Real Name God Chapter 284

: Write At The End

"The God of True Name (

Hello everyone, I am a clockwork orange dream.

The writing process of "The God of Real Name" is now over. Thank you readers and friends for your support, thank the editor in charge Lu Ming for your support, and thank you all.

Originally I wanted to write the end of "Ending", but later I felt that it would be better to create an atmosphere that looked like "being cut off because of bad grades", so I wrote "Ending" again, and I haven't written a few paragraphs yet. Time to use the outline content.

In fact, it was cut in half, but as a serialized article, of course, I wrote it myself, and poor grades must be the main reason. Some readers may complain here: it is because the author's update is unstable! But in fact, my updates before the shelves were very stable. The result was that the first order was 460, and the ratio was 1:19. After the shelves, I continued to update steadily for two and a half months, and the results have not improved.

Of course, I am definitely not saying that the reader's accusations are unreasonable. In the final analysis, I have insufficient abilities. According to the standards of a full-time writer, the light stability update is useless. If you can write 4D characters every day, if you can serialize millions of characters stably, you may not have this problem.

......Of course, it is possible to continue to rush on the street. Similar examples are not uncommon. Who can say such things accurately.

Fortunately, I have finished writing a story relatively completely. Although there are pits that have not been filled in, although there are still a few interesting ideas and settings that I think are useless, I regret that I continue to write them down. There are hundreds of thousands of words in each volume of this worldview, which is really not enough. , So put a pen here for now. Rather than simply escaping the outline or stopping abruptly in a chapter that doesn't touch the world, I still hope I can leave some thoughts.

Next, talk about the beginning of this book. In fact, when I started the pit, I didn't expect to write such a work. The subject of the original selection was supernatural. As a result, it happened to be severely cracked down, and all spiritual texts were wiped out... I was always very uncomfortable. On the one hand, I was too timid to publish books. On the other hand, I felt that I had made up my mind to open a hole and didnt write about myself. From the pit library that contains a lot of what I have written before, I randomly select a book that I feel might be welcome to write.

Western Fantasy, I have never written about it, but I still like this subject, why not try it?

This was the original idea, but now it seems a bit hasty. If you can think about it first before writing, the result may be different.

If we say that some theme settings look very interesting and interesting to read, even when I make up my mind to write, I feel very cool when I make the outline and conceive the future plot, but... this does not mean that I really knock After the keyboard is written, I will still be very interesting.

It's not that you can't write, but you still have to consider your own ability.

Let's talk about readers. Just because he is a writer who is always on the street, the talents who are willing to come to join in are more precious. Especially for my three leaders, two of them even won the leader reward twice... It's too exaggerated, as I have always said, it is really shameful.

There are also tips from new and old readers, and those who insist on voting for recommendations are very grateful.

A lazy and useless writer like me would have fallen on the street long ago without your tolerance.

Although I always talk in the group about which game I have cleared today, my work and rest have really been fixed over the past six months, and writing time is still ample. However, in order to avoid slack, we still need more encouragement and support from all of you in the future.

Finally, it is about the new book.

I remember that one day I said in the group that the plot of this book will end with Richard and a certain girl. This is from the heart. Some people may ask why Shikoudi is because the reason is very simple: the black hair is AI, the red hair comes too late, and the result after flipping a coin in the golden hair and silver hair is her, nothing more. Later, I felt that Shikoudi was indeed the most suitable, after all, everyone was going to leave the stage temporarily.

The above is not the point. The point is that I want to explain one thing. As the author, as the author, feels that the fun has declined after the writing of this work, it lacks motivation to write, and even needs to add extra excitement. For the next book, in order to continue to have the next book, the next book, this hurdle must be passed.

Again, grades are definitely the main reason, but I can't guarantee that the next book will be better, so I still have to pick the story that I am most interested in. If I am interested, I will really do my best to overcome all difficulties.

This is my wish for the new work.

The new book was prepared a few months ago, and the manuscript was changed three times. Now a manuscript of 100,000 words has been saved. I have already agreed with the editor and it is estimated that it will be uploaded tomorrow. Website review varies quickly and slowly, and you are not sure when you can see it. Anyway, it's just the past few days.

As for the subject matter, it is actually the one that I was going to publish a year ago, but it will become more in-depth and perfect in the relationship between the characters and the worldview.

The content of the first volume tells the story of a love triangle between a teenager and two girls who are involved in a supernatural incident with a small third-tier city as the background.

The spoiler ends here. Hope we can see you soon!

A Clockwork Orange Dream, on 2020.11.16

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