I Pick Up Attributes In The End Times Chapter 828

Chapter 828: 50 Million Yuan Stones

Zhanyuezong's private room.

Beside Yu Shuiyao, a woman looked at the private room where Nanluo College was located.

"This Nanluo Academy is really unexpected! I thought they would not bid anymore, but I didn't expect them to continue to increase prices." The woman slowly said.

"Well, it was quite unexpected, and now it seems that Saint Tianzong and Tianwumen may not continue to increase their prices." Another woman said.

Yu Shuiyao smiled slightly and said, "Anyway, we won't be involved anymore. It depends on whether Nanluo College will make an offer or not."

"Liege Academy shouldn't make any more bids, right? After all, Liege Academy is no better than Shengtianzong and Tianwumen. Shengtianzong and Tianwumen will not continue. Can Liege Academy continue?" the first woman asked. .

Yu Shuiyao glanced at her, shook her head and said: "It's not about bidding or bidding. If you look at it like this, Nanluo Academy is not as strong as Shengtianzong and Tianwumen, but it's still at this time. In the continuation, Nanluo Academy, Shengtianzong and Tianwumen both withdrew from the auction."

"Mainly, the relationship between Liege College and Nanluo College has always been in dire straits. The competition between the two colleges is too fierce, and they will definitely compete at auctions."

"Senior Sister Yu is right." The woman nodded.


In the private room where the Liege Academy is located.

A sneer appeared in a man's eyes, and said: "This Yueshan actually shouted the price of 49 million yuan stone. I really didn't expect him to hide so deeply."

"Talking about seniors, at this time, it is basically certain that Shengtianzong, Tianwumen, and Zhanyuezong have all withdrawn from the auction, which is equivalent to only our Liege College and Nanluo College. We can't let Nanluo College have the upper hand. Now." Another man said.

As everyone said, the competitive relationship between Liege College and Nanluo College is too obvious and fierce.

Between the two colleges, even if it is not on the battlefield, but only at the auction, it must be distinguished.

Tan Wenyao nodded, and said with a smile: "Naturally, I won't let the people of Nanluo College go arrogant, let alone that fellow Yue Shan, what right does he have to arrogant in front of me?"

Tan Wenyao had conflicts with Yue Shan before. Although neither of them had any advantage at that time, the hatred had already been accumulated.

"However, I am not in a hurry to increase the price for the time being. I will increase the price when Yue Shan thinks that he will definitely get the heavenly spirit treasure."

A sneer flashed in Tan Wenyao's eyes, and he wanted Yue Shan to experience a feeling from hope to despair.

Lin Fan didn't know what Tan Wenyao was thinking. If he knew it, he would like to give Tan Wenyao a thumbs up. People like Yue Shan are indeed very poor.


"Huh? After Nanluo Academy called out the price of 49 million yuan stone, how come other forces didn't say anything? Did the other forces give up?"

"Yes, three minutes have passed, why don't they increase the fare?"

"I don't know, maybe they really intend to give up bidding!"

"This is not impossible. After all, the price has soared to 49 million yuan. It is reasonable to give up the auction."

"Yes, if you increase the price, the price will be directly 50 million yuan."

"I really want to see the moment when the price exceeds 50 million yuan."

Everyone began to discuss.

Mainly, based on the previous rate of price increase, there shouldn't be such a long interval.

But now that three minutes have passed, there is no sound of the next price increase, so the audience thinks that no one continues to increase the price.

And these voices fell in Yue Shan's ears, which made Yue Shan's tight heart relax a lot.

But he used all his real savings for bidding. If someone continues to increase the price at this price, then he has no way to bid.

Therefore, he hopes no one will continue to increase the price more than anyone else. Only in this way can he get the mountain and river fan.

"Brother Yueshan, it seems that no one will continue to increase the price."

Guo Yuanjie said happily: "Now you can get the mountain and river fan."

"With this mountain and river fan, Brother Yueshan will once again improve your strength."

Qiu Chengzhi followed: "In this way, when you enter the cultivation cave to explore, the chance of harvesting good things will increase."

"Haha, this is inevitable. Why should the Yuanshi spent here have to be earned back from the cultivation cave." Yue Shan smiled and nodded.

Hearing Yue Shan's voice, Tang Xiaoxiao felt disgusted for no reason.

She had already thought about buying this mountain and river fan and giving it to Lin Fan, so no matter whether anyone continued to increase the price, she would shout the price.


In the private room where the Liege Academy is located.

Next to Tan Wenyao, a man glanced at the direction of Nanluo College. When he saw the smile on Yue Shan's face, he couldn't help but said: "Talking about senior, Yue Shan is happy, and the host is probably about to announce. Now, can we make a bid?"

Hearing that, Tan Wenyao's gaze also looked at Nanluo Academy first, and she saw a smile on Yue Shan's face.

