The Rise Of The Mythical Dragon Chapter 1627

Chapter 1627: Speak Truth

"It's a pity to fail."

When Yan Mowang was trembling and frightened, Taiyi Tianzun's voice suddenly came over, his face was full of pity, and he was obviously not satisfied with avoiding himself.

Seeing Taiyi Tianzun's appearance at this time, Yan Mowang's eyes instantly became sharp.

"court death!"

With a roar, I saw the Yan Demon King's arm violently waved, and then the red light was overwhelmingly pressed towards Taiyi Tianzun.

Seeing this, Taiyi Tianzun didn't dare to neglect, and with a hand gesture with both hands, several runes appeared all over his body.

The red light pressed over like a mountain, and Taiyi Tianzun's body sank suddenly, but with the blink of an eye, he instantly resisted the impact of the first round.

A look of surprise appeared on the face of Yan Mowang who watched this scene, obviously he did not expect things to become like this.

"sucker Punch!"

After gritted his teeth and said something, he saw King Yan raising his hand with a wave, and the red light began to gather frantically, and the next second was a mountain that condensed into shape.

He raised his head and glanced at the mountain above his head, frowning slightly, and in the next second, with a wave of one hand, he saw a golden light burst out of the sleeves.

Looking at the golden light, King Yan instinctively noticed something wrong, but couldn't find out what was wrong in the golden light.

At this moment, the golden light in the air suddenly began to change, and in the blink of an eye it became a short axe.

With his eyes condensed, the alarm bell in King Yan's heart made a big alarm. Just as he stretched out his hand, a strong killing intent locked himself in, and looked down at the river surface. Under the river surface, two ray of light shadows appeared. come out.

His heart suddenly tightened, and King Yan's figure stagnated. Before he could react, he saw a few colorful rays of light burst out of the river, rushing towards King Yan.

Seeing the rushing colorful glow, King Yan was shocked, and the gods began to retreat quickly, but found that there was no way to escape the blow.

With arms crossed in front, a formation appeared instantly, and the beam of light immediately fell on the formation, the next second Yan Mowang's whole body flew backwards towards the distance.

And the mountain stopped its downward trend at this time, but the movement of Taiyi Tianzun did not stop, raising his hand and smashing the golden axe onto the mountain.

"Boom!" With a loud bang, the mountain was instantly smashed to pieces.

The divine light flashed in his eyes, looking at the shattered mountain, Taiyi Tianzun smiled slightly, swinging his wrist, and a touch of blue light filled it, covering the surrounding strictly.

I saw that the falling gravel had turned into powder and dispersed in mid-air.

The knocked-out King Yan Mo barely stabilized his figure in the air, staring at the holy river with a somewhat ugly expression, and his heart was full of vigilance.

The eyes I just saw should be the black dragon, but why didn't the other party rush out?

For a while, King Yan Mo hesitated, wondering whether he should go and see the situation, but the scene just now made him somewhat scared.

That pair of dragon eyes is that I can't see through it, and I don't even know how strong the opponent is now. I am afraid that I am going to die.

You must know that when the other party first appeared, sealing oneself in a face-to-face encounter was not something that low powers could do.

With his move being broken and being topped by the black dragon, King Yan has never encountered such a difficult thing.

The quasi-sage in the past would not be so restrained even if he could not kill himself, this fighting method really made himself a little uncomfortable.

Just when King Yan Mo hesitated, there was finally movement in the holy river, and a faint glow of sunlight began to float above the holy river.

I saw that the surface of the holy river has turned into a long river of colorful glow in just a moment.

This has never happened before in Yan Mojie, and at this time it was Yan Mowang who saw him in a daze.

There was a wave of fluctuations on the surface of the river, and then I saw a huge black dragon head slowly poking out of the river, followed by a huge dragon body.

It wasn't until the huge dragon body hovered in mid-air that King Yan suddenly shook his whole body, and it took a long time before he recovered.

The black dragon in front of him was bigger than he had imagined, and the moment of kung fu made Yan Demon King's mind some signs of loss.

With his eyes narrowed, King Yan's arms slammed out, and the illusion that had been dispelled before began to condense again, but after a while, it condensed and formed, and it was even stronger than what King Yan had previously summoned.

Seeing the powerful illusion, Taiyi Tianzun let out a sigh of relief, and took a step forward suddenly, and suddenly rushed into the blue light behind him.

As the light bloomed, the black dragon was slightly taken aback, and looked at Taiyi Tianzun with some doubts.

This is... a sign of breaking through?

Feeling the rising power of the Taiyi Tianzun, King Yan's pupils suddenly shrank, and the next second he pointed towards the Taiyi Tianzun without any hesitation.

The red light shot out like a sharp arrow, taking the life gate of Taiyi Tianzun directly.

As the red light began to emerge, Taiyi Tianzun swung one hand, and countless runes in front of him began to spin quickly, and the red light was blocked in an instant.

King Yan Mo didn't stop his hand, and when he turned his wrist, several red lights condensed in the air again, and he shot directly towards Taiyi Tianzun, but this time Taiyi Tianzun did not move.

An illusory whisk flicked behind Taiyi Tianzun, and the red light instantly dissipated.

His gaze condensed, and he looked behind Taiyi Tianzun, only to see a Dharma image appearing behind Taiyi Tianzun.

When he raised his eyes again, Taiyi Tianzun's aura had changed a lot.

His gaze fell on King Yan Mojie. Taiyi Tianzun did not do anything. Instead, he opened his mouth and said loudly: "Yan Mojie does not cultivate morality, purify the heart, does not quit desire, and does not rebirth under Yan Mojies rule. One Pure Land has become what it is now."

"King Yan Mo, what merit do you have to steal the position of the Lord of Yan Mo?"

As soon as the voice fell, I saw that King Yan Mo in the sky was stiff, with an incredible expression on his face.

This Taiyi Tianzun is breaking his own way!

If you use your spiritual power to shout out, it is a mantra. As long as you shout out, once it is fulfilled, it is a dignified mantra. Only if you don't do this, the mantra is of little use to you.

The only thing is that what Taiyi Tianzun said is true, not something that you can deny if you want to deny it.

At this time, King Yan Mo was extremely stiff, and looked at Taiyi Tianzun coldly, wishing to pinch the old Taoist to death.

Has it ever been the turn of Yan Mojie to speak like this?

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