I Have A Godly Devouring System Chapter 640

Chapter 640: The Dog Bites The Dog A Hairy Mouth

Without waiting for the Xie Xianjun's mouth to exclaim, the direction of the palace suddenly made a loud noise!

It's as if a super huge glass burst!

Above the palace, a huge black hole appeared suddenly!

Outside the black hole, countless spatial forces surged.

And that entire space seemed to have suddenly deviated from its original position, forming a channel abruptly!

Afterwards, monsters with weird looks and huge bodies rushed out from inside!

The first one, the second one, the third one...

Tenth, hundredth, thousandth!

The mighty and mighty, after they fell from the space, they all stood in front of the palace and kept making loud noises.

For a time, the wind and clouds were stirred, and all the snow on the top of the mountain was shaken by the roar.

The sun is shining brightly.

But it was flying snow in the sky, and even faintly, a huge rainbow bridge hung out in the sky!

"Hahaha, how good are you? The army of the demon world is here, so the army of the demon world is not far away!"

Xianjun Renxie laughed frantically, as if they were holding a winning ticket!

"Hmph, just watch it!"

Jiang Ao gave a cold smile, just watching the demons appear one by one in such a quiet way!

At full, 100,000 monster races of various shapes appeared, and they stopped!

The spatial channel was also restored in an instant.

At the same time, the moment the space channel was restored, dozens of space monsters flew out and landed in front of the palace, behind those monsters!

"Master, those are my people! I still recognize them, they are all my sitting elders back then!"

Jiang Ao didn't move, and Kong naturally didn't move either.

His eyes kept paying attention there.

Between the words, there was a faint excitement.

"Yeah. When the big battle begins, you will join them. Then I will give you the last task. After you finish it, you can go back!"

Kong didn't know what Jiang Ao was talking about.

But since it was what the owner said, it was natural.

"Yes, master! Kong relies solely on the master!"

"Nothing is entirely up to the Lord Demon King, and all up to the Lord!"

Wu Wu also knelt down quickly.

Just now, Kong took out countless space stones and rewarded him some, allowing him to restore the demon power he had just consumed.

He was also shocked by Jiang Ao's generous handwork.

So many space stones may be useless to other monster races.

But it has a great effect on their space monster race!

Jiang Ao nodded slightly, and said no more.

After a group of demons appeared, they also stopped after roaring for a while, looking around.

However, it is clear that there is a demon general level person in charge, and they have not changed, as if they are waiting for something.


The space on the other side suddenly exploded!

The momentum is even more shocking than the appearance of the monsters!

If the appearance of the Space Monster Race is relatively elegant.

Then, the channel constructed at this time is even crazier!


From everyone's sight, it seemed that the space had been directly exploded with a big hole by explosives.

Layers of fragmentation!

Countless black space fragments were directly exploded into powder!

Then, the loud roar was intriguing, and the evil immortals who were still running around were frightened to kneel to the ground in public, not daring to look up again.

Even if those fire beasts can kill them directly, they still dare not move!

Obviously, they have been shocked by the aura revealed in the space channel!

It seems to die if you move!


A huge roar is approaching, and there are many figures inside!

These figures are smaller than the monster beasts of the monster race.

Can be imposing, but stronger than them!

Moreover, it is a head higher than Human Race!

Some first had double horns, and some had red eyes.


A hundred thousand army!

Each one is at least above the realm of demons!

The devil is equivalent to the big Luo Jinxian, and the devil is equivalent to the Luo Tianshang!

Therefore, the reinforcements sent by the demons are not weaker than those of the demons!

The two races have their own merits!

On both sides, each is an army of 100,000.

The entire palace was surrounded by the immortal emperor's palace.

Everyone's eyes were all directed at the killing fire beast!

The eyes of the Yaozu were like a smile but not a smile.

The Mozu licked their tongues, as if they were food.

At last.

A demon came out.

Devil level!

Jiang Ao's pupils shrank.

Unexpectedly, the Demon Race will send the Demon King to lead it!

But here, this battle is a bit hard to fight!

I have to say, Tianxie Xianjun played a good game.

Jiang Ao is not afraid of many people coming.

I'm afraid the people who come are strong enough!

The stronger the enemy, the more divine power he will consume.

And once the divine power is insufficient, then it may not be so easy to kill the Tianxie Xianjun!

Every trace of divine power is non-renewable.

Unless, he can find something to supplement his divine power.

Now he still has some tea leaves on his body, which can only be kept in case of emergencies, it can be said that it is a trump card that Tianxie Xianjun does not know!

Jiang Ao stood quietly, but he passed the message out, letting all the fire beasts come back to the fire spirit orb!

Huolin knew it, and with a roar, all Huoqi beasts rose into the sky at the same time!

The demons and monsters still did not move.

Although, from their eyes, it can be seen that they want to move.

But obviously, these reinforcements came over with great restraint.

This shows that well-trained!

The demons and demons are probably planning the immortal world a long time ago!

At this time.

The magic commander suddenly yelled, and the entire Immortal Emperor's Palace violently shook.

Immediately afterwards, the devil stood up.

"Tian Xie, this king is here, why are you still hiding in it? I need your explanation!"

Jiang Ao suddenly realized, no wonder he didn't move, it turned out to be... they appeared here, a little dissatisfied with the situation in front of them!

At the same time, a leading demon general suddenly turned out of his body!

In an instant, his momentum exploded, reaching the level of the Demon King directly!

It turned out that the Yaozu didn't have no powerful characters coming over, but the ability to suppress breath and hide, reached a point where he could not even detect it!

"Tian Xie, he was right. You didn't get the western fairyland, so, are you going to explain it to us?"

Both of them stood on the same front, and they didn't even care about why Simon Star was so ruined and so dilapidated.

The voice just fell.

Above the Immortal Emperor's Palace, a figure suddenly appeared!

It is Tianxie Xianjun!

"Hahaha, Demon King, Demon King! Why do I need to explain to you when I am a goddess immortal king? If you want to drive, come, if you don't come... then go back to my lord!"

Jiang Ao's eyes widened when he heard the words.

By this, are you trying to pull hatred?

Are you afraid that they will beat you together?

It seems interesting. This is for the dog to bite the dog.

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