Interstellar Demon Legend Chapter 188

Chapter 188: Ode Ode Extra 2

That time, the mission given by the original family was to enter the interstellar beast forest to find a rare interstellar beast fur. Unexpectedly, but with bad luck, I encountered an S-level intermediate star beast.

As an s-level junior orc, he certainly couldnt beat the s-level intermediate interstellar beast, and was finally severely injured by the interstellar beast. At the most dangerous moment, the small spike that had been in his pocket suddenly flashed out. A red light suddenly turned into a red-haired boy, and he fought with the s-level intermediate star beast.

Obviously, the fighting power of the red-haired boy is only fake S-level at best. Although the s-level intermediate interstellar beast was injured by him, it is not the red-haired boy that can stop him. He is hurting the s-level intermediate. After the star beast, the star beast went mad and ran into the red-haired boy. Then Alditch immediately rejoined the battle.

In the end, he cooperated with the red-haired boy to get into the trap tacitly, and killed the s-level intermediate interstellar beast, and fortunately obtained three s-level nuclei in the interstellar beast's lair.

Until then, he didn't know that the little guy was actually an orc. Knowing that the little guy can transform into an adult type, Aldech himself couldn't help but surprise himself.

However, the little guy who turned into a human form seemed to have a little resistance to him, and his eyes were a little dodge and a guilty conscience. He seemed very annoyed that he had discovered what could become a human body.

But also, this thing is really unthinkable. Although their orcs also evolved from beasts, they have never heard that the low-level interstellar beasts can evolve into adults. Odyssey only felt that there were too many secrets in the little guy, and he couldn't help being curious, and wanted to explore it little by little.

Knowing that the little guy was resisting himself, Aldech kept silently beside the little guy, saying nothing or mentioning anything, as if it had never happened. But even though Alditch didn't mention it, he kept the little guy's saving him in his heart forever.

Slowly, after a period of time, the little guy saw that he didn't have any special reaction, and he began to gradually put down his guard against him. It won't be the same as before, as long as he gets close, he will stick up barbs.

Sure enough, the little guy is still too innocent and too easy to trust others. Aldech was lucky and worried at the same time. If such a little guy went out, it would be easy to be chewed by people outside without leaving any bones. Therefore, in order to improve the vigilance of the little guy and teach the little guys who dont seem to know the world of the orcs too much, Aldech takes the little guys to complete family tasks every day, and teaches the little guys while performing tasks. The guy is so worldly.

The little guy is like a piece of white paper. He is holding a colored pen and painted various colors on this white paper. In the end, he was moved by the painting he painted by himself.

That's right, it's my heart. Although he has never been in love, he knows that he is in love with the little guy. I dont know when, maybe it was the little guy who knew he would reveal his identity, but he still stood in front of him without turning back, or earlier, the little guy bit his elder brother in order to protect him. .

He didn't understand why Ans had such a possessive desire for Yan Ziye, but now he understands. Because I like it, I dont want people I like to care too much about people other than me. Aldech can now fully understand Ans' feelings.

Since I am in love and caught in this whirlpool, then the little guy is not allowed to stand outside the whirlpool and take care of himself. So Alditch began to intentionally or unconsciously let the little guy slowly get used to him, relying on him, until one day he can't live without him.

In the end, Aldehy was indeed successful. After he saw the little guy turned into a human again and talked a few more words with the stupid robot servant at home, laughing brighter than the sun, he broke out . I was mad with jealousy, even if it was a robot, the little guy had never smiled at him like that. Why would a robot be OK?

So, Alditch directly hugged the little guy back to the room, after a mad kiss, he confessed.

The little guy was a little stunned by the kiss, so Aldech confessed before the little guy could react, abducted the little guy, and let the little guy agree to be with him. When the little guy reacted, it was done.

But luckily in the end, the little guy really fell in love with him. And told him personally, he was so happy that he was almost stupid. He has never been so lucky. He luckily met Yan Ziye himself, luckily he took care of the little guy, and at the same time, luckily he fell in love with the little guy.

The little guy is a light in his thirty years of darkness. Because of his arrival, his entire dark and cold life has become bright and warm.

It's just that he and the little guy didn't seem to go so smoothly, because the little guy was not an orc at all, but a demon. A species he had never heard of. After listening to Yan Ziye's explanation, he realized that although the so-called monsters evolved from animals, they were even more advanced than them.

Because the demon possesses unlimited potential and life. And their orcs, if they cannot break through the sss level, they will still die after thousands of years.

So in order to be able to be with the little guy, he is willing to become Yan Ziye's servant, willing to give up the cultivation base he has, and is willing to give up everything. But in the end, Yan Ziye did not sign a master-servant contract with him. Instead, let him go with them to find the legendary treasure that can allow the orcs to break through the sss level.

The hard work paid off, and finally they found it. Although he seemed to have lost the most important memory in this final process, Aldech didn't care. He thought that Yan Ziye deliberately erased the memory of him and other orcs. After all, Yan Ziye possesses that ability.

