Cultivating 1000000 Years Chapter 1771

Chapter 1771: Match Each Other

The sky was full of billowing thunders, which shook loudly, and thunder and lightning struck down in the air, smashing frantically on these monster warriors in the mountains and forests.

The overwhelming thunder light, every time it descends on the ground, it will burst out extremely powerful thunder and lightning power within a radius of hundreds of meters. Most monster warriors standing together in the area will be shot by the same lightning. Connected to each other as a link.

One pass from ten to ten passes, and a few bursts of lightning can easily affect the thousands of monster warriors in the range at the same time. This large-scale continuous killing effect really surprised the monster warriors. There was a cry of pain.

In just a few minutes, thousands of monster warriors have been shocked.

Xu Yang's face gradually became colder. Although the top powerhouses of the elite battle group under his command were not harmed, there was no trace of such a large-scale lightning attack.

It really looks like the unique heaven and earth in this mountain region, but Xu Yang is very clear that there must be an exclusive law and power hidden behind it.

"The boss, according to my judgment, this force. Eighty percent is guided by the extremely special terrain environment of this mountain and forest area."

What kind of Huizhi Lanxin Xiaohua quickly found out the law of the release of these forces. Xu Yang happened to have such a guess. He stepped into the air, unlocked his own magical powers, and swept across the entire mountain area. Everywhere.

Sure enough, the power of these formations was released with the idea of Go.

The point that was previously surrounded by the power of the lightning attribute, from the birth to the release of the last light, each light is continuously released in accordance with the very delicate rules of Go.

After perceiving this special law, Xu Yang showed a satisfied smile on his face, a little bit of his eyebrows, strong mental power, quickly spreading around him.

Soon the entire mountain area, that is, this huge chessboard shape, was completely surrounded by the terrain.

"Since you know that you are so interested in Go, let me, a former chess master, come to meet you."

Xu Yang used his soul power to release such a voice and enveloped the entire mountain area.

Sure enough, a corresponding response was soon received.

It just happened to be the message passed to him by the law of the mountain top area.

"The chess meets the opponent. In this Longshan domain, I have studied the chess skills for hundreds of thousands of years on my own, and finally I am waiting for an opponent who can excite me.

Whether your army of monsters and beasts can pass my level depends on how deep your background is in this area.

If you can really win my game, not only will I not fight you and your monster beasts and cause any troubles and obstacles to you, but I will also pass on all my law and power to you. "

Xu Yang likes to encounter such opponents the most, and at least his spiritual awareness is really in place.

"Hahaha, let us have a happily next game. By all accounts, I haven't played against an opponent who is equal to me in some days. I really want to see how strong you can be."

After saying this, the two opponents who had reached the strength of the law finally started a game in this mountain forest.

Every time the two sides landed, they were able to cause an extremely powerful bloodbath of natural attribute power to this mountain and forest area. Every time Xu Yang released the golden angel light to guard the hundreds of thousands of monster soldiers below.

And every time the opponent falls, it can drive the natural force of one of the elements to destroy this mountain and forest area. In this way, the two sides will suffer the hundreds of thousands of monster warriors. Constantly switch positions to avoid the influence of the forces of nature that keep coming down again and again.

The power of the wind attribute, the power of the fire attribute as the main body, and the power source of other attributes as the auxiliary, one after another incomparably powerful disasters, constantly sweeping the mountains and forests, also caused the large number of monster warriors in front of them to fall into deep water In the struggle.

Fortunately, Xu Yang was a better player after all, and he didn't keep any hands. He directly relied on his extraordinary chess skills to completely control all the opponent's moves.

Then, he found the right opportunity to strike, causing the opponent to lose every move and make all the wrong moves. In just an instant, all the law trajectories in this mountain forest area completely collapsed.

With the terrifying trembling sound, as every corner of the forest trembled crazily, Xu Yang unceremoniously released his mental power to the limit, quickly resonating with the law of collapse around him, and soon The opponent was suppressed in all directions.

After he succeeded, Xu Yang had obviously already had a set plan for the outcome of the power of the law in front of him. In the process of the battle between the two sides on the terraces, Xu Yang had bred the most perfect idea.

The two words yin and yang are the perfect naming for the soul of the sword condensed from the law in front of him.

Before long, Xu Yang's fifth exclusive sword weapon soul was finally born.

The sword is black on the left and white on the right. The crack-like depression in the middle is more like the only limit separating the two extreme strengths.

The sword body is very comfortable, it seems that it is more than an inch longer than the previous four sword weapon souls!

It gives people a sense of mystery and unpredictability, yin and yang infinity, and naturalness.

Undoubtedly, the biggest feature of this sword is that it can mobilize the natural forces of various attributes at will, and it can also cooperate with various formations to exert its own kendo power for large-scale battlefields. In confrontation, using this sword is undoubtedly the best choice.

And with the formation of Xu Yang's fifth exclusive sword-finger weapon soul, all the surrounding dangers were naturally completely resolved.

Because Xu Yang's monster army lost thousands of monsters soldiers in this mountain area, everyone also suffered a little morale because of this strange and confusing power.

Xu Yang temporarily decided to rest for three days. It was also during this period that Xu Yang and the major leaders of the elite battle group under his command, looking at the world, inadvertently discovered some characteristics about the entire Panlong Mountain region.

It seems that every time after the complete cycle of the law of time and space ends, there will be a few looming stars in the sky. Just looking at the stars from this place, the visibility of those stars is too low.

Xu Yang faintly felt that these few stars might be closely related to the entrances of the Immortal Palaces of the six human spirits hidden at the top of the Panlong Mountain Region.

"If my judgment is correct, I will look for the secrets of the human spirit and six veins of the royal family. It should be hidden among the stars above the sky."

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