My Mr. Gu Is Courting Death Again Chapter 617

Chapter 618 Went Overboard 2


Xu Weilai exchanged a look with Xiao Chun.

Xu Shuai was in the right state of mental clarity. He was not yet too drunk to speak but was hammered and in a state where he was the most relaxed and defenceless. Thus, he would basically say anything that came to his mind.

Xu Weilai knew that she couldn’t afford to be anxious and needed to take her time to sound him out. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to get anything out of Xu Shuai if he were to recover from his drunken stupor.

She swallowed her saliva and rolled her dark pupils. After she came up with a few questions, she then began to interrogate him.

“Do you know who Xiao Chun is?”

Xu Shuai immediately narrowed his eyes and giggled before he replied without hesitation, “I know. She’s also a pal of mine.”


Xiao Chun suddenly began to cough violently before she reached over and secretly gave him a pinch on his arm. “He’s supposed to reveal secrets about Gu Yu and Xu Weilai. Not me!” she thought.

Thankfully, Xu Weilai did not dwell further on this and quickly moved on to her next question, “In that casedo you know who Xu Weilai is?”

The moment Xu Shuai heard her second question, his smile was wiped off from his face and his expression quickly turned cold as if her name triggered some bad memory. He then snorted with contempt and replied, “I know. She’s a bad woman.”



Xu Weilai was long aware of the fact that Xu Shuai detested her. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have sought her out with a contract and tried to make things difficult for her when she returned to China previously.

She had always wondered what she had done to offend him.

When she heard him describe her as a ‘bad woman’, it piqued her curiosity.

Xu Weilai held her breath and stared at him with her dark pupils. Then, as if she was afraid of scaring him, she began to ask slowly in a soft and gentle voice, “Well why is she bad?”

Xiao Chun, too, widened her eyes in surprise and waited eagerly for Xu Shuai to respond.

She never understood why Gu Yu broke off the engagement three years ago and why he would behave as if he hated Xu Weilai although he was clearly heartbroken behind her back.

Gu Yu had put up such a good act back then that Xiao Chun was also deceived into believing that he really hated Xu Weilai.

Xu Weilai and Xiao Chun watched as Xu Shuai move his lips. But just when he was about to say something, he suddenly stopped and rolled his eyes. Instead of answering their question, he retorted, “Who are you guys? Why should I tell you?”

Xu Weilai and Xiao Chun felt an urge to beat him up.

They have reached the critical point of their interrogation and would have to get an answer out of him by hook or by crook.

Xu Weilai bit her lower lip and, in an attempt to suppress her anger, forced out a smile before she began to coax him, “We’re good friends, aren’t we? Shouldn’t good friends share everything with each other?”

Xiao Chun, too, recovered from her astonishment and chimed in, “Xu Shuai, I’m Chunchun. Don’t you trust me? I also think that Xu Weilai is an exceptionally terrible woman. What dirt do you have on her? Tell me all about it and I’ll share my experience with you to see if we both experienced the same thing with her.”

As if he was convinced by them, Xu Shuai nodded and instantly sat upright. Laying one arm on Xu Weilai’s shoulder and the other on Xiao Chun’s, he drew them in close and whispered, “Xu Weilai went overboard with her actions. She and her”

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