Sky War God Chapter 3497

Chapter 3497: Powerhouse Of Thor 1

Chapter 3497-The Powerful Of The Thunder God Clan

Chapter 3497 the powerhouse of the Thunder God clan

"It's impossible, how can your strength rise to such a level in a short time."

Seeing the powerful power released from Ye Feng, Mo Lei Xiaotian's expression also became extremely frightened.

No matter what he could not imagine, Ye Feng could raise his own strength to such a terrifying realm in such a short period of time.

"How can someone like you understand my strength, let's get out of here."

At this moment, Ye Feng didn't put Demon Lei Xiaotian in the leaf at all, and said in an extremely indifferent tone.

Everyone in the crowd had already been completely frightened by Ye Feng's strength, and Ye Feng was able to easily suppress Demon Lei Xiaotian.

This is impossible in the eyes of all of them.

And at this moment, Ye Feng could have such a terrifying strength, which was beyond the imagination of everyone present.

In any case, he was the proud son of the Thunder God clan, even a powerful cultivator who had undergone the seventh transformation.

To know how noble the other party's identity is, even in the entire Chi Linghai, there are very few younger generations who can be stronger than him.

Ye Feng was able to suppress Demon Lei Xiaotian with his own power, and how terrifying his power was.

It was this kind of words that completely angered Mo Lei Xiaotian, causing the power in his body to run wildly at this moment.

An extremely powerful force erupted directly from his body, and even the thunder halberd exuded an extremely terrifying aura.

"Niezhe, what do you think you are, dare to speak wildly in front of me?

Next, I will let you know how the arrogant fate in front of me will end. "

The extremely angry Demon Lei Xiaotian didn't care about any convergence at all, and directly released the most powerful aura in his body.

At this moment, the power of the magic path surging in him has reached an extremely terrifying realm, directly covering his body, looking so violent and fierce.

Immediately everyone present had already seen Demon Lei Xiaotian, the terrifying power exuding in the body, madly released.

The power of the magic tactics was condensed in his palm and directly gathered on the thunder halberd in his hand.

In an instant, there were bursts of bright light, shooting towards the direction where Ye Feng was.

And in these terrifying brilliance, there is also an incomparably powerful Demon Dao attribute power, which seems to completely destroy Ye Feng's body.

Facing such a terrible attack, Ye Feng's expression was still extremely calm, and the attack power released by the other party was indeed unimaginable.

However, in front of Ye Feng at this moment, these powers were still not worth mentioning.

Just saw the wings of the sky behind Ye Feng suddenly flap, ignoring the surrounding space.

The next moment I saw only Ye Feng's figure, like a phantom, appeared directly beside Mo Lei Xiaotian.

That extremely fierce brilliance could not lock Ye Feng's figure at all, and disappeared directly into the sky.

Afterwards, everyone present saw that Ye Feng raised his fist and punched directly at Mo Lei Xiaotian.

The power contained in this fist is quite terrifying, and a terrible power has exploded in the void within a short time.

Everyone present only heard the rumbling sound of terrifying shock resounding through the world, and the extremely terrifying pressure of destruction directly descended toward the demon thunderous sky.

Mo Lei Xiaotian's reaction was also extremely quick, hurriedly mobilizing the power in his body.

However, the fist light released by Ye Feng penetrated everything directly, and even the Demon Lei Xiaotian's expression was instantly solidified.

Then his expression became horrified, and he didn't expect Ye Feng to release such a terrifying attack.

At that moment, he had already mobilized the most powerful force in his body.

Even so, Mo Lei Xiaotian still could not resist the power contained in this punch.

In the next moment, in his body, an extremely terrifying destructive force was released again.

The sound of terrifying concussion came through, as if to destroy everything in the world.

What followed was an extremely tragic light of the sword, the terrifying power contained in it was enough to completely shred the entire world.

The fist light collided with the knife light, and everyone present immediately heard the sound of terrifying shock.

The power of destruction spread in all directions.

The power possessed by these two powers was unimaginable, making Mo Lei Xiaotian's body no longer able to hold on.

Directly shocked by this terrible power, he flew out, his body constantly shuttled in the void like a cannonball.

Then a stronger breath erupted, finally stabilizing Luo Lei Xiaotian's body.

Even so, Mo Lei Xiaotian's body received a huge blow, and the bones all over his body were completely broken.

There was also an extremely terrifying aura of destruction, converging directly in his body.

Even if his life is still preserved at this moment, it cannot be recovered in a short time.

This scene fell in the eyes of everyone present, and even those strong men with wealth became extremely shocked.

