Invincible Attack Training System Chapter 637

Chapter 637: Own Robbery

Shangguan Yun was so happy that he couldn't close his mouth from ear to ear. He didn't expect that the Martial Arts Academy would hide so many people stuck on the edge of the Tribulation. He smiled happily.

However, all of them were from Emperor Wudi, and there were even some people from the academy themselves, who came to help King Wu and Emperor Wu.

He also wanted to cross the catastrophe at one time, but in this way, it is estimated that he can only protect one or two, and the rest is estimated to be hacked to death. This is not good for his business, and he decisively gave up.

"Don't worry, don't worry, pay the money first, and then cross the catastrophe, no one will fall."

In the end, Shangguanyun began to cross the robbery two at a time. Although they were worried, under Shangguanyun's assurance, they had to trembled and began to break through the barrier.

As the thunder skyrocketed, Shangguan Yun laughed and said: "This is interesting, but this power is still too small, so you have to add more."

Shangguan Yun once again began to provoke the Heavenly Dao to death, bombarding Thunder Tribulation until the power of Heaven Tribulation ceased to increase.

Countless people shivered, a person who dared to be so arrogant and provocative of heaven, no, this was not a human at all, but a demon abuse, a complete demon abuse.

A demon who cannot provoke or be an enemy.

They are witnessing the birth of a generation of maniacs.

As one person after another succeeded in crossing the robbery, Shangguan Yun's fame became more and more loud.

This once again attracted countless people to look for Shangguanyun to help overcome the catastrophe. They presented the supreme treasures one after another, Shangguanyun refused to come, as long as they were good things, he accepted them.

The Martial Arts Academy had a short meeting with Shang Guanyun's behavior, but the vice president laughed loudly: "Let him go."

For this matter, Shangguanyun's behavior has been tacitly recognized, which has also made Shangguanyun's gains more and more great.

On this day, a few people finally came to look for Shangguan Yun, and they asked directly: "Is Wu Zunjie sure?"

When Shangguan Yun heard this, he thought that I had been waiting for you for a long time, and finally could not sit still.

"Don't worry, Sao Nian, wrap it around me, I can never make fun of my life."

Shangguanyun told a big lie, he was joking with his life every day, wishing to kill himself.

"Okay, as long as you successfully help me through Wu Zun's robbery, this dragon and phoenix grass will be yours." The other party seemed to have spent his blood and took out a peerless elixir.

Shangguanyun's eyes lit up immediately, and he quickly took over, saying, "Don't worry, if you can't get through, I will pay twice."

This is a very precious elixir, Shangguan Yun couldn't put it down, but he didn't expect this person to be so generous.

This crossing of the robbery once again attracted countless people's onlookers. Under Wudi's robbery, Shangguan Yun did not get any damage, but it is unknown whether Wuzun's robbery can survive.

If Shangguan Yun could really do it, then the entire Valkyrie Continent would be completely crazy.

How many people are stuck on the top of Emperor Wudi's peak and dare not try for a long time. If one step fails, that is the end of life. If Shangguan Yun can really help through it, I believe that in the Martial God Continent, countless people will ask Shangguan Yun for help.

At that time, things like crossing the robbery will be completely spent.

This will change how many strong people are born, and how many lives should be changed.


The purple thunder surged, lightning flashed, and the roaring thunder and lightning continued to condense. The thunder robbery belonging to the martial arts level officially began.

"Look at me breaking."

Before the thunder tribulation condensed, Shangguan Yun made another move and directly smashed the thunder tribulation. This scared the people who crossed the tribulation and their complexion changed. This thunder tribulation had already made his heart tremble, and Shangguan Yun still felt the power of the tribulation. not enough.

Countless people looked at him speechlessly, no, at the monster.

Fortunately, Shangguanyun didn't come here casually, but he was truly sure of it. When the thunder rolled down and attacked Shangguanyun, Shangguanyun actually carried it abruptly, without any harm.

This is not the end of Shangguan Yun's death. He is still not satisfied with the power of Thunder Tribulation. He is still provoking Heaven Tribulation. This seems to be something Shangguan Yun would do every time.

Sure enough, Shangguanyun continued to provoke Heavenly Tribulation, increasing the power of Heavenly Tribulation, and finally thunder completely submerged him and completely knocked him down into the ground.

It's a pity that Shangguan Yun was still alive when the Tribulation disappeared, and he really successfully helped the other party through the Tribulation of Wu Zun, which made countless princes of heaven boil.

"It really succeeded."

"No way, even Wu Zunjie can survive, how strong is he?"

"The world is so big, what else can cause harm to him!"

Shangguan Yun is too strong, the defense is so strong, they don't know exactly what kind of attack can crush Shangguan Yun's defense.

Everything is unknown.

In the following period, Shangguanyun's business became more and more popular, which also allowed him to help more people successfully advance to the realm of Wuzun.

With such efforts, Shangguan finally ushered in his own spring.

System: "The realm breaks through the Supreme Martial Venerable One Heaven, and the system rewards the artifactHoly Snow."

Finally, Shangguan Yun himself ushered in his own Heavenly Tribulation, Wu Zun Lei Tribulation.

Name: Shangguanyun

Realm: Wu Zun Yizhongtian

Repair value: 0.01 trillion/20 trillion

Reputation value: 3587145987412

Gongfa: The strongest cultivation system in the world, unable to learn other exercises.

Special abilities: Tianyan pupil, Shenwu bloodline, Tongshen proud bone

Martial Skills: Middle-rank martial arts "Walking Dragon Piercing Cloud Palm", lower-rank martial arts "Shocking Nine Slashes", lower-rank martial arts "Breaking the Sky" first style, soul breaking, second style, funeral, third style, Breaking the sky, inheriting martial arts "Nine Types of Suppressing Demons", the first type of chaos, the second type of annihilation, the third type of collapse, the heavenly body skills "eight steps against the current", "thousand illusions", "supernatural skills"

Alchemist rank: Seven

Alchemist proficiency: 521568/10000000

Refining skill rank: Seventh rank

Refining experience value: 987415/10000000

Formation rank: Seventh rank

Formation experience value: 8421658/5000000

In the future, the thunder surging, thousands of miles of dark clouds, and powerful fluctuations have stretched for hundreds of kilometers, and some people almost misunderstood that someone saved the martial arts.

"Who is crossing the robbery."

Countless people were looking for the person who crossed the catastrophe, and finally saw a golden figure in the place of the academy.

"Shangguanyun is helping who is going through the robbery again."

Shangguanyun recently helped people through the robbery. They thought that Shangguanyun was helping another strong man to overcome the robbery, but they didn't find outsiders present, so they were surprised.

"Couldn't... God! This is his own tribulation!"


Countless people looked at Shangguanyun. If it was correct, Shangguanyun should be crossing Wu Zunjie at this moment.

Eighteen-year-old Wu Zun is terrifying.

Is this the rhythm of becoming a god?

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