Dragon God Sovereign Chapter 4164

Chapter 4164: Wind And Dust Fighting Flame Witch 5

"Shoo hoo!"

"Ding Ding Ding!"

Qianhuan Dafa has been brought into full play, Feng Wuchen's figure turned into golden flashes and flashed one after another, madly hitting the Yan Witch, sword shadows filled the sky.

Even if Feng Wuchen Sword Art's moves are exquisite and exquisite, it is still difficult to resist Yan Witch's fierce offensive.

The sword wounds on his body were constantly healed by the Immortal Realm, and were repeatedly scratched by the Yan Witch, cyclically.

Even if she was suppressed by the Yan Witch, Feng Wuchen didn't panic at all, let alone worry.

Such a horrible high-intensity fierce battle, transformed into others, I am afraid that it will not be able to hold it long ago.

But Feng Wuchen has been fighting with all his strength, resisting hard, and the weather remains the same.


The fierce battle and the burst of terrifying power have spread to the entire Chaos Realm, madly destroying the Chaos Realm space.

Yan Witch's crazy offensive like a gust of wind and rain, has been forcibly crushed, Feng Wuchen has no chance to rush out.

Many of the top experts who watched the battle held their breath, their horrified eyes all looked at the void battle.

Even the super powers such as the three great kingdoms and monarchs have a look of jealousy in their eyes.

Among the top powerhouses present, except for the three monarchs, no one of the Chaos Heavenly Venerable Powerhouse dare to say that they can compete with Feng Wuchen and Yan Witch.

Even the Chaos Ancestral Dragon and Gu Tiandi who were practicing in retreat had no power to compete.

"Ancient Chaos Jue! Heavenly Dao Soul Slashing Sword!"

In the frenzied offensive, Yan Witch suddenly yelled, suppressing Feng Wuchen while condensing the power of terror, and the space violently shakes.

"Ancient Chaos Jue!" Gui Muchen's face changed drastically, and said in shock: "This is the Chaos Jue of the Patriarch of Heaven! The power is even more terrifying than the normal ancient Chaos Jue."

"What can I do? The Lord can stop it?" Yun Fengxiao was anxious, but could do nothing.

"The divine power of the Lord cannot suppress the divine power of the Yan Witch, such a terrible power, the Lord cannot resist!" The Purgatory Dao Ancestor's expression was full of anxiety and worry.

"The Young Palace Master is already at the limit. The Ancient Chaos Decision of Witch Yan is very terrifying, and the Young Palace Master cannot resist it."

"It's a pity that the Lord's divine power cannot be suppressed, otherwise it will not be suppressed."

Lord Dragon Soul and God of War are also very anxious.

However, they didn't know that it was not the divine power of the eternal divine power that could not suppress the Yan Witch, but that Feng Wuchen did not suppress it at all.

"Very terrifying divine power! The power of the ancient Chaos Jue is very powerful!" The Moonless King said in horror, and his old face turned pale.

"The magical power of Witch Yan is already close to the Supreme God, and the strength is really terrifying." The King of Chaos frowned deeply, his old eyes flashing with fear.

"Witch Yan will probably become the first descendant of the Chaos Realm to break through the Supreme God. Her strength has surpassed the peak of the Nine Chaos Heavenly Sovereign." The Flame Soul Kingdom said solemnly.

Many of the top experts who watched the game swallowed in horror, their expressions pale, and their bodies trembled.

Everyone could see that Feng Wuchen who fell into the wind had no power to resist Yan Witch's ancient Chaos Jue.

"Broken! I was forcibly suppressed by her, and I couldn't use the magic!" Feng Wuchen secretly said in his heart. At this moment, he was forced to resist the crazy offensive of Yan Witch.

In this case, Feng Wuchen didn't have time to cast his magic decision.

In a short while, the Heavenly Dao Emperor Soul Sword had already condensed a very terrifying sword power.

The Yan Witch, who was attacking frantically, shouted fiercely, "Feng Wuchen! Let you try this saint's ancient Chaos Jue!"

The frantic attack stopped suddenly, and then a fierce sword bombed from the sky, with the power of destroying everything.

"Master, the power of this sword is terrible! Be careful!" Dragon Sword said through voice.

The speed of Yan Witch was very terrifying, Feng Wuchen had no time to cast Chaos Jue, so she could only bite the bullet and swept out.



When the two swords collided, the explosion sounded deafening. Feng Wuchen was shocked to vomit blood on the spot, and his figure flew out like a cannonball, turning into a black line, piercing through several fairy mountains.

With just one sword, Feng Wuchen was hit **** the spot.

"What a terrible power! The ancient chaos of the ancestor of heaven is really terrible!" Feng Wuchen was shocked, feeling that his whole body was falling apart, and it was extremely painful.

If there is no immortal realm physical body, Feng Wuchen is afraid it will be difficult to support it.


The energy ripples of destruction swept wildly in all directions with the potential to swallow all things.

The many top powerhouses who watched the game from a distance were all frightened and retreated, and their horrified eyes fell on the seriously injured Feng Wuchen.

"Honorable Lord!" Yun Fengxiao cried out in horror.

Purgatory Dao Ancestor solemnly said: "This sword is really terrifying, but don't worry, the lord has an immortal body, and no matter how serious the injury is, he can recover."

"Young Hall Master!" The Chaos Temple sat down and shouted in panic among the powerful.

"A sword can hit the Lord severely! How is this possible? Isn't this too strong?" The Dragon Soul and the War God Wei were shocked, their expressions stiff on the spot.

The three great kingdoms, monarchs and national teachers, their expressions were dumbfounded, and they were all strongly shocked. Obviously, the power of the sword of Yan Witch was beyond their imagination.

"It's worthy of being the ancient Chaos Jue of the Patriarch of Heaven. The power is really terrifying. The ancient Chaos Jue of this seat is not so terrifying." The Emperor Yan soul in the dark was also shocked.

The power of Yan Witch's sword is terrible.

A sword severely wounded Feng Wuchen, looking at the chaos realm, under the Supreme God, only Yan Witch could do it.

If you change to someone else, you will definitely be killed on the spot.

The ancient Chaos Judgment of the Patriarch of Heaven is terrifying!

Everyone's gaze at the Yan Witch was full of fear, just like seeing a ghost.

"Sister! Good job!" Yan Wutian yelled excitedly, dispelling his hatred.

The Yan Witch is holding the Heavenly Dao Emperor Soul Sword proudly standing in the air, like an invincible beheading, domineering.

The previous frantic attacks, coupled with the use of the ancient Chaos Jue, consumed a huge amount of divine power.

But Yan Witch's breath at this moment is still at its peak.

"Sister! Kill Feng Wuchen! Don't give him a chance!" Yan Wutian shouted again.

"Shut up!" Yan Witch glanced at Yan Wutian coldly, so scared that he immediately covered his mouth, not daring to let go.

"The primordial chaos of Heavenly Dao Master is really strong." In a fairy mountain in the distance, there was a light laughter from the wind and dust, and a golden light shot into the sky.

The severely wounded and weak breath is now recovering at a terrifying speed.

"Young Palace Master's injuries are recovering quickly!" The God of War and Dragon Soul were overjoyed.

"The injury has recovered so quickly!" The powerful forces were extremely shocked, and everyone's eyes looked at the void of Feng Wuchen.

In a few blinks, Feng Wuchen has recovered and healed!

The terrifying recovery speed shocked the audience.

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