That is Demon Lei Xiaotian, the proud son of the Thunder God family, what a noble status.

Even after repeated failures before, these people still believe that Mo Lei Xiaotian's strength is more than that, but they never expected it.

By now, Mo Lei Xiao had really failed, and there was no chance of resistance anymore, even the cards left by the Thunder God clan to save his life had already been used.

It is conceivable how terrifying the strength Ye Feng possessed at this moment is enough to completely suppress such a terrifying powerhouse.

A woman's eyes flickered in the crowd. She was also quite surprised by Ye Feng's performance at the moment. She did not expect Ye Feng to burst out with such terrifying strength under such circumstances.

The invisible flame extinguished instantly, as if it had never been released.

In the next instant, the blade of light revolved again, directly forming a figure of a person.

This is a middle-aged powerhouse, even if it is just a projection, the power released in the body is extremely terrifying.

The blade of light just now was released by him, and it was also a means to protect Demon Lei Xiaotian.

The middle-aged man stared at Ye Feng, his eyes revealed a terrifying killing intent, and an extremely cold gaze firmly locked on Ye Feng.

Just when he saw Ye Feng's punch and defeated Demon Lei Xiaotian, the expression on this middle-aged man was extremely solemn.

Similarly, his heart was quite shocked. At this moment, the strength that Ye Feng showed, but the peak of the five transformations, even the threshold of the sixth transformation was not touched.

But such a person who seemed insignificant in their eyes was able to defeat Demon Lei Xiaotian.

"Yes, it seems that you do have a very strong strength, but that's all."

The figure of the middle-aged man suddenly spoke, and the extremely powerful aura of destruction had been released from his body.

The rumbling sound of thunder spread crazily in the void, as if to completely destroy this space.

"Now I'm going to take your life, just accept it."

Almost at the same time, the terrifying sound of thunder broke out, and Ye Feng's body was firmly locked at an extremely fast speed.

The moment this sound sounded, the faces of everyone present showed extremely horrified expressions, and their eyes were completely attracted.

I saw that on the body of that strong man, an extremely powerful aura had erupted, which was many times stronger than the power of Mo Lei Xiaotian.

This is a powerful man who has entered the seventh transformation and is quite experienced.

Such a powerful breath has completely formed a unique domain power, which is not comparable to that of Demon Lei Xiaotian, who has just broken through.

It was just this sentence that detonated the terrible thunderous sound between heaven and earth, and one can imagine how his strength has reached.

Ye Feng looked at each other coldly, and said calmly: "He wants to kill me, then he must be prepared to be killed.

If you don't have this level of awareness, then it's best not to go out and just hide at home obediently. "

Hearing Ye Feng's words, everyone present was completely shocked. Originally, they thought Ye Feng did have some dignity and pride, but in front of such a terrifying powerhouse, they would still converge a little.

But he never thought that Ye Feng at this moment was even more arrogant than before, and I don't know how many times, even a senior seven-times transforming powerhouse is still fearless.

"Ninseed, who gave you such courage to speak such arrogant words.

But then you have to pay for everything you do. "

As he spoke, the strong man who had transformed for the seventh time sneered, naturally he couldn't believe what Ye Feng had just said.

Even if Ye Feng can rely on his own strength and severely inflict the Demon Lei Xiaotian, he cannot be compared with him.

In any case, Ye Feng's strength is only the pinnacle of the fifth transformation, and he hasn't even touched the threshold of the domain, how can he compete with him?

Therefore, after speaking this sentence, the crowd saw this strong man using his own extremely powerful power, and a terrifying domain power emerged around his body.

A wave of extremely powerful thunder brilliance directly condensed on his body, causing his whole body to become extremely violent.

Several waves of thunder brilliance were released from him. These thunders contained extremely powerful destructive power, and even the people present could not bear such a terrifying aura.

You should know that the strong in the seventh transformation has formed its own unique domain, and there is a huge difference between domain power and life force.

The two are already separated by thousands of mountains and rivers in essence, and the power they can exhibit is far too much.

The power of the domain that this strong man has exploded now is enough to suppress all the attribute forces between heaven and earth.

Even with the strongest attribute power, in front of the domain power, there is no opportunity to resist, and he can only watch himself being completely suppressed and refined.

The face of the little girl in the crowd also became extremely tense, and an invisible flame immediately burned in her body.

The little girl who had been staring at Ye Feng in secret at this moment was actually Red Embroidery.

After inheriting the throne of the Scarlet Spirit Empire, the strength of Red Embroidery has grown by leaps and bounds.

