Opening Reward 100 Million Lives Chapter 613

Chapter 613: Lost Sight

Except for another death at the Spirit Dropping Platform, the process of possessing spirits is still smooth.

Two hours later, Brother Cheng got a new mysterious pattern.

The two deacons ran over and said hi.

"Congratulations to the Great Sage, congratulations to the Great Sage!"

"As expected of a great sage!"

The spirit-attached scene of Brother Cheng was naturally very shocking, but the two of them were working in the Spiritual Falling Hall and had seen it many times.

In fact, I have long been accustomed to it.

But they have witnessed how much Cheng Ge is currently favored.

Undoubtedly the first celebrity in the temple.

There is nothing wrong with slapping his flattery.

"Hahaha, low-key and low-key."

His mouth was low-key, but in fact, the corners of Jiang Sage's raised mouth couldn't be contained.

It seems that flattering is a universal skill no matter where it is.

Usually, after being photographed, this brother will be long and happy, and then habitually reward him.

This time he fumbled for the ring and took out two Seventh-Rank Profound Origin Fruits, each of whom sent one.

"Take it, it's a reward for you!"

The two were extremely surprised.

They flattered themselves, but hoped that Sage Jiang would not wear shoes for themselves in the future.

Of course, if you can say a few good things in front of the main hall master, it will be even more beautiful.

I really didn't expect him to reward himself on the spot.

After all, he is only at the first level of the extremely profound realm, and his realm is so much lower than his own. Apart from the resources issued by the temple, he shouldn't be able to produce anything decent on hand, right?

Immediately afterwards, the two became ecstatic.

"Seventh Stage Xuanyuan Fruit!"

"My God, it turned out to be a seventh-rank!"

"Thank you Great Sage!"

"Thank you Great Sage!"

Profound source fruit of this grade is extremely rare in the first layer, even if they are temple deacons like them, they can't enjoy it.

And one grade higher, it is very likely that when you break through the bottleneck, you will be able to rush over in one fell swoop.

Others on the side are very envious and jealous.

The realm of this great sage is not high, but his shot is too generous, right?

For a time, there were shouts one after another in the hall.

"Congratulations to the Great Sage, congratulations to the Great Sage!"

"The Great Sage is mighty!"

"The Great Sage is handsome!"

Brother Cheng didn't expect that two seven-rank fruits would cause such a big response.

After thinking about it carefully, the level of cultivation here is actually only equivalent to that between the lower realm and the middle immortal realm over there.

In the middle immortal world, the sixth-rank elixir is also a treasure.

In order to encourage them to continue their efforts in the future, he each issued a sixth-rank Xuanyuan fruit.

For a while, the atmosphere in the hall became more heated.

Everyone, looking at the gaze of Sage Jiang, it was called an intimacy, and it was exactly the rhythm of a loved one.

"Sage Jiang, go slowly!"

"Sage Jiang, I will show you the way..."

He had just left the house surrounded by the crowd when an unremarkable monk squeezed to his side.

Immediately afterwards, the surrounding atmosphere suddenly chilled.

A murderous aura burst out suddenly.

"not good!"


The two deacons with the highest realm were shocked and flew to kill, but they were already late.

I saw a man in a gray robe standing behind Jiang Xianzhe, holding a mysterious handle in his hand, and resting it next to his neck.

"what are you doing!"

"Are you crazy, let go of Sage Jiang!"

Not only the two deacons, but others also drew out their weapons one after another, and surrounded the man with anger.

Just kidding, now Jiang Xian is their most respected senior, and they don't want to see him encounter any accidents.


The gray-robed man sneered, and a hoarse voice came out.

"If you want to retrieve your peerless genius, just wait for the news."


The two deacons took advantage of the moment he was speaking, and had already seized the gap and shot out.

There was a violent explosion in the field.

Other guards also killed one after another, and some even took the initiative to block the knife for Sage Jiang.

The effect of Xuan Yuan Guo is still very significant.

However, when the smoke dissipated, the gray-robed man and Jiang Cheng were gone.

The two disappeared in place out of thin air.

The main hall of descending spirits was originally a part of the temple. After the explosion occurred here, the main hall master and other hall masters inside immediately noticed it.

The three hall masters flew to the Spirit Dropping Hall.

But the main hall master and the water spirit hall master, the fire spirit hall master, flew directly to the sage palace.

In their minds, the most important treasure in the temple today is Jiang Xian, whose safety is more important than everything else.

What if this is the trick to turn the tiger away from the mountain?

After the three of them flew to the sage palace, they saw the frozen quiet room and Li Hanyu sitting in the sky at first glance.

Suddenly my heart was slightly relaxed.

"Sage Jiang is okay?"

Li Hanyu glanced at the three of them, and flew down to salute.

Then he replied blankly: "With me, nothing will happen."

Her words carry strong self-confidence and arrogance.

"That's good!"

The Lord Shui Ling patted his heart, then shook his head and smiled bitterly: "You, you, is this too cruel?"

She was referring of course to the ice cave that formed a huge hockey puck.

They don't need to guess what happened.

It must be Jiang Cheng's stubbornness and disobedience, and was taught by Li Hanyu.

"After all, he is a great sage, and he is only at the highest level of the profound realm. If this continues, he will be injured."

The main hall master smiled and waved his hand: "It's okay, it's okay!"

She glanced at the ice cave and said angrily and funny: "You should let the child suffer a little bit, lest he is still stubborn, and doesn't know the sky is high and the earth is thick!"

"Yes, yes."

The Lord of the Fire Spirit nodded in agreement: "The hardship he is suffering now is worth it to change his habits."

Li Hanyu's excessive behavior has been trained many times by the main hall master and the water spirit hall master, and this is the first time he has been approved.

This also made her firmer in her approach.

This thorn head must be cleaned up and obediently, and the hall masters must not be disappointed in their abilities.

It was also at this time that news from the Spirit Dropping Hall came.

The main hall master was still smiling, but his complexion changed drastically when he heard the first sentence!

"What are you talking about, Jiang Cheng went to attach the spirit, but was kidnapped and taken away?"


The two hall masters Shui Ling and Huo Ling also almost jumped up.

"Sage Jiang has an accident?"

"This is impossible!"

Li Hanyu's facial paralyzed face could no longer be stretched.

"He was obviously locked in by me!"


The Lord of the Water Spirit has already taken a step ahead of her, UU reading www. uukanshu. com removed all the restrictions on the ice cave and the periphery.

Look at the quiet room again, where is the shadow of Brother Cheng.

"Really gone..."

The three hall masters only felt that they were dark in front of them, and they almost felt unstable.

This is the scene they worry about the most. It is no exaggeration to say that it is like the sky has suddenly fallen.

The main hall master didn't even look at Li Hanyu again, and flew to the front of the Spirit Dropping Hall at the fastest speed in his life.

The Lord Shui Ling turned his head and gave Li Hanyu a disappointed look.

"What are you doing?"

"You were asked to discipline him, but you didn't even know where he was?"

Abandoning this sentence, she also hurried over there.

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