My Mr. Gu Is Courting Death Again Chapter 619

Chapter 620 The Final Leg 2

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Xu Weilai instinctively turned back to look and met the gaze of the person behind her.

Gu Yu’s deep, dark pupils were void of emotion and he exuded an aura of cold indifference. He seemed more handsome and alienated from her than before.

As both parties never expected to bump into each other here, were momentarily stunned.

Xu Weilai was instantly puzzled and annoyed by how she had habitually returned to this apartment because she was so engrossed in her thoughts and even bumped into Gu Yu by coincidence.

Gu Yu stared at her in silence and seemed to be waiting for her to speak. Xu Weilai knew that she couldn’t pretend not to see him and leave. However, she was also reluctant to be honest with him for she couldn’t afford to lose face.

Feeling conflicted, she frowned. But all of a sudden, a thought popped up in her mind. She quickly opened her bag and took out the book of fairytales that she always carried along with her and handed it over to Gu Yu before she explained, “I… I’m here to return your book.”

Gu Yu’s gaze slowly moved down from her face to the book and a hint of confusion flashed across his eyes.

Xu Weilai added, “I accidentally took this from your shelf when I was packing up so… I’m here to return it to you.”

After over ten seconds of silence, Gu Yu finally replied in his usual frigid tone of voice, “Give it to me then.”

He then reached over to take the book from her.

However, Xu Weilai suddenly tightened her fingers around the book. When Gu Yu noticed this, raise his eyebrows and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Xu Weilai stared fixedly at his face with her clear eyes and abruptly blurted out an irrelevant question, “Do you still remember where you got this book from?”

Gu Yu maintained a poker face and remained silent.

However, Xu Weilai wasn’t bothered by this and continued, “Previously, I was sick and hospitalized. As I couldn’t sleep at night, the nurse brought me some books and you picked this one to read to me. But…you only read the beginning of the book to me. I never knew what the ending was.”

“Afterwards, I wanted to find out the ending myself, but couldn’t find the book no matter how hard I searched for it and it turns out that you were the one who took it. Why did you take it? Why did you hide it?”

Gu Yu continued to remain silent but his brows had knitted together into a frown and he seemed to have lost his patience with her.

“You could keep this book if you like,” he remarked emotionlessly and retracted his hand before he walked past Xu Weilai to make his way to his apartment.

As he brushed past her, Xu Weilai asked again, “What does the Big Tiger and Little Fox mean?”

Gu Yu continued to walk on.

All of a sudden, Xu Weilai beamed and said, “Gu Yu, it’s fine if you don’t want to answer. I’m a reporter and I have a pretty wild imagination that Ii could use to think of an explanation for this. I believe that…the Big Tiger loves the Little Fox very much, doesn’t he?”

Gu Yu was already holding onto the handrail of the door to his apartment and when he heard what she said, paused and glanced sideways at her before he finally replied, “It was a casual remark.”


As if he was mocking her, his lips curled up into a smile and he retorted, “Suit yourself and think what you want.”

Xu Weilai tightened her grip on the book for a moment but quickly released it casually. She then turned and stepped forward to stuff the book into Gu Yu’s hand firmly before she flashed him an apologetic smile and said, “I’m sorry. I drank some alcohol earlier on and must be getting tipsy. Here, take this. I’ll make a move then.”

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