Invincible Attack Training System Chapter 638

Chapter 638: Field

Wu Gu Wushuang Shang Guan Yun, the posture of over-age all the way, leaving countless people far behind.

This is an unrivaled era, and it is an era in which multitudes rise together and billions of arrogances contend for the truth.

The thunderbolt, violent, shattered the void, shattered the space, and destroyed the starry sky. Countless people couldn't believe that watching this scene. This is just Martial Tribulation, how powerful is it comparable to Martial Saint Tribulation!

The more the demon abused the person, the more terrifying the Heavenly Tribulation, but like Shangguan Yun, when crossing the Tribulation, crossing a large realm has never appeared.

Even the ancient **** of war, there has never been such a record, the legend of Shangguan Yun will be remembered in ancient books again.

Throughout the ages, those who are astonishing and brilliant will be remembered, and Shangguan Yun will definitely leave a very strong stroke in the ancient books.

The thunder is unpredictable, making countless people tremble. Fortunately, this place is specially used to cross the catastrophe, with a strong isolation pattern. They will not be affected at all, and they can watch this unprecedented catastrophe from close range.

More and more came here, they were all attracted by such a terrifying thunder.

"The tutor is here."

"Tutor Mu Yan is here too. She is Shangguanyun's master. I am curious about how much time it will take Shangguanyun to surpass Teacher Mu Yan. By then, the realm of the apprentice will be higher than that of the master. This is really interesting."

Shangguanyun's cultivation speed is too fast. It takes several years, even decades, and hundreds of years to reach the realm that others can achieve. He can complete it in almost a few months. It has been less than a year since he became Emperor Wu. I can't imagine how fast Shangguanyun's cultivation speed will be next.

This is a person who can't be treated with common sense. Others have a lower realm, the slower the cultivation speed, but there is almost no limit to Shangguanyun.



In the crowd, there were mentors who kept coming to Mu Yan to congratulate him. She was able to receive such a demon and abused person with cultivation talent, but countless people were envious.

"Thank you, thank you..." Mu Yan was happy and sad.

She told Shangguanyun not to cultivate so fast, she should be down-to-earth and stabilize her realm, but she didn't think about how long it took before that she would cross Wu Zunjie in one go.

How she got along with her, she began to transform into a human form, and the time of cultivation was not short, and she was only half-sage, but this Shangguan Yun...

Mu Yan's heart is in a mess.

"This Thunder Tribulation seems a bit different..."

The thunder continued to condense for half an hour, but it hadn't fallen yet. Even if Shangguan Yun kept attacking the unsettled Heavenly Tribulation, the Heavenly Tribulation remained unchanged. It seemed to be quite different from the previous Heavenly Tribulation.

"Spirit robbery!"

A mentor exclaimed.

When everyone heard this, they were all bewildered, and asked: "What is Spirit Tribulation?"

Even they have never heard of this stuff.

The instructor deserves to have a wealth of knowledge, and immediately there is a very knowledgeable teacher to popularize them: "The so-called spiritual catastrophe is the spiritual catastrophe, also known as the spiritual martial catastrophe. Of course, this is just our statement. ."

"It's not that the heavenly catastrophe becomes a spiritual thing, it's just a way. They will temporarily turn into a spiritually aware heavenly catastrophe. The power is even more terrifying, and few people can resist."

"But this kind of tribulation has never appeared in Wuzun's tribulation since ancient times, and will only be in the tribulation above Wusheng."

"This Shangguan Yun should have provoked Ling Jie. It's really terrifying. His talent is really too strong."

Spirit Tribulation is not something that everyone can summon. This is the Heaven Tribulation that can be triggered by a person who can truly become a Valkyrie. It is an acknowledgement of Heaven's Dao, but Shangguan Yun is short of a great realm and summons Spirit Tribulation.

Has his talent already concealed all the Valkyrie from the past?


The catastrophe finally began, billowing thunder, turning into a vast ocean, in the purple thunder ocean, thousands of thunder roar, billions of lightning exuding amazing energy.

"what is that..."

They saw that creatures appeared in the Thunder Ocean.

"That's seahorses, sharks, squids, oh my god, thunder has transformed the sea, and marine creatures have appeared. Is this the legendary spirit catastrophe!"

Countless people were surprised to watch the scene in the Thunder Sea. They were very curious. It was all kinds of marine creatures transformed from the catastrophe, wandering freely in the Thunder Sea as if they really had life.

The billowing thunder has turned into billions of small fish in the ocean, like a pair of sharp arrows appearing in pairs in a sea of thunder. This is a very shocking scene, completely condensed by thunder, and each one has a devil The power of destruction.

