Invincible Copy System Chapter 2056

Chapter 2056: Easy To Do

In addition to equipping these people with some weapons, Liu Ning also thought of another thing, because many people have never used these things. If they were to be pushed onto the battlefield in this way, it would be too much, so in this way Under the circumstances, Liu Ning proposed another thing, that is, you must give these people a training session, if you dont give them a training session.

Some things are not easy to talk about. Take the current situation as an example. If an untrained patrol team holds these weapons in their hands, it is a very terrible thing. You dont care how they deal with them. In their hands, it is likely to cause trouble for some people, including those in the upper echelons.

They know very well what trouble this thing will bring. Liu Ning still has a say in this matter, because Liu Ning came from the patrol team at that time. If you want these patrol teams to live a good life At one point, you must not do anything wrong. In this case, everyone is very clear. Take the usual days of the patrol team. Their life is very bad. If you can give them Some changes.

This is naturally a very good thing, but if it is impossible for them to change and no hope is given to them, then this matter is not easy to say. Take the current situation, let alone improve themselves. Its an extremely extravagant thing to make yourself full, so under such circumstances, many people also know how to fight.

They have long forgotten their original intention to become patrol members. For these people, patrol members should have been a more glorious thing, and now there is nothing glorious. This is obviously a joke about their lives. If no one had such an idea earlier, then there would be no such result. Now these people see it very clearly. If someone cares about the life and death of the patrol team members, how could it become like this?

They become like this when no one cares about the lives and deaths of the patrol members, so in this case, most people know very well, they also know how to get along with the patrol members, and they usually boast about what they boast. Many, but I cant just fall into it like this, because I should understand one thing, the patrol teams life is not so easy, you can just cheat them one or two times, but you cant use them and want them to work for you. .

This is a very immoral behavior, so under such circumstances, Liu Ning also fully understands the difficulties of the patrol members. If they hate society, you give these grenades into their hands and know what it is like. The result?

It is very likely that they will detonate in human society. For example, many people owe so much money, in case they have to go to their homes.

Just dare to take it out, dont think its a joke. They didnt have any self-defense weapons in their hands. Now they are completely different. Once they rang the grenade, then the grenade was not. A tool that allows them to attack fierce beasts is likely to become an unstable factor in human society. Therefore, under such circumstances, Liu Ning must also think carefully, and also set up one. Weapons management site.

If it is not set, it is purely a problem with the head. Therefore, in this situation, Liu Ning knows better than anyone else that this matter must be regarded as a serious matter, or else it will wait for the human society in the future. Let's set off firecrackers everywhere. Of course, this firecracker is not an ordinary firecracker. This firecracker is very likely to be the deadly bombs. Don't think this is a joke.

This kind of thing is very likely to happen. When a person is in desperation, his thoughts are not understandable by ordinary people. It must be one that can explode one, and one that can kill one. Dont think that this kind of thinking is extreme. In fact, when ordinary people reach this point, they basically have this idea.

Therefore, in this case, a very complete storage place is necessary, and this storage place must have some responsible personnel.

What kind of person should the custodian be?

At least this guy should have a good understanding of these things. In addition, this guys family has enough money. At least there is no conscious concern. If these people dont have enough food, you can let them do this. Things, this is probably a little unrealistic, so in this case, let these people eat first, which is what these people should do at present, when they are not full.

You tell them that nothing else is of much use, so in this case, let some people who have eaten enough to serve as the administrator, this is also a very important thing, if a group of hungry wolves serve as the administrator However, one thing is very likely to happen, that is, these people will sell these grenades directly. Liu Ning also came from that era. Liu Ning is very clear about what people in that era think, as long as they are Able to keep them full.

They can sell everything they see, and they still dont feel guilty. Even if they cause some bad things to the society, these people will never have other ideas because the society is always sorry. If they dont believe it, let them try this. So in this state, its best to be honest. Dont think that there are more good people in the society, and of course you cant. so.

It will cause a lot of people to feel world-weary. In fact, the real situation is like this. So in this state, no matter what they think, they must respect the thoughts of these patrol members. If you dont respect their thoughts, this The society is far from stable, so under such circumstances, Liu Ning's choice is relatively clear.

If you dont choose this way, just wait for the bombs in the society to increase one by one. Originally, this is a good thing for yourself. After solving the problem of the patrol members, you cant let the whole society fall into chaos. If this is the case, Liu I would rather be a sinner of history, and it is very likely that he will be nailed to the pillar of shame in history.

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