Fantasy Realization System Chapter 537

Chapter 537: Restore

"He, he's upstairs."

One of the staff members trembled and pointed to the black metal ceiling above.


However, just when Zhou Ming wanted to continue questioning, all these staff members exploded, spurting out a series of bones and flesh and falling down the entire hall.

Zhou Ming's figure disappeared when the staff burst open. His eyes flashed and he went directly to a room upstairs. Here, a woman in a red windbreaker was holding a remote control and her eyes floated. It means crazy.

The woman was plump, but with a strong hostility on her face. He looked at Zhou Ming, red light appeared in his eyes, and a hoarse low voice came from his throat: "You killed them?"

"You mean those monsters? Yes, I killed them all."

Zhou Ming held the Taidao at his waist, his expression sinking slightly.

He felt an unusual breath from this woman, and this breath made him feel dangerous.

"Very well, you can go to death!"

The woman in the red windbreaker raised her hand, and the space in front of Zhou Ming was twisted, an invisible force blasted on him, knocking him out!


Zhou Ming hit the metal wall behind him with a loud noise, leaving a splash of colorful blood at the corner of his mouth.

"You are very powerful, and there is an energy in your body that does not belong to you."

The red light flashes in the woman's eyes, which looks strange.

Zhou Ming didn't think too much. He stood up, wiped the colorful blood from the corner of his mouth, and rushed towards the woman.

His speed was very fast, and afterimages passed by in the room, countless blade lights, instantly fell on the woman's position.


A large number of sparks splashed, the figure of the woman had long since disappeared, and the light of the knife that Zhou Ming had cut all smashed on the hard metal floor.

"Your combat level is really weak."

The woman's voice came from above Zhou Ming, and a fist suddenly emerged from the void space, punching Zhou Ming's chest!


Zhou Ming let out a muffled snort and stepped back on the metal ground. He struck the fist with a stab, but he passed through it as if hitting the air.

"You can kill them, but you can't kill me, because I have become a super genetic creature, hahaha!"

The woman's voice kept coming, making Zhou Ming's brain hum.

Zhou Ming's face was slightly cold, and he calmed down, and pictures flashed past his mind instantly.

"Yin and Yang cut!"

Zhou Ming closed his eyes, raised the sword in his hand, and swiped it in a certain direction in this room!


A bright red appeared in the air, and the red figure suddenly flashed through Zhou Ming's eyes.

"How is it possible?! How could you hurt me!"

There was disbelief in the woman's voice, and a hint of surprise.


Zhou Ming frowned, and the other Taidao in his hand seemed to have eyes long, and he shot it directly, nailing the woman hidden in the space to the wall!

"Cough! How could you possibly!"

The sharp blade pierced into the woman's chest, and will reap the remaining vitality of her fiercely. Blood foam continued to overflow from the corner of her mouth, and the woman looked at Zhou Ming with a strong shock in her eyes.


Zhou Ming made a move in the air, and a sword flew over when he was stunned, and automatically returned to the sheath.

The woman's body immediately turned into two halves, with internal organs and bright red scattered all over the floor.

Zhou Ming held another Taishou, his body moved, and he swung up a full moon sword!


A slender crack appeared in the entire steel fortress, and a sharp rush came out of the crack. Aiwen, who was sitting outside, saw this tremor and hurriedly got up from the ground.

Is this Zhou Ming doing it?


A figure suddenly fell from the sky and landed in front of Aiwen.

Zhou Ming snapped his fingers at Ai Wen, and the two figures suddenly flashed and appeared in the safe area of Fengcheng.

Seeing the changing scenes around Aiwen, his eyes widened. He couldn't help but ask Zhou Ming, who was indifferent, "How did you do it?"

"It's very simple, just use space power."

Zhou Ming learned how to use space through observing the woman. That woman is probably an S-grade genetic creature made by Lin's company, but with his current strength, it is not difficult to deal with such a super-evolved human.

Aiwen fell silent, he just wanted to say something to Zhou Ming, awesome!

Unfortunately, his personal settings did not allow him to do this.

"You brought me back to Fengcheng, do you want to go to other areas alone?"

Aiwen saw that the surrounding environment was obviously a safe zone in Fengcheng. He glanced at Zhou Ming and guessed.

"Yes, I feel that my abilities are rising rapidly. If you follow me, unnecessary trouble may occur. Therefore, I have to visit the company's headquarters in person."

Zhou Ming smiled at Aiwen and gave him the two swords in his hand, "If possible, I will not let Plutos human civilization be destroyed. Give me these two swords to the boy Luo Bing, lest he I miss my former captain again."

"Zhou Ming, you..."

Aiwen knows what Zhou Ming thinks, but in this situation, can Zhou Ming be able to save the entire human being of Pluto by himself?

"When I say hello to them, this time, I may not come back. Fengcheng is safe now. If you receive the signal of human victory, then I may have left this planet too. I am glad to meet you, Irving. "

Zhou Ming waved to Ai Wen, his figure gradually blurred.

"Zhou Ming...Did you remember your identity?"

Aiwen murmured in a low voice while holding the two swords in his hand, staring in surprise.

Although he didn't know Zhou Ming's true identity, he always felt that this powerful young man, as if he had gone through all kinds of vicissitudes, was invisible and unclear...

Zhou Ming's heart moved, and the whole person appeared over a certain sea area of Pluto.

He and Aiwen rushed to the main city of Ols in the **** source area. Zhou Ming was immersed in the killing almost every moment. He learned many skills from these dead monsters.

After perfecting the power in his body with various abilities such as space, destruction, metal, wood, water, fire, earth, and thunder, Zhou Mings memory images appeared more and more. He remembered the world he was in. I also thought of the power I had.

The power of rules, Hongmeng Dao.

Zhou Mingxuan stood above the sea, his figure flashed, and he entered a white building floating on the sea like an eggshell.

"Master, here he is."

Inside this building is a huge space shining with white light. A man in a colorful uniform stands in front of a platform, watching the silhouettes that suddenly appear in this space.

"John, long time no see."

Zhou Ming carried his hands on his back and walked slowly to the man.

"You finally came, but I have been waiting for you for a long time."

John's temperament changed drastically at this time, as if he had changed another person, looking at Zhou Ming who was approaching him.

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