Invincible Copy System Chapter 2055

Chapter 2055: No Money

In this age, I am afraid that everyone wants to make money, but if people pay money, I am afraid that there will be no such happy things. Take the current situation, if you want them to take money from their pockets Im afraid these people are unwilling. Dont care what they did before. Anyway, if you want them to pay, you can just kill them. Just take some of these people who guard the mansion. They are absolutely not. They will pay. If they do, then they have more ways to get the money back, so Liu Ning doesn't bother to take care of them.

As for the Human Council, no one will disagree, and the people in the Human Council are not fools. Under these circumstances, it is of course very good that someone can pay for this matter. For most people, as long as they are not allowed to contribute money, it is equivalent to nothing, but if they are allowed to contribute money, then simply pull it down. These people are not willing to pay a dime at all.

For them, if they are asked to pay, it is better to kill them directly. If it is for other things, for Ba Jie Liu Ning, they are likely to give the money, but this matter is different from others. Things are different. The things involved in this matter are really too big, and the money spent in the process is also too great, no one exchanges this money.

Mankind will also pass this resolution as quickly as possible. For the senior leaders of the Human Council, they have never thought that they can equip these patrol soldiers with some weapons. They know very well that the patrol soldiers follow in their eyes. The waste products are almost the same, or even less than some waste products. If these patrol soldiers are equipped with weapons, it is really a life-threatening thing. The patrol soldiers are not friendly, especially when there are too many of them. This is the most important thing. Terrible.

Even if each person only equips them with a grenade, it is by no means a small number. So in this state, if you can avoid it, it is naturally the best. If you can't avoid it, you must also get it. Just flee to the side. Anyway, this matter cant have anything to do with yourself. If it has anything to do with yourself, these people probably wont sleep at night. They played a less glamorous role in this matter. character of.

Let them eat, drink and play better than anyone else. If you let them be responsible for the money, then you can just kill them. Everyone thinks like this. Dont think that there will be a few good people among them. There is no good person, because Liu Ning is very clear about the situation of these people. If you expect these people to come up with the money, you might as well think that there will be money loss under the sun. Many senior officials have too much money in their homes. But these people keep making money from their own homes. What is this for?

All have a direct relationship with them. The most important aspect is that these people want to make a lot of money. They want to keep this money for their children and grandchildren. Although temporarily they cannot become interviews, their children and grandchildren are likely to have this money. There is the hope of becoming a chaebol. Liu Ning doesnt know what to say about their thoughts. Nowadays, it is mainly caused by a social reason. Take the current situation, no one wants to let their own family People have become chaebols.

Especially seeing the situation between the four major families and the eight major groups, they want to do this even more. For these people, as long as they have a chance to become that way, they will never be stingy, although in the future Some bad things may still happen, but again, who cares about this now?

The main thing is to be able to achieve some good results first, what will happen afterwards?

Everyone is also very clear. As for whether this matter can be resolved, it is not within their scope of consideration. In the eyes of these people, the patrol team members will not have other ideas, as long as they can add a little weapon. , Let alone the quality of these things, they will not have any scruples in their hearts.

It is precisely because of this that when Liu Ning wants to do something, these people will block it in every possible way. Of course, Liu Ning has announced to the public that the money matters here have nothing to do with ordinary people, and it has nothing to do with all the guard houses. It has nothing to do with all the residential areas. All the money comes from Liu Ning himself, so in this state, there is nothing to say. Liu Ning is very clear about what the result is.

As long as people like them are not allowed to touch their own money and do not need them to do anything, then these people are more supportive than anyone else, so in this case, many people feel very strange, originally these people are not Not supported?

Why did you support it all of a sudden?

Regarding their situation, Liu Ning can't say anything.

Anyway, Liu Ning understands one thing. In todays society, its easy to talk about everything without money. If you want people to pay, you can simply shut down your own ideas. This is absolutely impossible. These guys will never let you do this. In their opinion, they all have their own ideas and it is impossible to help Liu Ning because of this.

In the minds of these people, they have another idea, that is, this matter has nothing to do with them. What if the patrol team is dead?

It doesnt make much sense for these people to live anyway. They dont die once or twice. I dont know how many people will die in this process, so there is no need to care about their lives and lives. In life and death, it is purely that your head has gotten water. Can you manage it?

Do you know how many patrols are in this society?

If you don't know, then this is a terrible thing, so in this case, not many people care about the life and death of the patrol members, and not many people even care about their lives.

So in such a situation, no matter what these people think in their hearts, Liu Ning wants to change all of this after all. Although he does not have the ability to change all of them, if he can change a little, this is also a problem for him. A good thing, all people will remember Liu Ning's credit.

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