Elite Mages Academy Chapter 714

Chapter 714: End

No matter what dangers are in the depths of the tomb, this trip is inevitable.

Xiao Lin and Song Junlang both understood this. Just as they were about to move on, Song Junlang suddenly stopped Xiao Lin, "You wait."

Then in the question mark on Xiao Lin's face, Song Junlang walked to the corpse just now, squatted down, and began to pick up his clothes.

Xiao Lin was puzzled at first, and then he was full of weird expressions: "Then what, didn't you just say that the dead are big and respect the dead?"

"That's right." Song Junlang's movements didn't slow down at all.

"Then what are you doing."

"Can't you see? Picking up clothes, I told you just now, this is a phoenix, something that can save lives!"

Xiao Lin was speechless, but he had seen Song Junlang's shamelessness before. It was just watching this man's skillful movements, why didn't it feel that this guy was not the first to steal a tomb?

The Phoenix robe was quickly taken off intact. Song Junlang really studied this aspect, and then threw the clothes over with Xiao Lin's look of disgust and asked him to put it on.

"This is to save your life. It may save your life at a critical moment."

Speaking of Song Junlang striding forward, he headed toward the depths of the tomb without looking back.

Xiao Lin opened his mouth. Even though he was mentally obstructed by the clothes that the dead man wore, he looked at Song Junlang's back, and after all, he silently put the Phoenix robe on his body.

The Phoenix Robe can have a chance of resurrection, and Song Junlang has transferred this opportunity to himself. He definitely cannot live up to this intention.

This tomb is very big, the deeper you go, the darker it is around. This darkness is different from ordinary darkness. It is pitch black that can't penetrate even the light of fire, whether it is a torch or the lighting they throw out. Spells.

Moreover, Song Junlang and Xiao Lin could feel that they were gradually walking toward the underground. The tomb was inclined, and the deep chambers were all in the underground direction.

This is similar to the structure of an inverted pyramid, so what is hidden in the last spire? Xiao Lin and Song Junlang both looked forward to it.

Originally, they were a little worried that various organs and traps would be hidden in the tomb, but after a long time, they did not encounter the slightest trap being triggered.

I don't know whether it was because the previous tomb thieves had all triggered the traps, or the traps in the tomb were all invalidated because they were too old.

But no matter what, this is good news.

In this way, time passed by.

The conversation between Xiao Lin and Song Junlang also became less and less, and the tomb was extremely quiet, and there were almost only slight rustling footsteps and thumping heartbeats.

I don't know how long it has passed. Xiao Lin felt tired. Although he couldn't determine the exact time, he roughly estimated that they should have been away for at least two or three hours.

Their pace is fast, although they are not running, but they are walking fast.

At this speed, there is still no sign of completing the tomb.

How big is this tomb?

Is it directly connected to the ground?

"Minister Song, are you sure we didn't go wrong?" Xiao Lin finally couldn't help asking.

However, his question did not receive the slightest response.

In the dim tomb, Song Junlang just continued to leave a slender back, not too far away from Xiao Lin, did not speak, and did not turn his head.

Xiao Lin's heartbeat suddenly accelerated a few minutes, and he vaguely felt something was wrong.

Song Junlang in front of him made him feel unfamiliar inexplicably, but unfortunately he has no strength now, otherwise he should have discovered it earlier, and didn't realize it until he recovered.

"You are not Song Junlang! Who are you!"

Xiao Lin unceremoniously launched an attack. Although he had only black iron strength now, he was not incapable of attacking. It was just that his attack could only be used as a test.

Song Junlang still didn't look back, let alone move.

The moment the attack touched his body, Song Junlang disappeared like a mirror flower, and then the entire surrounding space began to twist.


Xiao Lin opened his eyes suddenly, and Song Junlang's concerned eyes were greeted.

He looked around in confusion. This was still the tomb of the corpse. He was wearing a phoenix robe. He watched Song Junlang intently for a while, and Xiao Lin finally breathed a sigh of relief.

This is the real Minister Song. He can still be sure about the time spent getting along.

"Is it an illusion?" Xiao Lin asked.

"Yes, and this is not an ordinary fantasy." Song Junlang looked worried: "Now I understand why so many tomb robbers have visited here, but no one has ever reached the final tomb."

"What the **** is going on? Stop selling it!" Xiao Lin was a little anxious. He could see that Song Junlang obviously knew more things. He had seen it from a few days ago. It's just the old problem of this servant. It means that half is left half.

"Xiao Lin, I'm afraid I can't accompany you on the next road." Song Junlang's expression suddenly calmed down, but these words suddenly made Xiao Lin feel a little uncomfortable.

"What do you mean? Are you leaving?"

"No, because the next road, only you can go, this is a place that only you can reach."

"I do not understand what you mean."

Song Junlang rubbed his eyebrows and sighed, "Don't you understand? In fact, I have investigated the notes left by the tomb robbers who had visited here a long time ago. According to their memories, the tombs here actually have nothing. It's more like a maze that loops forever, but just now, you fell into an illusion. In this way, do you understand?"

Xiao Lin understood: "You mean, that illusion is the real mystery of the tomb."

"Yes, it's just that only you can enter this illusion. In fact, I haven't noticed any illusion power at all so far, so I think that the road can only be completed by you." Song Junlang looked on. dignified.

"What is the end of the road?"

"do not know."

"What's in that place?"

"do not know."

"Is it dangerous?"

"do not know."

