My Hermes System Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Chapter 99: Reckless

"Where the hell is Van!?"

President Hannah's speech was only starting, but alas, it was cut short as Van was nowhere to be seen. She was going to say,

'Do what you do best',

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But she didn't mean it in a way that he should run away. She wanted him to protect and pull the other students who were not fast enough to safety. She had a lot more to say, but since the cockatrice had already landed near them, it was not like she had any more choice on the matter as she summoned another sword of fire in her left hand.

The newly cockatrice was almost twice as big as the one they fought earlier. And assuming its hurried steps towards the smaller cockatrice were of concern, one could only assume that it was the dead cockatrice's parents.

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