Therefore, she also learned that Ye Feng's departure had a huge connection with her grandfather.

In the eyes of this little girl, there was nothing wrong with what Ye Feng did. On the contrary, it was his grandfather, who had made a certain degree of error in this matter.

So she didn't care about Wu Junhua's obstruction, and left the Scarlet Spirit Empire to search for Ye Feng on the sea.

With her unremitting efforts, she finally found the traces of Ye Feng, but at this moment Ye Feng had already handed over Mo Lei Xiaotian, and there was even no chance for Hong Xiu to intervene and help.

Although her strength has been greatly improved, there is still a huge gap for those in the field at this moment.

Not to mention, this person who appeared today is a real seven-time transformation strong, and his strength is not much different from that of the Big Three of the Scarlet Spirit Empire.

Now Hong Xiu is watching all this with calm eyes. She has seen all these things that happened today. Once Ye Feng is really dead, the little girl will ask Wu Junhua to do it.

When the time comes, the Thunder God clan will definitely have to pay a huge price.

Ye Feng's eyes also showed an incomparably powerful sharp edge. Seeing this powerful man who had been transformed for seven times attacked him, his face was still as calm as water.

Almost at the same time, people saw Ye Feng stretch out his hand, and a scarlet spear slowly grew out of his palm.

This spear flickered, and when the terrifying **** breath was released, the space was like a sea of blood tumbling, giving people an indescribable sense of oppression.

Seeing the presence of this spear, the eyes flashed crazily, making their hearts extremely frightened.

At this moment, Ye Feng's power in his body was all mobilized, and with the spirit of the spear and the power of the magic path, he directly condensed the projection of the holy magic spear again.

Now Ye Feng released the terrifying aura of the Holy Demon Spear once again, shocking everyone present.

More importantly, Ye Feng had already mobilized all the power of the Holy Demon in his body at this moment and integrated it into the Holy Demon Spear.

Coupled with the continuous refining effect of the Guiyuan Magic Array, the power of this projection has reached an unimaginable level.

With the Holy Demon Spear in hand, Ye Feng at this moment can be said to be invincible, unstoppable, and no one can resist it.

The next moment, the holy magic spear technique burst out, facing a supreme powerhouse who had transformed seven times, Ye Feng undauntedly released a terrifying attack.

All the attribute powers were gathered on the holy magic spear, making this spear more and more violent.

Immediately, the holy magic spear technique continued to evolve, and a big red lotus bloomed instantly.

The extremely bright red spear light was assassinated towards the sky at this moment, and the power contained in this spear was beyond imagination.

In a very short period of time, it has collided with the attack released by the opponent.

In this short period of time, everyone present heard the rumbling sound of terrifying concussion all over the world, and the terrifying power of destruction was spreading wildly in all directions.

The projection of the strong man also showed a sneer at the moment, as if he thought that Ye Feng dared to collide with the power of his domain, just to die.

The moment the two attacks collided, the strong man once again mobilized the power in his body and released a wave of destruction toward the attack.

The extremely terrifying aura bloomed at this moment, trying to use such an attack to directly kill Ye Feng completely.

However, at the moment when the two attacked and collided, the powerhouse of the Thunder God clan changed completely.

Ye Feng's attack far exceeded his imagination, and the power contained in it became extremely terrifying.

The breath contained in this spear light is extremely aggressive and domineering, and it also has an unimaginable destructiveness, directly colliding with the destruction attack he released.

There is also an extremely pure power of the holy demon, in conjunction with the Guiyuan magic circle, bursting out unimaginable terrible power in a short time.

Let the power of this gun stay the same, and in the shortest time it pierced the head of the seven-times-transformed strong man.

This made the face of the strong man who had changed seven times a little bit of amazement, as if he didn't expect Ye Feng to possess such terrifying strength.

In the first time, this powerful man with seven transformations wanted to release his body power and avoid this terrifying attack.

His reaction speed is also quite fast, and he has left his previous position in a very short time.

However, no one could think that the speed that Ye Feng exploded was too fast, and he was directly integrated into the void at this moment.

The power of Sky Wings seems to have been completely integrated into this gun. Under the action of space power, the power of Ye Feng's gun has not decayed at all, but directly penetrated the space in a short time.

In an instant, he was in front of the body of this seven-times-transformed strong man.

This also made the face of the strong man ugly, and a bit of anger flashed in his eyes.

He obviously should kill Ye Feng with a single blow, and then leave this place with his body. Why was he locked into such a terrifying attack?