"Then what do you know!" Xiao Lin was also a little annoyed.

"Do what you really want, do what you want, that's enough."

Song Junlang pushed Xiao Lin a lot after finishing talking. Before Xiao Lin could say anything, his eyes became blurred again.

When his vision returned to normal, Xiao Lin had already stood in the tomb again, but this time Song Junlang was no longer beside him, and there was no ancient corpse on the ground.

He understood that he had returned to the illusion.

This time he no longer imitated or hesitated, and moved on toward the depths of the tomb.

The tomb became deeper and deeper, and the light around him became darker and darker. Even the firelight in his hand was not enough to dispel the darkness, so Xiao Lin simply threw away all the fire sources.

Anyway, the structure of this tomb was not complicated. Each tomb was next to each other and you could walk down with your eyes closed. When the determination became firmer, Xiao Lin also felt a little more stunned.

Perhaps the light source is an obstacle that confuses the eyes.

Without the light source, Xiao Lin was in the darkness where he couldn't see his fingers, but Xiao Lin didn't have the slightest fear or fear, and his footsteps became more determined.

In this way, walking step by step, time passed by.

No one knows how long has passed, maybe an hour, maybe a day, maybe a year...

Until finally, in the darkness in front of Xiao Lin's eyes, a light source and a milky halo appeared.

There was no sadness or joy in his heart, he accelerated his pace a little, and the moment he reached out to touch the light source, he felt extremely high energy erupting from it.

Xiao Lin didn't even have time to react. Of course, it didn't matter if he had time, because at this moment, he only had the strength of black iron, and he couldn't make any counterattack at all.

The light and shadow flowed, Xiao Lin reluctantly opened his eyes again, and was surprised to find that he was no longer in the tomb, but in a stream of colorful light.

However, he was naked at the moment, and Xiao Lin immediately understood that it was the phoenix robe that saved his life, allowing him to survive and be able to pass through the white light.

This is where?

"This is where the world begins and ends." An old voice suddenly sounded.

"Can you hear my inner voice?" Xiao Lin was surprised.

"Because I am you and you are me."

Xiao Lin was silent for a moment, and his tone suddenly became a little hasty: "Did you send me the notice?"


"You made me come to Dawn Academy?"


"It was you who caused this to happen!"


"Then who are you? No, just ask, who am I!"

"If I said, your previous life was a god, the **** who created and destroyed everything, would you believe it?" the old voice said slowly.

Xiao Lin sneered: "Evidence?"


Xiao Lin froze, "Then how do I trust you?"

"So what's the matter, the previous life is the previous life, and you are just you." The old voice sounded again, and the voice was full of fatigue.

"In fact, I have experienced everything you have experienced. Whether it is love, friendship, sadness or happiness, I have experienced it. It is like a reincarnation, constantly repeated, and then I can tell the history of this world. You, Dawn Academy provoked the Academy War, and it will soon draw the whole world in, including the earth. Needless to say, the course of the war, but the final result is destruction. There will never be a victor in the war. It will hurt both sides."

"Your friends, your relatives, will be reduced to ashes in this war!"

"It's impossible!" Xiao Lin stood up abruptly and roared, "If this is the future, then I will definitely prevent this from happening!"

"You can't stop it!" The voice seemed to be angry: "Because of the same thing, I have done it countless times. Do you think this is the first time I have seen myself on such an occasion?!"

Xiao Lin instantly calmed down, he had already vaguely guessed the answer.

"Yes, you are very smart. You are indeed the me who used to be. Everything you experience is the cycle of time. The future me, that is, you master the power of time, subvert time and space, reverse the future and the past, but only This result has never changed."

Xiao Lin was stunned in an instant. He didn't doubt what the other party said. In fact, he had doubted it a long time ago. He suspected that the future self sent the admission notice to him. It was the future self who led him to the present. .

Everything is reincarnation, will everything go to destruction?

"Is there really no way?"


"any solution?"

"Let everything return to the original point and completely change the timeline. The source of all these tragedies is just because of this different world. If not, then everyone's life will return to the original track. And all of this requires you and me. Only then can it be completed, you and the creation fragments in my body can be combined, but..."

"but what?"

"But after doing this, I will disappear completely, of course it doesn't matter, and you will completely lose everything you have now, do you know what I mean?"

A entanglement flashed across Xiao Lin's face. Of course he understood. The most precious thing to him was not strength, but memory. It was the memory of those companions, Gu Xiaoyue, Song Junlang and others.

However, if you reverse everything to the original point, it means that they will never have an intersection.

"Then your answer?" The voice rang again.

"Then do it!" Xiao Lin answered without hesitation.

After such a long time, Xiao Lin was actually tired. Perhaps this was the choice the principal and Song Junlang wanted to make.

The passage of different time and space shouldn't exist in this world.

Xiao Lin's vision gradually blurred, and he could feel that the creation fragments in his body were quickly leaving him~wuxiaworld.online~ and finally gathered in midair.

The dazzling light of creation suddenly bloomed, covering this space, and then completely concealing the world.

"Just end it like this, maybe this is the best ending."

This is Xiao Lin's last memory.

The academies no longer exist in this academy, the passage between the alien world and the earth was closed forever, and the earth finally returned to its normal orbit.

As to whether the passage through which will be reopened in the future, that may be another story.

(Not counting the ending. After so many years, I should give this book a break. As for the future story of Xiao Lin, you can make up your own mind...)

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