Elite Mages Academy Chapter 712

Chapter 712: Tomb

The facts are almost the same as Xiao Lin imagined. It took them more than an hour to arrive at the excavation site that Song Junlang said. They have to say that there are really many intelligence channels for this man, although according to him the unearthed glass beads are quite Secret things, at least have been concealed from almost all academies, otherwise such astonishing things would never be kept in private hands.

But Song Junlang just knew the information, and the fellow proudly said that the people who knew the news before were basically dead. Xiao Lin couldn't help but wonder whether this guy would kill people directly after getting the information. Up.

No matter what, no matter how big the risks are, now that Xiao Lin has come here, there is no way out. The weather tonight is good, the moon is dark and the wind is high, so it's very suitable for this.

"It is basically certain that this is a tomb, and the owner of the tomb has no way of knowing it, but what is clear is that this is a tomb that has not been discovered so far, or is rarely visited. We are actually quite lucky. It is reasonable to say that a tomb of this size is difficult to keep from the college. But because of the short time and the recent declaration of war by the Dawn Academy, everyone is very busy, and no one has time to take care of this. Was shelved."

Taking advantage of the night, Song Junlang said and was busy. They are in the abandoned field on the outskirts of Border Town. There is a large amount of domestic garbage accumulated in the town. But the first person who found the tomb marked the entrance and it was easy. Song Junlang found it next to a pit with obvious signs of renovation, but the entrance was blocked.

Xiao Lin took advantage of the situation and took out a few magic scrolls and pasted them at the entrance. They were all taken out of Ariksais museum. They looked very advanced, and the backhand was not his own. It didnt hurt to use it, just to ensure As a result, Xiao Lin had planned to release two more, but Song Junlang quickly stopped them.

Then he moved a distance away and detonated. The explosion that was instantly disgusted almost illuminated half of the night. Even though Xiao Lin had guessed something from Song Junlangs expression in advance, and won as far as possible, the shock wave of the explosion would still The two people turned their backs on their backs, their heads humiliated.

"So understand, just now you put two more scrolls, we should meet next to the Resurrection Tower now!" Song Junlang said loudly.

Xiao Lin glanced at the scroll in his hand, and took it back angrily. Okay, it makes sense for these things to be banned. In peacetime, this thing is really a big killer, no matter who holds it in the city. Shaking around will make any college jealous.

"We have to hurry up. Although there is no garrison nearby, there are still sentries. They must report such a big movement, but at least someone will come back and forth after noon tomorrow." Song Junlang said.

"So we only have one night and one morning?" Xiao Lin asked.

"Yes, enough!"

Song Junlang seemed very confident. Xiao Lin always felt that the gang had more information than he could tell, but this was also a good thing. If they delay too long, they will most likely be discovered by Dawning Academy.

The entire junkyard was almost exploded, and the center of the huge deep pit revealed a dark cave. After Song Junlang blessed the two of them to float, he threw two flares into the cave and jumped first. Entering, these are the most basic spells, Song Junlang still has this strength.

After falling, with the help of the light brought by the flares, Xiao Lin quickly looked around. This was a relatively narrow stone room with many lifelike murals carved on the stone wall. It could be seen that it was the style of ancient history in the New World. Xiao Lin looked at it for a moment. Later, he nodded and said: "It is indeed a tomb."

Song Junlang looked back at him, smiled and praised: "It seems that your history class is not in vain!"

Xiao Lin rolled his eyes. Of course, these are the knowledge points in the New World History class. Generally speaking, ancient tombs in the New World will use this form of murals to record the legendary life of the tomb owner to show the glory of the past. Xiao Lin could easily determine the form of these murals.

The person who can be burned must have been a remarkable person before his death. Unfortunately, Xiao Lin knew very little about the history of the Gowell Kingdom.

There is nothing valuable in the first stone chamber, and of course it is possible that those things have been touched by someone before, after all, this tomb has been visited at least once.

This tomb is almost entirely composed of such stone chambers, and the door leading to the next stone chamber is open, which seems to indicate that Xiao Lin and Song Junlang were not the first to come.

Of course, the advantage is that Xiao Lin can put a little bit of snacks without worrying about possible traps or monsters. In fact, the tomb is full of extremely rich and fresh breath of death. Generally speaking, it is easy to produce undead creatures in such an environment. of.

Song Junlang didn't seem to worry about this, and he also expected that there would be nothing in the first few stone rooms, at least not what they wanted, so he kept throwing flares along the way, Xiao Lin Yibu followed closely, and the two moved quickly.

For more than twenty minutes, the two of them had no idea how many stone chambers they had passed through. Fortunately, there was no fork in the road, and there was no need to worry about getting lost. You would occasionally see funerary objects, but they were not worth mentioning, Xiao Lin He was somewhat interested in the murals of each stone room, but it was a pity that Song Junlang's purpose was not here. He didn't have the opportunity to stop and take a closer look. He couldn't see many clues in a few hastily glances.

Song Junlang patiently explained to him: "Many of the historical materials of the Gowell Kingdom are incomplete~wuxiaworld.online~ Who is the character in the fresco? It is difficult to study and it is not important. It is just this. The tomb is indeed a bit different, do you feel it?"

Xiao Lin froze, and subconsciously replied: "The space is too wide?"

Yes, every stone room was almost empty except for the murals. At first, Xiao Lin thought it was stolen by the person who had opened the tomb. But so many stone rooms are like this. It is inevitable that people will doubt it. Power, it's hard to completely empty here.

Song Junlang nodded and said: "There are indeed too few burial objects, and they are not defended at all. Even the local indigenous people, famous and promising people understand that after death, set up obstacles or traps in their tombs to prevent the living. Come in easily to disturb their peace. These traps are far more powerful than those on our planet, especially those who are more powerful during their lifetimes. All kinds of magic traps, even those above the gold level, cant guarantee that they will retreat alone. ."

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