What's more, he had just avoided the past, so why was it just a spear light, but it was enough to lock his body.

This strong man of the Thunder God clan can hardly accept everything at this moment, let alone accept his own destiny.

His own domain power was completely released at this moment, and he wanted to intercept Ye Feng's spear light.

However, it was too late to release the power of the domain at this moment. Before his domain was fully expanded, Ye Feng's shot had already fallen on him.

The next moment, I just listened to a muffled sound coming out.

The terrifying spear light released by Ye Feng was like a broken bamboo, directly piercing the forehead of this strong Thunder God clan.

It made the opponent's body immediately settled in place, with an unbelievable look on his face, in any case, he would never think that he would be killed under such circumstances.

Originally, he just projected a thought over, wanting to save Mo Lei Xiaotian.

But he never thought that he would be pierced through his forehead with a single shot of an evil species, and the power in his body was constantly being swallowed.

This strong man of the Thunder God clan seemed to want to say something, but he couldn't do it at this moment.

The head was penetrated, and that piece of the holy magic spear was quickly consuming the power in his body. It didn't take long for this projection to shatter like a little bit of fluorescence.

There is a dead silence in the whole space.

Everyone present was stunned by the sight in front of them, including those who touted the Thunder God clan.

They could clearly perceive the shot Ye Feng released, and the power had reached an extremely terrifying realm, and the breath at this moment became extremely terrifying.

In the past, Ye Feng had no chance of winning when facing a strong man who had changed seven times, and he even had to be completely suppressed.

However, now he is not only able to suppress a cultivator like Mo Lei Xiaotian, but also able to contend with the strong of the Thunder God clan.

The reason for this is all due to the Guiyuan Magic Array.

Just now, Ye Feng and the strongman of the Thunder God clan battled, and with just one shot, he directly killed the projection he released, which was so powerful to an extremely terrifying realm.

In the distant void, the strong man of the Thunder God clan was also completely stunned. He had never expected such a thing to happen.

Although the projection he released was formed by gathering part of his own power.

But the power contained in it is also the realm of seven transformations of the strong.

With this strength, even the most powerful cultivator can't stop it, at least he will be suppressed for a while.

It is precisely because of this that these powerhouses believe that Ye Feng will definitely be severely suppressed under such circumstances, and there is no room for resistance at all.

Even to say that Ye Feng only had to be beheaded in front of these powerful men, and it was impossible to resist.

However, at this moment, the Thunder God clan failed one after another in Ye Feng's hands, and there was even a top-notch seven-times transforming powerhouse who was beheaded and projected.

This kind of strength has reached an extremely terrifying state, which is beyond the imagination of everyone present.

Even the red embroidery hidden on the side was shocked after seeing Ye Feng's strength.

Even to say that at this moment, she has a trace of doubt in her heart.

"Could it be possible that he appeared close to me in the Scarlet Spirit Empire, is it really just for the things of our empire?"

Before coming here, Wu Junhua had also warned Red Embroidery, saying that Ye Feng's main purpose for coming to the Crimson Spirit Empire was for that formation.

Now that Ye Feng has obtained this formation, there is no intersection for them.

If he appeared in front of Ye Feng again, he would most likely be completely suppressed by Ye Feng.

It was precisely because of this thought that while Hong Xiu was shocked, he also felt that Ye Feng's performance at the moment was a bit beyond the ordinary.

After all, when he first met Ye Feng, his strength was still extremely weak, and he was not even an opponent of Red Embroidery.

But now even the projections released by the powerful man who has been transformed seven times have been killed by Ye Feng with a single blow. It can be imagined how big the span is.

At this moment, an extremely terrifying aura was exuded in the void, and even the most powerful force between heaven and earth seemed to be unable to suppress Ye Feng.

This also caused Hong Xiu's eyes to look at Ye Feng extremely cold, as if he had already determined that Ye Feng made those actions just to deceive them of the original formation of the Crimson Spirit Empire.

Before he knew it, the cold breath that flickered in the eyes of the red embroidery had already touched Ye Feng, but it disappeared completely in the next instant.

Ye Feng naturally didn't take these things to heart, but instead mobilized his own power again, directly releasing an extremely terrifying power of hell.

Originally, Mo Lei Xiaotian had already received a heavy blow during the battle with him, and his strength was completely dissipated.

At this moment, Ye Feng also casually released the power of hell, and directly completely wrapped the body of Mo Lei Xiaotian.

That terrible death power had already eroded Mo Lei Xiaotian's body in the shortest amount of time, and an extremely terrifying power burst out in the next instant.

