Xiao Liu. Xiao Liu is the kind of person who changes females like changing clothes, and the female is like changing clothes, which is better than Xiao Liu. When the female finally got rid of the fifteenth orc, his family couldn't stand him anymore and threw him directly onto the planet. Therefore, he and Xiaoliu are simply suffering from the same disease.

Both of them are so bothersome, with so similar personalities, it is easy to walk together and become brothers. He didn't even care about the difference between an orc and a female. Because of their own dark belly and mischievous nature, and the lack of entertainment on the planet, the two often get together and try to trick their subordinates. Fix your house today, and fix my house tomorrow. And every time the trick is different.

After getting acquainted with each other over and over, they slowly discovered that it seemed that each other was very good, and the two were in an unusual harmony. After considering each others strength and family background, etc., thinking about the family's urging to get married, they came together very tacitly. . Anyway, if you want to find someone to get married, it would be better to find someone to get along, and I find it pleasing to the eye, so the two of them, with a joking nature, met their parents and they were together like that.

Because of the relationship between the two glorious deeds before, in fact, no one is optimistic about the two of them, but they did not expect that after the marriage, the two of them not only did not have a divorce or anything, but they also sang their husbands together with a tacit understanding. And in the second year of marriage, there was a baby boy, which was only a step slower than the half-orc of Sandan.

It surprised everyone in the interstellar world. Could this be the legend, that things gather together?

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