Real Name God Chapter 280

Chapter 280: At The End Below Is God

"The God of True Name (

Above the desert, there is a lot of dust.

A group of teams wearing hoods trek over the wasteland.

Located in the middle of the team, the man walking at the front is a tall and burly man, who can impress people at first glance.

Next to Dahan is a young man of similar age. The entourage handed him a pot of water and asked with some worry:

"His Royal Highness, how does your body feel?"

"no problem."

The big man took the water, raised his head and drank it, smiling, and replied:

"This level is nothing to me. The trial of Falling Star Valley is a thousand times more uncomfortable than a mere desert."

"Don't worry, it will be a place to stay soon. People from the Holy Alliance should come to welcome..."

Halfway through what the entourage said, he fell silent suddenly.

The tattoos on his face glowed slightly, like lines inside a machine. He keenly felt the power fluctuations not far away.

"Magic? And it works in a strange way... Is this a gravity change? Wizards who can use this ability are very rare."

The follower squinted his eyes, and the surface of his eyeball showed a pattern of the same texture and flowing light, and the scene within a few kilometers ahead was clearly presented in his vision.

Desolate and uninhabited, even the breath of life is almost extinct. This is the place called the "Death Desert" at the junction of the territories of the Ten Thousand Middle Empire and the Holy Alliance.

However, now there was a little bird lying a dozen steps away from them.

It seemed to be hurt and dying.

"...Wait, how come there is a parrot?"

The entourage frowned.

"Something's wrong."

With a move, the guards behind him drew out their knives and stared at the birds on the ground vigilantly.

This scene looks a little absurd, but it is this unhesitating action that proves that the guards are a group of well-trained elite fighters.

"His Royal Highness Prince?"

As soon as the entourage turned his head, he found that the big man seemed to be stunned there, and he couldn't help but say.

"You are really sensitive. This parrot is really not an ordinary beast."

The prince seemed to have recovered from his senses at this moment, and told the people around him.

"Pick it up and bandage the wound well. Bring it to me."


The guard next to him took the order and walked towards the parrot.

"Your Highness, this..."

The entourage was taken aback for a moment. He never knew that his owner had such a good habit of caring for animals, but this parrot was not an ordinary animal. It appeared along with the gravitational fluctuation. The origin was obviously extraordinary, so he immediately persuaded him. :

"Let's assume that we haven't seen it? It's better not to branch out."

"Pretending not to see, can you really keep things from happening?"

His Royal Highness replied calmly.

"It's like I'm going to the Holy Alliance. Everyone knows that this is for me to bear the destiny of becoming a proton. Isn't I ignorant of all of this, it won't happen?"


"Well, I have already decided."

The big man shook his head.

"In fact, I am still going to worship this parrot as a teacher."


He thought he had heard it wrong.

"But, but that's a bird"

"Yes. But didn't the people in the Pantheon say that there are spirits everywhere in nature, and Gods are among all things? So, even if they are not human beings, they can be my teachers."

The prince took the parrot from the returning guard and moved cautiously.

"Of course, this is only in name. As for you, just call him... well, Aristotle."

A strange name that has never been heard before, as I thought, and it was so long. Will there really be pets called this name?

"If I want to be Alexander the Great in this world, I will need the help of a wise man."

"...Your Royal Highness, what did you just say?"

"Nothing, you won't know." The prince shrugged. "Let's go."


"Master, I am leaving the magic tower."

On this day, Joan Borgia visited Richard's house early.

"Unfortunately, I haven't seen enough of the scenery in the magic tower."

"...From the expression on your face, you don't seem to see regret."

"Ahaha, probably because of preparation."

"Your father wants you to return to the Holy See?"

"No," the female knight shook her head, "it's a new task assigned to me before. I have been delayed for a long time and can't continue to delay it. No way, that guy loves to send me."

Without waiting for Richard's further inquiry, she took the initiative to speak out the Pope's secret order.

