Elite Mages Academy Chapter 713

Chapter 713: Phoenix Robe

Then why is this tomb so peculiar?

If it is not for the life of the deceased described in the surrounding murals, it is even difficult to make sure that this is the tomb. Of course, unless there is another explanation, there may be something else in the depths of the tomb. This thing is enough to protect this place and make it easy for anyone. The tomb robbers who stepped into it retreated knowing the difficulty.

With such doubts, Xiao Lin and Song Junlang became more cautious as they went deeper, unimpeded all the way, until their footsteps stopped abruptly in front of a corpse.

This is a mummy that I dont know how many years it has been buried. It is dressed in a red robe and has a long sleeve. The rest is completely unclear. This ancient corpse has skin covered with bones, and has a small bunch of grayish long. With long beard and hair, his weak body is wrapped in a dark red wide-shouldered robe, and the cuffs and neckline of the robe are engraved with golden mysterious letters. Such letters are arranged in a straight line on the coat of the corpse, which is more like a special effect. Magic circle.

On the left side of the mummy, a staff engraved with mysterious letters is held on her hands with thick and dry joints. The staff is about the height of an adult. The top of the staff is inlaid with a round crystal ball, just a crystal ball. Has completely lost its brilliance.

"This guy is a mage." Xiao Lin judged, and then took a few steps back decisively. After thinking about it, he felt that it was still not safe. For the mage, this distance was not a safe distance. He quickly retreated. The edge of this stone room.

Song Junlang made the same judgment as him. This guy is more afraid of death than Xiao Lin. He touched his chin and said, "How long do you think this guy has been dead?"

"It certainly won't be ours." Xiao Lin can only say that. Since he is not a colonist of the earth, he is a native tomb robber of the New World. Unless the corpse or relic is taken back to the academy for special identification, otherwise It is difficult to accurately determine the specific age.

"It's interesting." Song Junlang narrowed his eyes to observe for a while, and muttered.

Xiao Lin looked at him and asked, "How do you think he died? It is impossible to die naturally. He died in a trap? Toxic gas? But it was strange that he didn't feel any elemental fluctuations. In this tomb, except for the dead gas. Besides, its hard to feel the other two energies at all. I even doubt whether magic can be released here."

Song Junlang nodded: "You are right about this sentence."

"Huh? Which sentence?"

"The last sentence."

Song Junlang pointed to the front. At the end of this stone room, the place leading to the next door was completely closed. This was completely different from all the other stone rooms when they came over. This means that this passage has been reached. It's the end.

Xiao Lin fumbled out the glass bead again: "So this thing was actually discovered from him. After this guy entered the tomb that year, he didn't know where he got it, but he died here in the end."

"Apart from these, what's weird about this unlucky ghost, you can take a closer look." Song Junlang had already seen more things, but he seemed to be deliberately deliberate, and didn't break it immediately.

Xiao Lin frowned and looked at it again from beginning to end. Like all the dead, the corpse itself could not see anything abnormal, but the robe on his body was a bit different. After all these years, although the robe was covered with dust, It is still quite complete.

This is enough to show that this robe is not an ordinary item, and it may even be something above the gold level. Even if it is a gold level item, hundreds of years are enough to destroy any magic power it carries, only higher-level items. , It may be preserved longer or even eternal.

Not only that, Xiao Lin's eyes fell on the collar of the robe again. Those golden magic symbols were quite dazzling. Although they were obscure, Xiao Lin was quite accomplished in ancient languages. He glanced back and forth again. Carefully identify those complicated patterns on the robe. Of course, these patterns are not just decorations. As magic items, each pattern may be a part of an extremely powerful magic circle.

After a while, Xiao Lin turned his head and said with some surprise and uncertainty: "The robe of the Phoenix? I have seen the materials of this thing in the library." Of course, this part of the materials still belongs to the list of banned books in the library.

Song Junlang rarely showed a serious expression of approval, nodded and said: "It seems that your usual homework foundation is quite solid, and you are right. This robe is called the Robe of the Phoenix, which is a legendary magic. Items, many academies want to get this thing, but unfortunately the manufacturing method of the Phoenix robe has long been lost, and we have only found the information in the historical records of the New World. This is the first time we have seen the real one."

Items that can be classified as legendary have extremely powerful powers. The reason why the Phoenix robe is admired by many people is because of a very special effect in this robe. The wearer has a resurrection. opportunity! When the user's life is fatally threatened, the Phoenix Robe will stimulate its internal special energy to replace the user's soul to suffer damage.

Such a function alone is enough to make the Phoenix Robe listed as a legendary magic item! After all, even if the current colonists have a resurrection tower, it can only be used repeatedly under the premise of consuming life span. If there is one more chance to resurrect, no one will mind.

This corpse does not seem to be just an ordinary mage, but also a tomb raider with extremely powerful strength and strong financial background. He came in wearing a phoenix robe, indicating that he had already anticipated the difficulty of the tomb, otherwise he would not use it easily. For precious and expensive items, you must know that although the phoenix robes can be resurrected, there is only one chance of this. After the resurrection, the phoenix robes will be completely shattered.

But this guy is still dead, and the robe on his body is still intact, which means that the resurrection of the Phoenix robe has no time to take effect.

"It's no wonder that the tomb raiders last time only dared to go deep into here~wuxiaworld.online~ If you go in and go forward, the danger is really unimaginable." Song Junlang sighed.

"Why didn't the person who came in last time took away the Phoenix robe?" Xiao Lin asked.

"Because he has taken away the glass bead, it is something more precious than the Phoenix robe. As far as I know, they are usually inexhaustible. They will always leave something for the dead, which can be regarded as accumulating virtue for themselves. Now." Song Junlang said with a shrug.

"Then do we need to move on?" Xiao Lin asked.

Song Junlang looked at him and asked, "What do you think?"

Xiao Lin looked straight back and nodded firmly: "We must move forward!"

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