It's like a vast ocean appeared in the sky, so real, so incredible.


A thunder sea fish finally broke through the thunder sea, with a clear goal, rushing towards Shangguan Yun.


Shangguanyun was in the void, with golden light permeating, and the thunder fish burst into energy and drowned Shangguanyun, but such an attack did not cause any harm to Shangguanyun.

Shangguanyun was still standing in the void, and even his position had not been shaken. He became more and more unclear, and his strength was unpredictable, which made countless people jealous.

Thunder sea fish continued to appear, one or two, in groups of three or five, constantly attacking Shangguan Yun. He was submerged by lightning again, and Lei Hai kept roaring and making deafening sounds.

System: "Attacked by thunder catastrophe, repair base value + one trillion."

System: "Attacked by Spirit Tribulation, cultivation value + 5 quadrillion."

System: "Attacked by the oppression of the Heavenly Dao, cultivation value + three trillion."


The spirit robbery was almost insane, and finally formed a continuous attack. The marine creatures transformed into thunder constantly rushed towards the official cloud, submerged him and covered him.

This can only give Shangguan Yun more powerful strength and make his cultivation value more.

The void is no longer in shape. They heard the sound of the space bursting, and even saw the chaotic space, torn apart by the violent thunder, countless space abilities flooded the whole place.

Even the void couldn't resist it. If it weren't for the protection of countless gods here, I'm afraid this place would be a terrible disaster.

A purple octopus is extremely big, countless limbs entangled Shangguan Yun, bursting out billions of brilliance, a thunder shark, flashing astonishing thunder light, instantly exuding terrifying energy.

A serrated sea beast opened the mouth of thunder and swallowed Shangguan Yun, and countless energy burst out instantly.


The thunder shook the sky and formed the thunder ocean, transformed into billions of marine creatures, completely changing their perception of the catastrophe.

The two-hour tribulation finally came to an end. Shangguan Yun had unexpectedly increased his cultivation value to the second heaven of Wu Zun because of this terrifying thunder tribulation.

This is hard to imagine. Of course, only Shangguanyun himself knows about this.


Shangguan Yun successfully advanced to the realm of Wu Zun. Since then, the world is so big that there is no one he fears. Even if he is a martial sage, Shangguan Yun will no longer be as afraid as before.

System: "Successfully survived Wu Zun's robbery, freely choose a field."

Every martial artist, who wants to successfully advance to the rank of Wu Zun, needs to understand the power of a domain, and Shangguan Yun is free to choose.

In front of him, there were countless light spots, his eyes could see many kinds of fields, and each field had a detailed introduction.

He automatically ignored those weak areas and looked directly at those special areas.

Space domain, life domain, time domain, destruction domain, star domain, devour domain...

Every field has extraordinary characteristics, but you can only choose one.

For Shangguan Yun, it seems easy to choose, but it seems difficult to choose. He attacked Wushuang, and should have chosen a more powerful destruction domain. After the combination of the two, a more terrifying effect will erupt.

However, Shangguan Yun thought for a while, he himself has too many powerful enemies, and there will be more in the future, especially as this kind of time is getting closer and closer to the position of the Valkyrie, more sleeping people will be awakened. .

There will only be more enemies, so Shangguanyun must protect the talents around him more.

Shangguanyun chose the time domain.

Not to escape, but to be able to foresee the crisis, to better protect Qin Mo and the others.

No one knows what kind of enemies will appear in the future.

He must plan for the future.

Only when the rear is stable, can he have no worries and fight forward.

System: "Congratulations to Awakening Time Domain."

Domain is something that every Wu Zun strong will understand and control.

An invisible wave erupted from Shangguanyun. Time was intangible, ubiquitous, indescribable, and most ruthless.

Years, time...

In Shangguanyuns brain, there are a lot of things about the time domain. He has been able to freely grasp the super power of the time domain. Although he can't let time go back, he can move faster within a period of time, even Expect something.

This is a very complicated thing, and Shangguanyun can only use more time domains after raising his realm.

Shangguanyun was in the void, and the people around him, for a quarter of an hour, seemed to feel the change of time, as if they paused for a while, making them extremely puzzled.

The time domain is difficult to show. They are all speculating about which domain Shangguanyun has understood. Unfortunately, Shangguanyun did not show it.

"Not bad."

After Shangguanyun received the baptism of heaven and earth, the colorful divine light covered him, radiating billions of brilliance, and amazed countless teachers.

This is estimated to be the person who reached the realm of Wuzun the fastest since the Martial God Academy.

He has not yet passed the novice period, he is already a Wu Zun expert, and this is the realm of graduation.


A light gate appeared in the void, and the vice principal walked out with a smile on his face.

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