Even after undergoing the seventh transformation, Mo Lei Xiaotian's body is stronger, to an unimaginable point.

However, he couldn't resist such a powerful Demon Dao attribute power, and was directly crushed by Ye Feng's **** power.

Even his soul has been swallowed by the power of hell, and the huge three-headed dog of **** appeared in the position of Mo Lei Xiaotian in the shortest time.

The three ferocious mouths with sulphur flowing through them all released extremely powerful suction, tearing this soul.

This made Molei Xiaotian's mental power unbearable, and it was completely shattered in a very short period of time, completely swallowed by the three-headed dog of hell.

The three-headed dog in the original local prison was shaped out of thin air by Ye Feng with his own powerful spirit power.

Even if the aura contained in it has reached an extremely terrifying state, once Ye Feng takes his soul power back, the three-headed dog of **** will disappear.

At the same time, the power of the **** that Ye Feng projected in it would also disappear and it would no longer be able to condense.

However, at this moment, the three-headed dog of **** swallowed the soul of Mo Lei Xiaotian, obtained the original power in it, and finally stabilized his body.

After that, as long as the three-headed dog of **** continuously absorbs the soul power, it is enough to stabilize his body completely and finally stay in this world forever.

It even said that when Ye Feng completely integrated the original power of the three-headed **** dog with the infinite **** he controlled, he would be able to immortalize the three-headed **** dog forever.

At that time, Ye Feng was relying on his own strength to truly create an extremely terrifying life.

While Ye Feng was carefully feeling the power in his body, the Three-Headed Hell Dog had also completed its transformation.

That huge body completely converged at this moment, and directly turned into a slap-sized black puppy, staying beside Ye Feng.

After seeing such a change, the faces of everyone present were extremely ugly.

Even if the Hell Three-Headed Dog has completely reduced its breath at this moment, it cannot be ignored by everyone.

In any case, it was a terrifying monster that swallowed the soul of Mo Lei Xiaotian.

At this moment, the hearts of everyone present had become extremely fearful, and they could no longer compete with Ye Feng.

Even if a part of the original power was taken away by Ye Feng, it still didn't show on their faces.

It is even said that some people have already mobilized the power in their bodies, let their speed reach the extreme, and quickly leave this place of right and wrong.

Now Ye Feng has slaughtered five strong men of the Thunder God clan, this is the biggest challenge to this race, and he can't wait to punish him completely.

In the next period of time, Ye Feng will definitely be pursued and killed by the strong of the Thunder God clan, and there is no chance to resist.

After the end of the Red Spirit Tide, the strong of the Thunder God clan will definitely move forward, wanting to kill Ye Feng with the strongest posture.

At that time, Ye Feng really didn't have any vitality at all.

In this feast, everything that Ye Feng obtained will eventually be obtained by the Thunder God clan, and these people present did not have any competitive power at all.

It was precisely because of this situation that everyone looked at Ye Feng as if they were looking at a dead person.

Even so, Ye Feng still possesses extremely terrifying power, which is not something they can contend. Therefore, in this short period of time, the power in the body is directly mobilized, UU reading www.uukanshu. com quickly left this dangerous situation.

At this moment, Ye Feng didn't care about this either. He had just obtained a Scarlet Sea Spirit Orb, and the power in his body was constantly growing.

Ye Feng just released all those terrifying powers to create a three-headed dog from the hell, which balances his own power.

However, the energy contained in the Scarlet Sea Spirit Orb was still extremely vast, and could not be completely consumed in a short time.

That majestic life force is impacting Ye Feng's body at an extremely fast speed.

The enormous energy is recovering at an unimaginable speed.

At this moment, Ye Feng was also involuntarily mobilizing the power in his body, directly urging the Wanhua magical powers, continuously digesting this powerful energy.

Now the energy in Ye Feng's body has reached an extremely terrifying state, which is also allowing the Wanhua magical power to grow rapidly at an extremely fast rate.

As early as a long time ago, Ye Feng's Wanhua supernatural powers had reached the peak of five transformations, and he was able to carry out the next transformation with just one step.

But I have not been able to find the inspiration he deserves.

Until Ye Feng was smelted, he finally found the way forward.

As long as this formation is fully promoted, the legal power contained in it will definitely increase Ye Feng's cultivation base.

Not to mention the evolution of the sixth natal magical power, even the power of the domain evolved by the seven transformations can be fully condensed, and a powerful force beyond imagination can be exploded.

And what Ye Feng needs at this moment is to completely refine the Chi Hai Lingzhu.

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