It seems that it is time.

What he wanted was the effect itself, that was, he had to wait until Yue Shan was happy before bidding.

Thinking of this, Tan Wenyao did not delay, and said loudly: "50 million yuan stone."



As soon as Tan Wenyao's bidding voice spread, the atmosphere in the entire auction venue suddenly changed.

Although many of them had speculated that the price of this mountain and river fan would exceed 50 million shi, when the price really exceeded 50 million shi, it still brought them a great impact.

"50 million yuan stone! 50 million yuan stone! Finally broke through!"

"Oh my God! I didn't expect it could really break through 50 million yuan stone, I always thought it would be impossible!"

"It's just that, I really didn't expect that the 50 million yuan stone came from the Liege Academy."

"Yeah, I always thought that Saint Heavenly Sect would call such a high price."

"It seems that this time, the Liege Academy is going to show off."

"It's terrifying, the price is terrible."

Everyone was amazed.

In the eyes of many people, the Holy Heaven Sect is the first of the five forces, and the highest bidder should be the Holy Heaven Sect.

No one expected that the highest bidder would become the Liege Academy.

Liu Shuyun on the auction stage was also slightly surprised.

At that time, she had indeed planned to announce that the auction of Shanhe Fan was over, but she did not expect the Liege Academy to bid again.

The price of 50 million yuan stone is also considered to be the relatively high price she has experienced in her auction career.

The general manager at the back of the auction station, with a constant smile on his face, murmured, "In the end, it has exceeded 50 million yuan. It's not bad, not bad, it's a good income."

In the general manager's eyes, there is not much that can make him care about other than the profit.


In the private room where Shengtianzong is located.

"I really didn't expect the Liege Academy to increase the price at this last moment, which directly caused the price to exceed 50 million yuan." A man said.

Duan Yuanzheng nodded and said, "I didn't expect them to be so crazy that they could make the price of this Shanhe fan exceed 50 million shi."

At first he guessed that the mountain and river fan would cost 48 million yuan at most, but now it turns out that he guessed less.


In the private room where Tianwumen is.

Next to Shu Hongtu, a man looked in the direction of the Liege Academy, and muttered, "What do people from Liege Academy think?"

Shu Hongtu heard the words and slowly said: "The competitive relationship between Liege College and Nanluo College has always been fierce. Maybe Liege College has seen that Saint Tianzong, Zhanyuezong and our Tianwumen have not increased their prices. Only their Lie Sun. The college and Nanluo College are now, so I continue to increase the price, and I don't want Nanluo College to harvest that mountain fan."

"Senior Brother Shu said quite true."

The man nodded, feeling that what Shu Hongtu said made sense.


Zhanyuezong's private room.

A woman let out a sigh of relief, and said, "50 million shi, Liege Academy is really well prepared to participate in the auction this time!"

"Yes, the price has exceeded 50 million yuan. I don't think Nanluo Academy will increase the price anymore." Another woman said.

Hearing the conversation between the two of them, Yu Shuiyao flashed her beautiful eyes and said: "This is not necessarily true. The key is to see if Tang Xiaoxiao is willing to continue to increase prices. If Tang Xiaoxiao is willing to continue to increase prices, then I believe I will eventually get the mountain and river fan. It's from Nanluo College."

The shouts from Nanluo College were all Yue Shan, and Tang Xiaoxiao had not heard the price.

Therefore, Yu Shuiyao felt that Tang Xiaoxiao was still hidden.

She has always firmly believed that among the young people present, Tang Xiaoxiao is the richest one, and who makes Tang Xiaoxiao a third-rank alchemist!

The identity of the third-rank alchemist must be a rich and rich existence.


In the private room where Nanluo College is located.

Yue Shan, who was still immersed in joy, instantly solidified the smile on his face when he heard Tan Wenyao's offer.

He never thought that Tan Wenyao would continue to increase the price.

"This bastard! This bastard!"

Yue Shan clenched his fists tightly together, and his expression became extremely gloomy.

Just now he was ready to welcome the arrival of Shanhe Fan, who would have thought that at the last moment, Tan Wenyao jumped out to increase the price again!

"Intentionally, this Tan Wenyao must be deliberately aimed at our Nanluo College!" Guo Yuanjie said quickly.

"Yes, if he didn't intentionally, how could he continue to increase the price!" Qiu Chengzhi also said.

Both of them were from Yueshan's side, and naturally they wanted to help Yueshan when they spoke.

Yue Shan took two deep breaths. The amount of Yuanshi Dingtian he was able to take out was 49 million, which had already been borrowed from Guo Yuanjie and Qiu Chengzhi.

Ask him to ask Tang Xiaoxiao to borrow the Yuanshi, then he obviously can't wipe his face.

"This bastard, when I meet him next time, I will definitely not make him feel better!" Yue Shan said cursingly.

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