"Some time ago, the'blood of God' kept in the secret underground facility [] in the Great Sanctuary was stolen. He asked me to recover the blood of the gods. It would be better to catch all the thieves by the way."


Richard's expression moved, and he glanced at his real name.

God's blood...

After replacing Rasputin, he has been thinking about who to look for next.

Richard certainly hopes to find a more capable target than Rasputin. However, the legendary wizard is already at the top of the Beyonder world, and wants to go one step further, that is, the saint demon king, and even the gods.

Regardless of the question of whether it will be revealed after the replacement, it is difficult to get the "key": how to find the traces of this group of superior guys, and how to get their blood? Should we take the initiative to hit the door?

In fact, if he wants to replace someone perfectly, he must first ensure that the person is dead, and all this must be done without attracting anyones attention; otherwise, he can use genetic information to manipulate and replace others secrets. It is very likely that he will be exposed, and he will even become a public enemy of the world-Richard knows this well.

Richards idea is that since it is more difficult to deal with living people, he will focus on those who have passed away: such as collecting their relics. But according to the real name, once the relevant items lose their activity, the records that can be searched will become blurred, and it is likely to be useless.

While Richard was distressed by this, the news brought by Miss Borgia refreshed him.

He had heard before that [], as one of the "artifacts" controlled by the Holy See, is said to be a space where time stagnates. Regardless of whether this principle is too exaggerated, the effect of the holy sacred tree is real, and the activity of the blood of the gods is very likely to be retained, which can be the only clue at present.

He still doesn't know whether the authority of his real name can have an effect on God, but for Richard, this is an opportunity that must not be missed. As long as everything goes well, he can truly become...


"The thieves are..."

Richard remained silent. If he really wants to do it, he doesn't want to be openly hostile to the Holy See for the time being, so he can only do it first.

"I don't know. But I heard that the things are in the hands of the people of the Glen Train. They are planning to sell this rare thing as an auction item."

"...This is really bold."

Of course Richard knew the Glen Train. The rumored "can buy anything" auction place is so powerful behind the scenes that even the tiger's whiskers of the Holy See dare to stroke, which shows its arrogance; Mr. Evelyn, who is on his shoulders to save the elves, is very interested in it. , And even for this to end the journey hastily.

"By the way, I have another news about this. I think you will be interested."

Richard was stunned for a moment.

He didn't know why the other party said this suddenly, and thought that Miss Borgia had discovered the secret that she needed to use biomass with genetic factors as a media contract~wuxiaworld.online~ But, think about it, this is not at all. may. and so--

"Which **** did that drop of blood come from?"

"It seems you have guessed the master."

The female knight smiled slightly, and she put her hand on the table in front of her, leaning forward, looking into the eyes of the black-robed wizard.

"This drop of blood comes from the great head of all evils, the lord of demons, and the dark lord-the demon emperor Bafengt."

"...That's it."

"This year's Glen Train is about to depart in ten days, how about it? Does the master have a heartbeat?" Qiong An blinked at him, and said happily, "Why don't you just go with me?"

Richard's fingers began to tap rhythmically on the table unconsciously, as if he was lost in thought.

He had actually made up his mind, but he just didn't know which excuse to use.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

"Teacher, are you there?"

The respectful voice of the witch sounded outside the bronze door.

"Say it."

"I received a letter signed "May Association". They invite you to become a member of the "Kabbalah Council" this time."

"Really. Accept it for me."

Richard did not hesitate.

The Kabbalah Council, with the theme of "exchanging academic achievements and sharing ancient knowledge", is the first event in the mysterious world once every ten years. The Crown Family, the three towers of stars, and the fog all form associations, and even people in the New World can With a kick, he just became the leader of the magic tower when he needed to make a name, there was no reason to be absent.

"What about the destination?"

"The valley."

The knock on the desktop suddenly stopped.

The lady at the table smiled as a winner.

Magic Tower LeaderEnd

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