After getting what he wanted, Aldech immediately concentrated on practicing, and soon after the birth of Yan Ziye's sixth child, he married the little guy. At that time, he was already an s-level intermediate orc.

More than fifty years later, with the help of Yan Ziye and others, he finally broke through to the senior ss level, and after taking the spirit **** pill, he became a sss level orc. He knew that Ans at that time had already surpassed the existence of the sss level, that is, the legendary super **** level, so the sss level was not his focus, but his new starting point.

The path of cultivation is endless. While the little guy keeps getting stronger, he must also get stronger. Never fall behind the little guy. Because he wants to stand in front of the little guy and protect the little guy from wind and rain.

For more than fifty years, neither he nor the little guy had children. In fact, he doesn't care about the children's affairs, but the little guy who has always liked the excitement seems a little envious after seeing Yan Ziye's family.

"Odeki, look, Sandan is about to give birth to a fifth child. I heard that the fifth child is also a half-orc. Sandan has two half-orc cubs. The sixth child Three children are also about to be born. Dadans son has heard that he will soon marry a daughter-in-law, and Erdans little female is about to get married..." Xiao Zhi leaned in Odecks arms and chattered. , His tone was full of envy.

Odecki did not speak, but listened quietly. In the end, after Xiao Ting finished his nagging, he suddenly sat upright, and then blinked and looked at Aldech with his big, water-like eyes, "Aldech, otherwise we will adopt a child from the side branch, front Didn't a little orc cub born in the side branch for a few days?"

The side branch of the Navia family has always wanted to please Odeki and Yan Xiaoci. After knowing that they could not have their own children, they kept trying to send their children to Aldeki and Yan Xiaoci. After all, all StarCraft now knows that Aldech and Yan Xiaocai are sss-level powerhouses. Moreover, the two are also familiar with Ansi Yan Ziye, if they can climb Odeki and Yan Xiaocai, they won't have to worry in the future.

So don't talk about a little boy, even if it was ten little boys, they were willing to send them to Odyssey and Yan Xiaoci.

Odeki has always been responsive to Yan Xiaoci, although he didn't want a little boy to disturb the world of him and Yan Xiaoci, but since Yan Xiaoci wanted to adopt, he would not object.

So in the end, Alditch and Yan Xiaoci adopted a new orc cub from the Navia family branch.

Although it was adopted, that little boy was already the biological son of Odecki and Yan Xiaoci. So on the tenth day after the adoption of the cubs, Odeki and Yan Xiaoci invited many people to come. One is to announce that they are going to adopt this little boy, and the other is to hold an appearance party for the little boy, so that more people in the empire will recognize this little boy who is about to become the son of two sss-level powerhouses.

On that day, even the king of the Nilar Empire arrived. After all, the identities of Odyssey and Yan Xiaoci are there, he can not neglect the king of a small empire.

Of course, Ans and Yan Ziye also came to congratulate their families, which gave Odeck and Yan Xiaoci the face.

Fifty years have passed, and Haibo Luo, who went to the Planet Academy Tournament with Anles and others, has also been married, and Cindy has also married the head of a large family. Among so many people, only Alan is left.

After so many years, Alan is no longer the shy orc he used to be. He has become the head of the family. After years of baptism, he has become mature. However, the double-layered personality remained the same, and once the battle started, he still had a violent temper.

Aldech was chatting with Anles and the others, when Allen suddenly came over and said to Aldech, "Aldech, can you give me the big red flower in your backyard?"

Odyssey, who knows that Allen likes flowers and plants these years, agreed without thinking, "En." He has been in friendship with Allen for so many years, and a flower is nothing at all.

"Thank you." Although I knew the answer a long time ago, Alan was still very grateful to Odeck, "The time is almost up, I have something to do, so I will leave."

Seeing Alan hurriedly leaving, Hai Bo Luo smiled and said, "Look, I said he is a **** now. When he sees the flower he likes, even our old friends will ignore it."

Ans smiled and said: "He is alone now, and it's good to be able to find his own preferences."

Yan Xiaoci, who was standing next to Odeki holding the little wolf cub, said suddenly, "Wait, what Ellen said was the big red flower? Strange, I remember that there are no red flowers in our backyard! Odeki, Did you plant red flowers?"

Odeki froze for a moment, shook his head, "No."

"That's weird, what is the big red flower that Ellen just said?" Yan Xiaoci asked with a full head.

Suddenly, Yan Xiaochai, Aldech and Ans looked at the back of Yan Ziye's hand in unison.

Yan Ziye seemed to understand their eyes, glanced at the back of his hand reflexively, and suddenly remembered that before coming in, Xiao Hua had said that he would go out for activities.

After seeing that there was no cannibal pattern on the back of Yan Ziye's hand, the four of them looked at each other, and then said in unison in surprise: "Little Flower..."

Unknowingly, Hai Bo Luo also looked inexplicable, who is this little flower?

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